Samsung Wants to Ship 40M Smartphones Next Year


There is no denying the fact that Samsung really stepped up their game this year. Even me, the disheartened former Behold 2 owner, sees that Samsung is not only on track to move some product, but they’re proving so with this year’s results. Before the ball drops in Times Square the company plans to get 20 million smart phones off the production line, half of which will come from the Galaxy S. So, you don’t have to be smarter than a fifth grader to see how high Samsung wants to fly.

Then, to top it off, Samsung has also hinted at the world seeing a 10-inch tablet. It’s a super huge mega rumor at this point, but you never say no to 10 inches. Ever.

[via electronista]

Tyler Miller

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  1. yeah right~~all MR.SAMMI care only on the international Galaxy S phone~~the US side,he already forget!!! All i want just get the good 2.2 on the vibrant at least….

  2. Sine Samsung sells something like 250+ million phones per year I think they can convert a quarter of their overall sales to smartphones.

  3. So Tyler can’t say no to 10 inches… TMI.

  4. @James MacLeod +1! I agree that is TMI!

    Tyler keep in mind that this is an all ages site :)

  5. I bought a lot of htc phones but this vibrant is by far the most responsive, this screen is big and gives no problems. (well only when it charges), but I would buy another samsung
    phone in the near future, nexus 2 can you here me now!

  6. I was talking about a 10 inch tablet. Where were you guys going with this?

  7. touche, tyler, touche

  8. Maybe they should be worrying about the right now. Gingerbread is being released in the next weeks and the galaxy s lines in america have not gotten their official 2.2 update.

  9. that was an awkward way to end the article.

  10. touche.. is that like the new word within the teen world? lol

  11. They’ll ship 40 million phones, while losing 30 million the following year.

    Samsung is a joke. Glad my company is paying for me to leave T-Mobile and I can get rid of the vibrant (3 on the family plan).

  12. Bill, you needing to unload those Vibrants? I’d be interested. My Vibrant is superb. What’s problems are you having with yours? Even though I also own a Nexus One, I use the Vibrant and the wifey has snagged the Nexus. And for you noobs, touché is a term that’s been used for years. It’s not new at all. It’s a french word that means ‘touch’. It was used in the pre-electronic days of fencing. When fencing, if you ‘hit’ your opponent, they would say “touché” meaning “you touched me” or “good job”. It has morphed into meaning “good job” or “good comeback” now. So now you can go out and say ‘touché’ a lot. BTW, its pronounced “two-shay”.

  13. Hopefully one of those smartphones will be the Nexus 2.

  14. I’m not a big fan of Samsung, I’ve had five different phones with five different chargers for Pete’s sake. I’d be alot happier with the Nexus line in the hands of HTC, followed closely by Motorola. Although in the end I will probably buy it anyways, that is if it is good

  15. The android 2.1 implementation is awful. Sqlite support doesn’t work. It’s laggy to all heck. I work in the mobile development field, and 2.2 is awesome. The nexus one runs much better then my vibrant. We’ve got a captivate and it’s the same problem, but the original droid on 2.1 kills the galaxy s for api support.

    We were rather shocked with how bad it was. The lead android engineer spent three days with sqlite and gave up, only because the samsung devices had the issue.

  16. “but you never say no to 10 inches. Ever.” uhh, maybe you never say no to ten inches but i think i would. 8========o~

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