Android Wedding a Geek Fairy Tale Come True



Some people love Android. Andy and Kaylee really love Android. And each other. So on their wedding day they decided what better way to celebrate than with an appropriately themed cake. Andy, whose name is altogether too perfect for the occasion, works for LG, while Kaylee is an employee of T-Mobile. They decided their nuptial cake should feature their Android likenesses. The theme carried over to their menus.


I wonder if they also served eclairs, donuts, cupcakes, and froyo for desert… Anyone else got an Android wedding story?

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA pure geekness….

  2. This has the guy’s name written all over it.

  3. Good for them. Nice colors and a cute couple.

  4. WOW!!

  5. Love it!

  6. Congrats to them… Have to say I like it !!!

  7. i lold at the menu


  9. True geeks there! I love it and the cake looks awesome. Congrats to the new couple. It makes me happy to see stories like this that make my inner geek giggle like a little school girl :D

  10. Andy the Android is such a cool mascot.

  11. pure idiocy

  12. the bride even looks kinda hot for a android lovin’ geek!

  13. Very nice! Congratulations guys on a very cool wedding idea. I hope everything went well for you and you had a great wedding!

  14. Kind of cute and sad at the same time. But to each their own.

  15. My wife would never let me do that, but it is awesomeness indeed!

  16. Nossa, muito da hora… Quem não quer ter uma mulher geek? Ainda mais que curte o mesmo SO que vc? =P

  17. Sad? Idiocy? Oh please…you’re both just jealous.

    It’s not like they spent a whole lot extra; and they basically replaced the standard female/male figures on the cake with Andy the Android.

    So what? Cute.

  18. Andy? Huh. I can’t believe I’ve been following Android so closely for so long and never knew that was the lil green guy’s name, let alone that he HAD a name. Well I suppose something good came of this article!

  19. @Matt – actually the Phandroid site’s name for Android (Andy) is Lloyd. We had a “name the Android” post a few weeks back and the winner was Lloyd. Many of us thought “Andy” was a better suited name, but the majority won.

  20. Awesome, I love it. Best wishes to the bride and groom!!
    And the little androids to come!!! ;)


  22. Cute! But I’m weary of styling a wedding to reflect something that may look ridiculous a decade down the road. Like the ugly 70’s colours and hair in my parents’ wedding photos ;)

  23. I’m sure they won’t regret this come 20 years from now. lol.

  24. “I wonder if they also served eclairs, donuts, cupcakes, and froyo for desert… ”

    I’ve always liked the idea of a Viennese table instead of one big wedding cake.

  25. “I’m sure they won’t regret this come 20 years from now. lol.”

    They would if they ate the entire cake by themselves!

  26. They make chics like this?

  27. That cake was made by Michelle at shellscakes.com

  28. Very clever and fun – I am certain they will have no regrets about the cake and hopefully none about the marriage either! It’s nice to see that there are still some young people out there getting married. :)

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