Intel’s Thunderbolt Share will let you transfer files across PCs easily


Want to share files from one PC to another? You’d either need to do so wirelessly or use external drives. You could try hooking one PC to another via an ethernet cable, but it can be a bit complicated to setup. This is something that Intel could possibly eliminate with its new Thunderbolt Share feature.

The company has announced Thunderbolt Share which is a new software feature that PC users can look forward to in the future. The basic idea is that you can connect one PC or laptop to another via its Thunderbolt 4 or 5 ports with a Thunderbolt cable. From there, you can perform file transfers quickly and easily.

But that’s not all. Intel isn’t stopping at just file transfers. Thunderbolt Share will also allow users to control the other PC’s mouse and keyboard. This means that with a single keyboard and mouse setup, you can switch between computers with ease. The feature will also work for screen sharing, which Intel says will allow for full HD mirroring at 60 fps.

That being said, we won’t necessarily be seeing this feature for all PCs just yet. It is a licensable product so depending on the PC maker, not all of them might get on board. So far, Intel says that brands like MSI, Lenovo, Acer, and more will be participating. Hopefully if it is seamless as Intel claims, more PC makers will get in on it. Also, it is currently only available for Windows PCs, but Intel says they are exploring other “OS opportunities”.

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