Why iPhone on Multiple Carriers in the US Might Not Hurt Android


We’ve seen a lot of charts throughout the past couple of years since Android’s formal introduction. Mostly good charts. In fact, I can’t think of a chart relating to Android that I didn’t like except for the periodic “State of Fragmentation” report we receive from Google themselves. With nothing but high expectations for Android, people often wonder: why? The number one answer to that question is “iPhone is only on one carrier.”

There’s only one problem with that statement: the United States isn’t the world (as our international reader-base will make sure to remind us every time we post US-centric news.) Even if Android isn’t doing as well in other countries as it is in America, it’s still doing amazingly well for itself. in Europe, you can’t find a carrier who doesn’t want to carry the iPhone. And you’d hard-pressed to find a major carrier that doesn’t actually hold it.

Even still, Android continues to grow. MG Siegler of TechCrunch fame once argued that the United States was the most important market for mobile, and that’s why exclusivity over here is such a big deal and why the iPhone spreading to other carriers would probably spell doom for Android. (I don’t believe that one bit, of course.) But let’s just pretend that the smartphone market in the United States spelled the fate for the software vendors and manufacturers in the game, for a moment.


Consider the scenario of the iPhone heading to Verizon wireless: a network of subscribers bigger than AT&T’s. (And there’s the general belief that their network is just flat-out better.) After a short period of time, we might even see it head to T-Mobile or Sprint. Do you really think Android will suddenly fall off of the face of the earth?

Unlikely. Since the retirement of 2009, we’ve seen lots of high-profile device launches and the trend has become “bigger, faster, harder, stronger” phones from all manufacturers.  Looking at how the rest of 2010 has turned out, that trend has been reversed: “smaller, cheaper, cooler than flip phones, some are even slider phones, and they have keyboards!”

Like the PC market, choice will remain king for a long time. The ratio of smartphone users to feature phone users is very large, still. Smartphones aren’t the end all be all for a majority of consumers, yet, but it’s getting there. And as it gets there, it’ll be necessary to blur the line between feature phone and smartphone, and that’s exactly what Android allows carriers and manufacturers to do.

There was a time – at least in America – where most Android phones would set you back $150 to $200 on two-year contracts. The budget-conscious consumers would normally pass up anything and everything Android in a store because it just doesn’t fit their bill. Even though they’re paying for anything in subsidy whenever they sign that two-year contract, the upfront price will still deter them.


So what will happen when someone enters a store looking for a new phone to replace the bruised and battered one they’ve owned for 8.5 years, and a clerk shows them a $200 iPhone vs a sub-$100 Android? They’ll find that Android can do a lot of the same things that the iPhone can do, if not better (of course), and they’ll strongly reconsider buying that Samsung slider phone that looks exactly like their old one, except it just looks newer.

They’ll be more compelled to jump into a realm they’ve never considered jumping into, and they’ll do it without having to worry about how much of that money was supposed to go toward rent or insurance that month. And they’ll probably be very happy with that phone because it does a lot more than what their old phone did, and that’s all they care about: can it do what my old phone did, and can it do more? It’s the reason Symbian is still the number one smartphone OS even though a lot of Symbian-based phones aren’t considered smartphones. I see no reason to believe that Android can’t achieve that same level of penetration by blurring that line.

Android’s not going anywhere anytime soon, folks. We already believed that, and the analysts – even with the popular forecast of the iPhone headed to Verizon – believe it, as well. If Android hasn’t already become irrelevant in other parts of the world where Apple is glad to do away with exclusivity, then what makes anyone think it’d happen in just one of the many corners of this globe? Looking at the big picture, we’re already sure the iPhone won’t spoil Android’s tremendous growth expectancy over the course of the next few years.

Now go eat some Turkey.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. “Now go eat some Turkey.”

    International readers, right? :P

  2. I personally do not think that iphone going to multiple carriers will have any impact on android sales! Android is blowing up and it does offer more features like openness and customization unline iphone. People who are sick and tired of at&t are going to be the ones that switch carriers to get their iphones else where..it will even things out. If someone wanted an iphone that terribly they would have made the switch already to at&t..just don’t see it doing that much damage! Anyways, iphone sucks! I yell that every time I goto watch a movie. Everyone cheers! Haha!

  3. Damn right America ain’t world! It’s just these thoughts that make people think that Android is going down, because of omni-carrier iPhone.

  4. I dumped my iPhone 3G for a Epic 4G and an Evo for the wife.

    We love our new phones and I haven’t looked back.

    I really feel like I’m getting so much more and I’m paying less :D

    I could have stayed with ATT and picked up the iPhone 4 but it simply doesn’t stack up.

