LG Optimus 2X: World’s First Tegra 2 Phone [OFFICIAL]


LG just announced the LG Optimus 2X which is not only the world’s first Tegra 2 powered phone, but also an Android Phone- gotta love it.


The dual core processor should make gaming, browsing, apps and everything in between ultra fast and smooth. LG is claiming the clock speed is 1GHz, but I fully expect folks rooting their devices to get a lot more mileage if the Optimus 2X root method comes along quickly.

Running on Android 2.2 you can expect the Optimus 2X to have a 4-inch screen, front (1.3MP) and rear facing (8MP) cameras, 8GB memory, 1,500 mAh battery, HDMI mirroring (WHAT?), and 1080p video.

If by HDMI mirroring they mean you can actually play WHATEVER is on your phone onto whatever HD screen you’re connected… wow. Android lovers with HDMI output have been dying for this feature.

Unfortunately you won’t get it with the Optimus Z, at least any time soon, if you’re in America. The phone launches in Korea in January followed by Europe and Asia.

LG CEO said, “LG Optimus 2X is proof of LG’s commitment to high-end smartphones in 2011.” Let’s hope he illustrates that at CES 2011 in January with some announcements in the United States!

Full Press Release:

LG Optimus 2X with Tegra 2 Offers Top Multimedia Features for a Better User Experience

SEOUL, Dec. 16, 2010 — LG Electronics (LG) today unveiled the LG Optimus 2X, the world’s first smartphone with a dual-core processor. Along with more powerful multimedia features, the LG Optimus 2X’s high-performance Tegra 2 processor makes for faster, smoother web browsing and applications and lets users multitask with virtually no screen lag.

“Dual-core technology is the next leap forward in mobile technology so this is no small achievement to be the first to offer a smartphone utilizing this technology,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, CEO and President of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “With unique features such as HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) mirroring and exceptional graphics performance, the LG Optimus 2X is proof of LG’s commitment to high-end smartphones in 2011.”

Developed by graphics processor powerhouse NVIDIA?, the dual-core Tegra 2 system-on-a-chip found in the LG Optimus 2X runs at a clock speed of 1GHz and boasts low power consumption and high performance for playing video and audio. Users will experience faster web browsing and smoother gameplay compared with single-core processors running at the same speed as well as instantaneous touch response and seamless multitasking between applications.

The LG Optimus 2X offers 1080p HD video playback and recording with HDMI mirroring that expands content on external displays to full HD quality. The LG Optimus 2X can connect wirelessly to any DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compatible digital device such as HD TVs for a console-like gaming experience taking full advantage of the phone’s HDMI mirroring, accelerometer and gyro sensor. The smartphone also includes both rear- and front-facing cameras, microSD memory expandability, Micro-USB port and a hefty 1500mAh battery.

The LG Optimus 2X will be available in Korea next month with countries in Europe and Asia to follow. The phone will initially be released with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and will be upgradeable to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). The upgrade schedule will be announced in local markets in due course.

Key specifications:

 1Ghz Dual-core Processor (NVIDIA Tegra 2)
 4-inch WVGA screen
 8GB memory (up to 32GB via microSD)
 1,500 mAh battery
 8 megapixel rear camera and 1.3 megapixel front camera
 HDMI mirroring
 1080p MPEG-4/H.264 playback and recording

And we just opened our LG Optimus 2X Forum. Stay tuned for more details!

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  1. You made a typo.

    Running on Android 2.2 you can expect the Optimus 2X to have a 4-inch screen, front (8MP) and rear facing (1.3MP) cameras, 8GB memory, 1,500 mAh battery, HDMI mirroring (WHAT?), and 1080p video.

    you saying the front cam is 8mp while the back is 1.3?

  2. everyone makes mistakes damn no need to hound them about it

  3. When will it be released?

  4. Lg ? Nice try but ill wait till HTC puts out their version of dual core on sprint.

  5. and the images?

  6. amazing for lg

  7. lol its LG…nobody wants it

  8. We are waiting for the next iPhone…

  9. I could be wrong, and maybe its been changed in the last 10 minutes but there is no typo. He said Front facing (1.3MP) and front facing (8MP). But whatever.

  10. If the 8MP camera is on the front I’ll die.

  11. GJ LG!

  12. @swazedahustla

    Yeah too bad the battery will last about 1 hr. HTC should worry more about battery life this phone will hold its own against HTC.

  13. Steve Jobs just quoted ” OH NOW THEY DIDDNT ” (snaps fingers)

  14. Don’t know what you are referring to but my evo logs 20-26 hours on a charge . So you can try again.

  15. lg and htc are my fav manufacturers. finally lg has made somthing thats high end. ive been waiting on them. hope they bring this to america inshallah!

  16. see what had happened wuz…i kinda work for LG and i was told to design some kind of layout or sumthing for da phonez we be building to make that apple guy shit himself on contact…anyway and i was at duh walmart and i seend dis samsung vibrant there…it had sumthin called touchwiz so i went on da xda and i stolded it so i puts it on my phonez. we call it something else cuz that would be WRONG. we dont like copyright infringinments hurr. yea it looks da same but its diffrnt. its got a differnt name so its BETTA.

  17. HTC and Motorola are mine. If I have to chose a phone with an overlay I pick Motorola. The stats are already in guys, and HTC does have poor marks on battery life. My thing is that HTC and Motorola have a good track record for updating their devices. LG and Samsung do not. I am speacking of them in the us. So scorned milestone owners I am sorry.

