Razer Phone is jumping straight to Android 8.1 next month


When the Razer Phone first arrived last November, like most devices at the time it came out of the box running Android 7.1.1 Nougat. This made sense seeing as how Android Oreo had only just barely became available. That meant we knew it would be a few months before devices like the Razer Phone could update to the latest Android dessert.

A lot of time has passed since then and like so many times in the past, Google has already moved on and release new versions of Android, just as OEMs were still working on pushing out the old one. This time around it’s Android 8.1 — the most complete version of Oreo and maybe even the last we’ll see before Android P arrives later this year.

With Android 8.0 now officially old news, OEMs are left scrambling to figure out whether they’ll release the old version of Oreo, or continue their work and get 8.1 out instead. We saw this with Essential who took a little extra time to simply update the Essential Phone to Android 8.1 (instead of 8.0 as intended) and now Razer is doing something similar.

Razer announced today on Twitter that they’d be skipping Android 8.0 completely and focus on releasing 8.1 for the Razer Phone sometime in mid to late April. They even published a developer preview for the update if you want to get a head start on trying it out while Razer looks for bugs. Just hit up the link below and get to downloading.

Android Oreo Developer Preview for Razer Phone

via Twitter

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