    And if Sprint had the iPhone I think the wife would have taken it but I would have still went with my Epic.

    Just my take :D

  5. I think for one year the sales of android would slow down, if an iphone comes to verizon… After that year you will see whats happening at AT&T. A lot of people wseitch around with phones meaning they do not want the same phone they did before, thats exactly what the iphone offers… Android on the other hand has many devices giving the people purchasing the phone options. Lastly look at the samsung’s galaxy phone on AT&T…. It is outselling or close to outselling the iphone… So Don’t be surprised when you see Verizon carry the iphone and the lines out side are 10 blocks long. They will all come back to android

  6. Hmmmm…..typical delusional Android wishful thinking. The fact remains that Android has benefited from the fact that the iPhone was not only on one carrier, but also on the carrier with the WORST reputation in the country. That fact that the iPhone has been able to sell so well DESPITE being on the worst major carrier in the country is a testament to how strong a product it is. A recent survey showed that 34% of Android owners would have bought and iPhone instead if it had been offered on their network. What that demonstrates is that many Android buyers settle for Android; they get what they perceive to be the closest thing to an iPhone. Once the iPhone goes multi-carrier there will be far less reason for people to settle for the imitator when the real thing is sitting alongside it. Did you know that the term “Verizon iPhone” is the most searched cell phone term on Google?? It’s gonna be a bloodbath and you Android fanboys

  7. (continued)
    can’t handle it!!! Dream on!!

  8. @max you’re saying one android phone is close to outselling the iphone? lol

  9. I agree with jkach, Also there are alot of us who were hungry for a iphone but didn’t want to go to at&t, and just got tired of waiting for it to come to another carrier. I have the droid incredible which does everything the iphone does expect video chat. Frankly i don’t even care about the iphone anymore, they took too long and missed out on this potential customer, I’m sticking with android.

  10. @ Cedric:
    You have made my point exactly. You settled for an Android bcuz u didn’t know when an iPhone would b available. Now that we know this time (all signs point to an imminent Verizon iPhone release in early 2011), you’ll see far less people settle for fake iPhones.

  11. @Cedric: Ah, but you can do video chat. Unfortunately, no front facing camera but it’s not impossible.

  12. I one don’t believe that android fragmentation is a major issue to a normal user. How many users o f smartphone are tech savvy? What user want is a phone at can do their daily task done. They don’t care what is the underlying issues of the os.

    I,ve seen android phone from the very low end to high end and that is a choice. The more choices android can give to user, the more it grows.

    Personally, iPhone is just a status for some as this used to be a very premium product in some countries. And that status does not work for most of us.

    I owned an iPhone 4, but now i am using my google nexus one and dell streak more than my iPhone. I felt that the iOS looks dated… To restrictive for my liking after a while. Phone is something personal and people love to customise their phone the way it suits them.

    Long time ago nokia introduced customised casing for their phone and it became a cult. Now android offers a ui customasization that i think everyone love including me. Plus windows 7 is here and i think the future of it is as good as the old one.

    I think non iOS phone are more flexible, it serves different purposes for different user and that is important to penetrate to a bigger market.

  13. iPhones are for girls.

  14. Nice analysis. The “democratization” of the the smartphone is on track to follow the same for the PC. Apple never cared to compete for the low to mid range buyers in the PC market, and they won’t in the smart/feature phone market. Android is MS-DOS (or Windows, if you prefer) for the smart/feature phone world, and Apple is, once again, Apple for the smart/feature phone world.

    Apple vs. the Consumer, Part II

  15. Might not hurt? It wont put a dent in Android by itself. You would need a truckload of people that have Android phones just because. Even those that did get one because there was no iPhone would mostly be disappointed now. And don’t let this music store drop in Gingerbread. The only way it would pull ahead is if Apple talked the carriers into pushing Android into the background. And honestly I believe that’s what’s been going on with Verizon. They don’t want any chance of being shown up by Android devices. One quarter of not leading sales and tech blogs will run with that. Stock will start to drop and they will have to quickly find another milk cow. Right now just the speculation of landing on Verizon is driving excitement for their side so I think they will ride on that for a while.

  16. Here in Canada, iPhone is available on all carriers. People still often choose Android anyways.

  17. “Why iPhone on Multiple Carriers in the US Might Not Hurt Android”

    Ofcourse it will hurt Android to some degree. To say differently is totally ridiculous. You are saying that not 1 person will walk into a Verizon store and come out with an iPhone rather than an Android phone if the iPhone wasn’t there?

    It is the same BS thinking saying that man has no effect on the climate. The ONLY question is to what degree.

