Nimbuzz 2.0.2 Brings HD Quality Voice Calls



Nimbuzz is picking up the pieces from their he-said-she-said break up with Skype, pulling the “make your ex jealous” routine with their latest update, which brings HD quality voice calls to the VoIP service. A new peer-topeer calling system has been developed along with the deployment of a Global IP Solutions HD voice codec, resulting in an overall improved calling experience featuring high-quality audio and fewer dropped calls.

The app also features enhancements in several other areas, including the ability to install to SD, an overhauled contact list and My Profile page, and N-World personalization. The new version is now available in the Android Market.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. High Definition seems to be a slightly unusual term to apply to audio.

  2. Is that the Incredible HD?

  3. That is Desire HD.

  4. Brings back to memory Sprint’s “…you can hear a pin drop” marketing.

  5. HDvoice (g.722) is actually really, really awesome. For some reason, I doubt this is g.722. It sounds proprietary to me.

  6. is this compatible phone to pc or if anyone know of an app like that let me thanks!!

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