Google’s “AI Overview” Feature Rolls out for the US


Google I/O was packed to the brim with announcements regarding AI, and while some folks tuned in for news on the company’s upcoming hardware showcases, Google was intent on keeping the discussion on its AI products. With that in mind, it also announced that the AI Overview feature will be rolling out for users in North America within this week.

The AI-powered feature – which will arrive for more countries soon – will be able to access faster results for even more complex queries, all with the magic of Google’s Gemini AI model. For example, a user looking for a new restaurant can ask multiple related questions in one go, i.e. a restaurant that’s popular with locals, not too far from home, with vegan options available.

Google adds that Search will be able to assist users with planning their trips and activities – folks will be able to type in something like “create a three-day meal plan for four people,” and will be then presented with a large selection of recipes from the internet, and can even export the plan to Docs or Gmail.

Other upcoming features will include a “search with video” function which allows Search to recognize visual context based on video footage; Search will also use generative AI to create an AI-organized results page that shows results categorized under unique, AI-generated headlines.

With all that said, Google is teasing a lot more to come, so be sure to stay tuned for further coverage.

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