  18. MOTO?? Sursly, girl?? MOTO ain’t got shit on HTC-go back to your cubicle, newbie!!! Lol!!!

  19. @swaz
    then you must keep the phone turned off all the time because pretty sure everywhere you look on all the forums and people i know with evos say the battery life sucks

  20. Hey Rogers I know or at least it looks like you don’t like HTC, so why not surprise us and this time be the first to launch a new product for a change…!!!!!

  21. Anybody knows what technology is used for the screen?
    Amoled? Super Amoled? Retina? or just old TFT LCD?

  22. Lessee, I have had 2 Crackberries, Motorola, and HTC. The ONLY phone to fail…. HTC. I gave them a lot of props…but their machined failed after 8 months. I still have a moto Razr here and fires up like a charm… My girl has an HTC Incredible and the phone feels just plain cheap. As do most of the LG and Samsung phones. As for battery life, my Droid X has an 1880mah cell in it and it rocks. Personally when its all said and done, I am just happy to see the we Android users have a choice. Those poor Apple users…well, they do not. A tad short sided on their part I would say.

  23. A highend phone like this is awesome! With touchwiz? C’mon LG be more origional :l

  24. I will never own an HTC again. We have 35 at my work and they’ve been nothing but problems. Verizon and HTC are both useless.

  25. So pretty much an LG Galaxy S? not bad not bad.

    People quit complaining about touchwiz plus I pretty sure this ISN’T touchwiz

  26. looks the same to me. i got a freshly JFDed vibrant sitting here. about to flash Nero 3 again – yep TW looks just like that shit in the picture above

  27. Cool a dual core phone! Unfortunately this won’t come to America until at least March. 2011 should be a nice year for dual-core Android, if you’re willing to wait until Q2 or later.

  28. personally I like touch wiz on my galaxy s fascinate. There will probably be some minor differences in ui’s between this phone and a Samsung phone, but its obvious that LG borrowed some style from samsungs touch wiz. Immitation is flattery after all and a quick way to a lawsuit.

  29. Wow! This is an awesome smartphone to have next year. I’ve been aiming HTC Desire HD this holiday but I think I should wait more months for this dual-core monster phone… cool!

  30. I like how it will probably come out before the Nexus S in Europe. :D

  31. @mikeb “Motorola have a good track record for updating their devices”


    That’s the same Motorola whose CEO lied when he stated at launch that the Dext would get updated to 2.1 right? The same Motorola who confirmed the Dext would get 2.1 in the infamous Moto Europe Facebook status update?
    The same Motorola who have only just released 2.1 to the Cliq variant?


  32. Will more power somehow make android more stable and lag free like the iPhone? After having the mytouch the nexus and the vibrant I had to go back to apple and get the iPhone 4. If you’ve only used android you won’t notice but software-wise android is so far behind. Android definitely has more features but every update brings more features but doesn’t smooth out the operating system. My vibrants all froze on a daily basis. If this phone is on 2.2 will the extra power matter? I will try android again in the future because of the huge stock of features but right now the smoothness, high resolution and stability and reliability of I4 beats 2.2 probably regardless of power. Cmon android start pumping out updates to stabilize this wonky, feature-packed beast we call android!!!

  33. The only thing I’m really impressed by is the 1.3 megapixel front-camera. I’ve got an epic, and let me tell you, 640×480 does not cut it for video chatting. Seems like a dual-core should at least clock at 1.2ghz, right? Otherwise both processors are only running at 500mhz. As far as the touch-wiz-like UI goes, I hope LG had the good sense to at least clean up/de-uglify some of the icons.

  34. Tegra 2 clocks each core at 1 Ghz.

  35. @Chris

    You must not know where to look. Check xda my battery avg is the norm.

  36. Im sure some old Windows Mobile phones used two processors, one to drive the connectivity side and the other for the UI…. Can’t remember which though..

    Looks like for existing programs you’re only going to get one core doing the work, being as they wouldnt have been designed for dual core goodness, but seeing as one core will be managing background services and one will be running the program, it’s safe to say that a performance boost will be noticeable in real world usage!

  37. One little problem….why does it look so much like that piece of junk iphone? That’s gonna degrade the image a bit:(

  38. Windows phone will likely need 2 processors, 1 to produce errors, the other one to catch it so you get notified before it freezes itself.

  39. It can have Tegra 5, if its not Vanilla, I dont want it.

  40. Question. Doesn’t all the LG phones run Stock android?

  41. Does anyone kno what the clock widget is from, i heard accuweather before but that wasnt it

  42. I’m liking this phone….
    I really think ALL the upcoming dual core chips will be very equal, so the only real decision will be the features.
    The HDMI mirroring…That might be the deciding factor between this, the Moto, Samsung and HTC phones.
    Of course reception is always my #1 factor….thats why Moto is always my first choice.

  43. I’ll wait for Motorola’s dual core offering. No offense LG.

  44. Meh. Im still gonna hold out till samsung comes out with a tegra 2 phone. LG has made some pretty crappy “high end” phones before that need a warranty replacement at least twice a year… Also is the sceen OLED?

  45. Why are the states left out in the cold? I want a tegra 2 phone!

  46. Sprint?

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