  18. “Why iPhone on Multiple Carriers in the US Might Not Hurt Android”

    Ofcourse it will hurt Android to some degree. To say differently is totally ridiculous. You are saying that not 1 person will walk into a Verizon store and come out with an iPhone rather than an Android phone if the iPhone wasn’t there?

    It is the same BS thinking saying that man has no effect on the climate. The ONLY question is to what degree.

  19. I have yet to see a convincing article that says its a stone cold lock the the iHype is coming to Verizon. We are talking about two company’s that are such control freaks that I find it hard to believe they will ever agree on anything. Add the fact that AT&T took the bullet for the iPhones technical problems and VZW never being willing to do something like that and I don’t see any long term problems for Android.

  20. all the cell phones suck in canada and when we do get a good one its ethier to late or the companys put stupid UI’s on it. i got a g1 from the states amazing, my friend got one from rogers and its crap

  21. Iphone coming to other carriers will definitely hurt android, to think otherwise is just pure denial. Will it destroy android, no it won’t, but will hurt it sales. I believe wp7 is hurting android in some degree. Right now in company party and in family thanksgiving (got a big nuclear family, about 50 in nyc dinner). Android and iphone are represented equally with a few wp7. Many friends and family waited just for wp7 instead of android and after I showed them this article almost everyone laugh. These are not tech people and they all prefer iphone, even my 87 year old grandmother like iphone. It is simple to pick up and use. All the app and choice to customize android really confuse many of them or they don’t care. To quote my father “I just need a phone to make calls I don’t care about all the other junk”. Really beside people that live and eat technology who really care about os. Looking at wp7 I regret getting android even more and I am writing this on the hd7, I was never able to type anything this well on my vibrant without wanting to throw the phone through a wall. And forget voice to text, it is never accurate. So with all this competition android should be worry.

  22. Iphone users that I know are still having problems and call quality on Iphone is terrible.
    Muiti carriers for Iphones will cause At&t to put more and better Androids in their market. Good for their customers, android and AT&T. So I would love Iphones to go to every market. Android would see a big increase in sales from At&t alone and any droid users foolish enough to go Iphone wouldn’t last long under Apple control.

  23. At the rate the price of Android phones are dropping, I see Android as the affordable way to put advanced technology into everyone’s hands.
    I personally think that the iphone will have an impact on Android at first, but ultimately Android will just drive innovation in the cell phone industry because devices with it don’t have fixed prices.

  24. I am an iPhone 4 user and I want a nice android device, I had the Samsung captivate and returned it coz it has a lot of AT&T’s crapwares, aside from that I like android.! For me android+flash on camera+front facing camera+snappy processor=perfect for me

  25. iPhone in Hong Kong was available from multiple carriers before Android even hit the scene. Now, if you take the subway, you will find that for every person carrying an iPhone, you’ll see 2 people carrying an Android phone next to him. So it’s all good and it’s all happening!

  26. I’ve tried the IPhone and I know people who have them. First of all, I’m not impressed with IPhone and the one I know that have them are impressed by Android. Needless to say, they regret getting the IPhone and now have to wait for contract renewal…lol. With that said, I don’t think Android will suffer at all, if the IPhone goes multi-carrier. In fact, I believe the Android OS will have more reason and fuel to become even better. Furthermore, I agree with most of the respondents here. Android provides different choices for different tastes. That to me, is going to be one of the selling points of all Android OS phones.

  27. Apple needs Verizon much more than Verizon needs the Iphone. I think that has become clear.

  28. Most of the consumers that have android phone, don’t even know what android is.

  29. iphone schmiphone who cares.
    that big juicy apple has a big giant worm inside eating away.


  30. This was a great article keep these kind of articles coming. It was very nice to read more than two sentencees for once

  31. @NY1 I think you misinterpeted the article if you would of read the whole article you would understand what the authors point was. His article is not about Iphone hurting sales but looking at the bigger picture. Yea there will be a rush and hurt sales for maybe that quarter but he is saying long term Android will prevail and be just as popular as the Iphone. His points are that android comes out with all different variety of phones supersmartphones, regular smartphones and low end smartphones. So people will have a better choice instead of paying the 200 dollars with contract for the Iphone, the person could get a cheaper phone for maybe 50, 100, 150 dollars and still get the same type of device. Saying that your uncle and grandma would prefer Iphone is not a valid experiement or group study. It also is not correct because The windows phone is just certain carriers not all. So in reality its more of what phone company you are with or have service with is the kind of phone the person is going to get. Example Verizon does not have Iphone or Wp7 so the only choice would be android so it is not a fair assumption. Too be honest more and more of my friends are getting droids and loving them for its creativity for customiztion and for service and I havent seen anyone with a Wp7.One other fact is if a phone that is very popular comes out or for the matter any new hardware it will have better numbers than solmething that didn’t come out so your statements are not even close to being correct. In the big picture a consumer will get what they can afford and get it for what they need. The only thing I know is that the Iphone is only one phone and Android is all different phones so if I was a betting man I would say android is on its way up and people ultimately want a phone that meets their criteria and in a lot of peoples minds android is the way to go and more and more people are starting to realize

