White Samsung Galaxy S Comes to Germany



The white Samsung Galaxy S is making its way to more and more places as of late. It is now available in Germany, launching with Android 2.1 and waiting in line with the rest of the Galaxy S family for Android 2.2. As you may recall, the white variant is actually the same old phone with a new, white-colored battery cover in place, meaning just about anyone could have the white Galaxy S if they get their hands on that particular piece of equipment.

It is priced at 649 euros according to Samsung, but if you scope out Amazon Germany you will find it unlocked for a good deal less at 463.99 euros.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. So, they’re not even sending new phones out with Froyo. People are buying them knowing that it comes with software that’s 2 revisions from current. Samsung will never learn any lesson if their phones continue to sell. Unless they feel some sort of pain, the early adopters (myself included) will continue to be left out in the cold.

    I bought this phone because of the promise of a future 2.2 upgrade and the ability to use it as a wifi hotspot. I gave up a working blackberry solution because I wanted an android phone and was willing to rough it for a couple months. Now (6 months later) I don’t really have much hope that upgrade will happen before I seek out another mobile-data solution.

  2. If you are really so desperate for a phone with those attributes, why not just try out a custom ROM? It really isnt very difficult. I’ve had a great working version of 2.2 for nearly 4 months now… I bought the phone for the near futuristic hardware it was sporting back when it was new and it hasnt disappointed me. I wasn’t about to soley rely on Sammy for software.

  3. Who gives a shit about the Galaxy now the Nexus is coming?

  4. @ curiant
    The consumers who don’t know about it and will see these as a good deal.

  5. Root!!! WiFI has been working from day one almost when rooted. Also Froyo is working.

  6. @curiant: Those who like a phone with more than 16GB, SDCard, Bluetooth 3.0 AND FM Radio.

    Also, once the Nexus S comes out, Im sure someone over XDA will port its ROM into the Galaxy S. CAKE!

    So, there, you can keep on rocking that LED Flash like there is no tomorrow.

  7. Youre sort of right… I got the white Fascinate from Best Buy, the battery door is white, but so is the ring/outline around the front/top of it. So a white battery door wouldnt make it all out white.

  8. Still shipping with 2.1?! That is not acceptable AT ALL. With the development and time LG is putting into their new handsets, I have feeling LG will be peoples next choice not Samsung.

  9. I have a white iPhone 3GS

  10. Don’t worry about the OS updates. I understand that whenever honeycomb is announced, that will be when Galaxy S gets the latest Eclair update, designed to “improve the user’s GPS experience.” To paraphrase what moots said elsewhere, “still laggy, GPS will still suck.”

  11. Have had captivate for a month, rooted it, update to 2.2, lag fix, and download LP, it works flawlessly now. Waiting for the xda to build a custom ROM for galaxy s.

  12. very good samsung galaxy s i9000

  13. Well, I love Android and I love Germany so yahoo. I’ll have to ring up my cousin in Dusseldorf and see if he is finally gonna dump his iPhone.

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