ooVoo for Android is Out; Video Chat with up to 5 People at a Time



Video calling is set to explode in 2011 and ooVoo – one of the big players on the desktop space – doesn’t want to be left out: they’ve just released their Android app. Six people can video chat with each other making for a very dynamic and robust experience. Having used ooVoo on the desktop, I can’t say enough about the great experience it provides for groups of freinds and family who live away from each other.

But trying to look at 5 people on a phone? That’s going to be quite the eye-straining experience. (To be fair, it’s not as if you’re always going to be using it to chat to 5 other people.) The more the merrier I say, though. ooVoo not only lets you chat to more than one people, but it lets you save those memories and helps you upload them to YouTube and Facebook.

They provide an interesting alternative to Qik, Skype (who is not yet on the market with their video options), and Fring in a fast growing market sector. If you haven’t already, give ooVoo a spin by visiting their site and try it out with your friends.


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  1. So we can finally bridge the phone to PC gap?

  2. I cant find the app! Im on 2.1 does that have to do with it?

  3. Per their website, no video support yet. Only audio.

  4. One of the biggest players in the desktop space huh?
    Never even heard of them before….
    App is not in the market and website says it is not available for the Streak…

  5. Looks like (per their website) they only support the two Sprint devices, HTC EVO and the Samsung Epic.

  6. Other then the sprint phones there’s only one phone with a front camera to use anyway and that’s the mytouch 4g

  7. …and the Nexus S (FFC)

  8. why do they make the video look more clear then it would on a web cam?

  9. oh i love oovoo(Lol on right now)
    This is amazing that they finally have an app for it!

  10. All the kids are using ooVoo. Can’t keep my son off of it.

  11. Used QR code and it loaded up in my market on Evo, I don’t know anyone with oovoo. Nor have I heard of it before but I will have a couple people get it to test it out.

  12. I am getting a not found error when using the web browser and the android market.

  13. Oovoo is the in thing with people my age(I am 18). Generally most people know about Skype but Oovoo is popular with the high school & college age group.

    This makes me want to keep my mytouch 4g now lol

  14. @ beezy. I swear my galaxy s i9000 has a front facing camera though…

  15. Great News on the 5 Way calling App

  16. Why cant i install this App into my Xperia x10 ? It is not supported ?

  17. One person, not one people????

  18. The new yahoo IM app allows you to video chat between phone and computer…tried it on the mytouch 4g and my kid on her laptop and it worked pretty good, even on 3G. They have the same app for iOS so should work between apple and android phones as well…as long as you’re on wifi with apple;)

  19. Running 2.2 on MT3G, can’t find it on the market

  20. because its crap. crap. crap. Not in Market. Nexusone with 2.2

  21. and Qik is not a live chat its a useless application that was ever created. It just records video and then lets you share it. Whoaahaaaa as if not any fone has this feature from the birth. I HATE THIS STUPID AND SLOW WORLD. Why not make a worthy video chat app between phones and pc. Skype, Frin, you all still suck!

  22. Having an issue with sound with this app on my evo 4g. Doesn’t seem to have any on either end.

  23. I have a beta version of my ReelPortal video conference software that runs on Android 2.2 (required Adobe AIR 2.5). It allows video chat up to 5 people in a room. And it is compatible with the desktop/web browser version. I am looking for testers. If interested, please PM me. The app is not in the Anroid Market yet, so I will need to send you the apk to install.

    Note: The web version can’t access the camera/microphone on Android 2.2 (due to Android Flash Player 10.1 limitation). That’s why I need to create a special Android AIR version to allow access to the camera.

  24. yes i just installed it on tmoble mytouch 4g and wooooooow it works in less than 5 mins have 2 email acc for testing and yes great app now pc to moble video calls is here…
    by the way i lived in germany 5 years ago and was using video chat everyday without 4g or 3g cell phone the us is behind the times

  25. I know no one has heard of them before, but being the first ones to develop and put out the video chat that can accomplish phone to pc video chat, for free, goodbye skype!

  26. On Samsung Galaxy Tab(GT-P1000, Android 2.2) in video call(in voice call too) microphone doesn’t work!?

  27. I have an Android phone but i can’t get oovoo because they don’t have it for my phone!! I wish they would get it for the huawei its a metro pcs Android! !

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