  32. Haha people are nutz people might of settle for android but once they did they relized how much better it is if it wasn’t they would of switched carriers. I think people are dillusional by the Iphone like its something improtant it wil be a hype for like a month and then the next super android will come out than that will be the new. One important thing is that people want LTE so What if Iphone dont have one?

  33. Haha people are nutz people might of settle for android but once they did they relized how much better it is if it wasn’t they would of switched carriers. I think people are dillusional by the Iphone like its something improtant it wil be a hype for like a month and then the next super android will come out than that will be the new. One important thing is that people want LTE so What if Iphone dont have one?

  34. Jdub wrote on November 25, 2010

    Mr. Arrogant, those same 34% of people have never OWNED an iPHone before, soooo, once they have it for awhile, they’ll realize how cramped and locked down it is after having a taste of freedom courtesy of Android.

    The iPhone peaked on AT&T; it’ll peak on Verizon, on T-Mobile or any other carrier that it sells on, and only diehard fans of Applely products will continue buying it. You forget that Americans like choices that demonstrate their individualism, and the same phone wrapped in the same materials with different covers doesn’t equate to unique.

    But, at least the imbeciles that brag “my phone is so easy to use my 4 year old can operate it!” will continue to settle for a locked down overhyped product.

    ta ta.

  35. @ destardi:
    If what you say is true that people who have an iPhone “realize how cramped and locked down it is after having a taste of freedom courtesy of Android”, then why is it that the iPhone has the HIGHEST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION of any smartphone made??? That includes the Evo, Incredible, Droid X, Droid 2, Epic, and every other iPhony that’s out there! A recent survey also stated that the number one reason why people buy Android instead of iPhone Is because they don’t want to join AT&T. Not because they think Android is superior, but because they don’t want to switch from their perceived more reliable carrier. Thus they settle for a derivative, copycat, wannabe platform like Android. Those are the facts….deal with it.

  36. 34% of android owners in the US said they would have purchased an iPhone instead if it was available on their carrier. 34%. A house of cards is what Android is built on.

  37. @Jdub;Apple designs for a very narrow group of people. People who want simple and predictable. Thats why MAC never gets more than 5% desktop market globally. Statistically; nobody wants one. But those who have one will fill out the survey with lots of high marks. So what. The majority of the world rejects MACs.

    For a short time, Iphone had the smartphone market. But they have failed to innovate as fast as android. Still cant run live apps and properly multitask. The Iphone is destined to the same fate as the MAC. Apple seems fine with that as long as they can get the select few to purchase overpriced, overlyhyped, underpowered gear. Apple will still make money even with a low market share and their brainwashed few will continue to fill out high marks on their surveys. However; the rest of the world will move on to better products.

  38. @ACR I work for AT&T… please don’t pretend what your talking about…

  39. If Apple still controls the pricing on all the carriers then it will have minimal effect on Android sales. iPhone is too expensive. I got my Hero (in UK) for little more than a standard Nokia or Samsung “dumb-phone” but for half the monthly cost of the iPhone.

    If however the carriers are free to compete on price then Android sales may be squeezed more.

  40. you’re right, android will continue to gain marketshare because it’s a cheap OS for people who don’t really give a damn what’s on their phone. Whether that’s a good thing for android however, we’ve yet to see…

  41. I live in the UK, the iPhone was already available on multiple carriers by the time android was becoming popular (around the time the Hero was brought out, this was before the Sprint Hero btw).

    People have access to iPhones, but what a lot are realising is that now they DO actually have it, there is nothing special about it. In fact, when they see a top end android phone, not only do they realise there is nothing special about their iPhone, they realise they are actually missing out on quite a lot too.

  42. I agree. Just look at the other countries of the World. In China, the iPhone is on multiple carriers and still the Galaxy S line is selling very well there. The fact is, people like Android for many different reasons. Some like the low price, some like the customization options. If Verizon does get the iPhone, Android will still be strong.

  43. If the Iphone goes to multiple carrier in the us it will hurt Android’s sale in the short term. It won’t however hurt Android in the long term, Android is constantly changing the Iphone just adds new features once a year.

