Nexus S Gets Its First OTA


Well that didn’t take long, did it? Less than a week after launch the Nexus S has received its first OTA update. The XDA forums are abuzz trying to figure out just what was updated or fixed.

As soon as we can discern what is going on, we’ll let you know!

XDA member Mighty07 says:

1.9Mb file stating Bug fixes and Maps fixes. Must be on the Maps API coz the Google Maps itself is already >5Mb

[via Engadget]

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  1. A fix for the shotty GPS, weak WIFI signal, or USB issues??

  2. the nexus doesnt have thise problems does it? mines fine on wifi and gps just about as accurate as my OG droid was

  3. @austin

    Not all of them, but alot of them do. According to the forums. But that seems to be with any new phone released.

  4. Sad! I hope it’s nothing serious. :(

  5. it’s nice to see atleast One Galaxy Device in the US gets timely updates!!!

  6. Nexus S is nothing like a galaxy S. Nexus is sooooo muuuuuchhhhh betttterrrrrr! LOL. In hardware terms it is, but if you were to look at a Nexus S to a Galaxy S, you could never tell they were similar…

  7. doesnt seem to be any more gps probs on any galaxy s stuff. got a vibrant yesterday, easy root, easy mod, everything working great

  8. The Nexus S does not have inherent GPS issues like the Galaxy S phones did. The problem was in initializing the GPS system. Google Maps timed out too quickly, so some people had to use a separate GPS app (GPS Test I believe) to kickstart the GPS, after which it works just fine.

    Please don’t go around spreading rumors.

  9. My initial Nexus S had issues, inasmuch as the SIM bay was dead right out of the box. No matter what SIM you put into the phone, you had a ‘No SIM installed’ message. They swapped it out for me, and the replacement’s worked quite well. The hardware, however, is nothing special. (Though the haptic feedback on the Nexus S is the best of any phone I’ve used; the ‘zzthnk’ when you hit the back button is surprisingly satisfying.)

    But the software? For what’s essentially an incremental update, Android 2.3 feels like a much bigger step forward. The UI seems more polished and unified, compared to the “I’m a mobile equivalent to GTK+” feel that earlier stock builds tended to have. There’s much better feedback on when the phone’s doing something, so that you don’t have the ‘tap a button and nothing happens, and you try doing something else and then suddenly the first action finishes’ situation that was depressingly common on the original Droid.

  10. Not one issue whatsoever with my Nexus S.
    GPS has worked flawlessly every time and doesn’t take long to locate satellites. WiFi has worked well also.
    Everything has been working perfectly since day 1
    (16th/launch day at 8:15 AM when the purchase was finished)

    like raviidavi said,
    “don’t go around spreading rumors.”
    Especially if you haven’t used it for more than the 5 minutes with the display at BB.

  11. I never got an OTA update

  12. @Swazedhustla

    Oh shut your trap Nexus S doesn’t have any GPS issues. No usb issues either. I seen only one person in the Nexus S Forum here asking if it sucked and every Nexus S owner will agree that this is one of the best ones you will ever find. This is not a Galaxy S its a Nexus S there is a huge difference.

  13. The only issues I have of which I think this OTA is addressing is the Network connection dropping error of which it acts as if there is no connection and keeps popping up every time I try to use something with data whether I am on wifi or on the network. I will be installing this tonight after I charge my phone.

  14. The main problem I have with the Nexus S is how it keeps saving my pictures horizontally even if I take them in portrait.

  15. This phone is a sooooooooooooooo fast. My knock is not with the phone, its with the lack of accessories. We have to wait till Jan 5th to get a silicone case. Unless you want the purple one they have at best buy. umm, no. Until the 5th or whenever it gets to my mailbox, ill have to be extremely careful. Its just so pretty, i dont wanna scratchy!

  16. Nexus S = gay
    S stands for Shitty-Plastic-Galaxy

  17. My Nexus has perfect out the box unlike my Vibrant, well everybody knows how buggy Vibrant is although I still like it very much.

    Nexus S = Stright

    Nexus One is now placed on the BACK BURNER! hahahahah

  18. @Geo Not really I own both phones and that is what I also thought but after one week of using the Nexus S I am 100% sure I giving my Nexus One away this Christmas. My main concern was that I was going to have to keep wiping fingerprints off this phone but I go days without doing so, maybe it is because I keep it in my Nexus One pouch. Now an iPod touch gets disgusting after a few days and when you wipe it the oil just smears all over the screen and on the back. I went ahead and bought it only because I found out they were sold out and that Best Buy gives you 30 days to return it, it is not being returned. It is funny that after 12 months the Nexus One pwns almost every Android phone still.

    Stock FTW

  19. @18 I agree.
    I too own a Nexus One and was worried about all the ‘it’ll feel cheap and plasticy’ crap, but actually it’s great. It feels so much faster than the Nexus One. I’m sure part of that is down to Gingerbread, but there’s no lag at all on anything. I’ll be selling my Nexus One and keeping this until the next Google reference phone arrives.

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