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Not that I expect many of you to care, but Microsoft’s just released a pretty decent update to their Bing app for Android. New geolocation features help tailors your search to your surroundings, the app will be able to traverse other apps with registered data (contacts list, apps, audio files), and more help round out what some might otherwise call just a decent experience. The full list is below, but if you’re a fan of bing, you should be able to find the latest version in the Android market today.

  • What’s Nearby: Bing will automatically detect “what’s nearby” and present dynamic and full category search pages.
  • Bookmark Images: We know how much you love Bing images, and now you can bookmark any image result from the Web to the device.
  • Expand Your Search: The Search Widget allows you to search third party apps (e.g. Yelp), in addition to contacts, apps, audio files and the Web. (Only apps with registered data can be surfaced in search results.)
  • Search, Share, Decide and Book: To make planning a night out easier, share search results with friends using any loaded app that can accept and share content by using the “share” command. And, with the integration of OpenTable and GrubHub into the Bing for Mobile search results, you can make reservations or order take out – without switching between apps.

[via Bing]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yay for competition. But it’s not like i’ll ever use bing.

  2. I care. Well, im forced to care, I guess, because I am also forced to have this on my Galaxy S Fascinate.

  3. Bing’s only true use is for Travel… until it gets added, no reason for the app.

  4. Bing? LOL

  5. The first thing I did when I bought my wife a Galaxy S Fascinate was to install Google Search and remove Bing from the screen. (Of course it’s still installed as an app so if she goes digging she can use it. But she pretty much uses the phone the way I set it up.) I didn’t by an Android phone to support Microsoft!

  6. bing ain’t bad. I use it once in a blue moon when google isn’t good enough

  7. @Mitch root then remote with titanium backup

  8. *YAWN*

  9. Bing

    Bing Stands for

    Because its not google!


  10. Does the update come with auto-delete

  11. That could well be true. I’ll definitely be downloading it then.

    Because you can’t uninstall the google search function on android, the first thing I did was hide the google crap where it wasn’t visible.

  12. I have thought about rooting, I actually tried with Universal Androot, I think, or one of the One Click root apps at least. I thought it worked well, the Superuser icon is there but no rooted only apps work…

    This is nice and new and white, and I have bricked so many phones, I would rather not brick this, so I will hold of on re attempting to root for now:)

  13. I like Bing. While I still use Goigle as the main search engine on my Fascinate, I enjoy using Bing for local restaurant reviews, movie times, maps, etc. so ill be downloading this update.

  14. Bing…never used it…and I sure don’t want too buy a Android phone that forces me too use it. Oh and by the way…its good too see that the mobile Phandroid app is up and running now…coolish

  15. yeah, bing is great for reviews….not a daily used program but when the wife and I are out and about and looking for a new place to dine it comes in handy.

  16. Despite what you think you know mensahwatts, just because it comes preloaded on certain phones doesn’t mean you’re FORCED to use it. Its just as easy to put a Google widget on your desktop/homepage and use that to search, instead of clicking Bing. I’ve found that most people who bash Bing have never used it long enough to appreciate all its great qualities. There are a lot of things Bing can do that Google can’t and visa versa, which is why I use both. The fear of the unknown really cripples a great many electronic/technology users and that’s a shame as you miss out on so many new and interesting things in life by having that mindset. Just talk to any great programmer, developer, IT tech, etc. & they’ll all tell you they own both a Mac & PC, a PS3 & Xbox360, a iPhone & an android, and the list goes on. Fanboyism is for pimply faced teenagers who either dont know any better or can’t afford to buy both, but think whatever device their parents bought them is the best because they own/use it.

    Snaggletooth out

  17. Bing is way better than Google. I get way better search results from Bing and I love that it includes a built in map and a picture of something you can learn about everyday. Google search is just not up to par anymore, although they make some great applications.

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