Google’s “Ask Photos” is Impressively Useful


While the Google Photos app has gotten several AI-infused upgrades over recent years, Google recently announced what is probably one of the most useful features for Google Photos yet. Dubbed “Ask Photos,” the function will run using Google Gemini, and will allow the AI model to provide user queries with precise results, at least according to Google.

Using the feature, a user might give a command saying “Show me the best photo from each national park I’ve visited,” which will then prompt the software to immediately present the best results it can find within a user’s library, reducing the effort needed for scrolling.

The feature will also be useful in situations where users might have a bit of trouble recalling certain details from an event or such. For example, asking “what theme did we have for my kid’s birthday party last year?” will allow the app to identify key details in the background of related photos, such as balloon colors, decorations, and more.

Google does assure users that their sensitive data will remain protected, and will not be used for ads, and that it does not train any generative AI product outside of Google Photos with personal data. As of now though it is an experimental feature, so we’ll have to wait for future updates on this one.

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