  44. @ curt:
    Who are u trying to convince, me or yourself?? Deep down inside, u android fanboys are scared to death of the iPhone going multi-carrier bcuz that’s the ONLY reason u have been able to post any significant numbers. Again, the iPhone has posted unbelievable numbers DESPITE being on a single carrier with the WORST reputation in the country. And please, away with this bogus “this is Mac vs PC all over again” nonsense. Macs, like BMW’s and Mecedes Benzes, have smaller marketshare because of their much higher prices. People settled for virus-infested, junk PC’s because they were cheap (and it shows). No such price disparity exists with the iPhone, however. At $199 for 16GB, the iPhone is priced EXACTLY the same as an Evo, Droid X, Epic, and all the other iPhonies out there. So that argument is pure BS. The fact that it takes 35 different Android models spread across all 4 networks (with VZW practically giving phones away with a 2 for 1 deal, btw) to barely surpass 1 phone on 1 (crappy) network demonstrates what a strong brand Apple is. Once iPhone goes multi-carrier, game over. And you know it…..

  45. It appears that Jdub is all-knowing, maybe he can also explain why it is that there’s been plenty of people that have DUMPED their Apple phone in favor of Android devices after playing with one? Hmmm… suddenly, his argument starts to fall appart… Then there’s all the people I’ve encountered (and I’m sure others have too) that dare to say “Apple phone is better” and won’t give reasons as to why other than “it just is”.

  46. @ alexander:
    I’m sure u can find some in your small circle that have left iPhone for Android. I know people that have left Android for iPhone….what’s your point? I have stated the results of scientific surveys and you have given me……what??? Please objectively deal with the FACTS that I have presented in my positions, thank you….

  47. You GOTTA love all the iCultists jumping on any Android article to scream their FUD. It’s hilarious! The hate and jealousy just overflows! I remember last Spring when Android beat iOS for the first time and they whined “That was only one month! Wait until the quarter is over! Then you’ll see… whine, whine, whine!” Then when the QTR numbers came out, and the iPhone got smacked down again, the new excuse was “Wait until the iPhone 4 comes out! Then you’ll see…. whine, whine, whine!” Then the sales numbers for iOS smartphones got trampled by Android and they now are crying “Wait until Verizon gets the iPhone! Then you’ll see…. whine, whine, whine!”

    Aren’t iCultist so cute?

    What is sad though is that they keep forgetting that Verizon is only 1 American company, Android is kicking the iPhone butt WORLDWIDE. Apparently, they flunked geography class. Personally, I welcome the iPhone on as many carriers as Apple is willing to allow. It’ll give me more opportunities to laugh at iCultists!

    Jealousy is a funny emotion! Don’t worry, iCultists, your lord and savior Steve will give you 4G speeds, carrier choice, wifi tethering and free turn-by-turn navigation SOMEDAY. Maybe you’ll get UI personalization, screen size choice, browser choice, SWYPE, better pricing, real keyboards, and OTA updates too. Or maybe not.

  48. I’d point out the iPhone has been available in the UK on multiple carriers for over a year now. Android has done very very well, as has iPhone.

    I’d imagine that iPhone will do very well on Verizon et al but it in no way precludes that it will be the dominant mobile OS.

    The mobile market is huge and growing quickly, theres room for more than 1 OS.

  49. Apple products are so iconic and popular that the introduction of the iphone on another US carrier will surely make a splash and probably impact RIM and Android sales…it is just reality. That being said, there is a reason why car makers build more than one sedan and more than one SUV and more than one truck. One size does not fit all. That is a need that Android meets and the iphone does not. The iphone is a great phone, but it is what it is, nothing more, nothing less.

    Sound article. I look forward to Android’s continued success after the iphone becomes available on other carriers.

  50. I hate the iPhone for the iOS, not the device itself because frankly, its a descent piece of hardware. That being said, the main problem with the iPhone is that Apple releases one every year or so. While we’ll be sporting Dual-Core, Tegra 2, Super AMOLED 2, High Ram, 4G (you see where im going with this) devices, iPhone will be stuck on what its on until Apple thinks they have enough “impress” to stick in a new phone with a jacked price to sell.

    I mean, look at the iPhone vs iPhone 3G comparison. Not much difference except that they left 3G, a key technology out of the first one and people flocked to the 3G almost out of relief for 3G. Thats how apple does it. Starve its users, then feed em crap. And any iphone user obviously likes shit so, they’ll eat it.

  51. I dumped my iPhone when the Nexus One came out and haven’t looked back. I just have so much more capability with Android than I ever had with the iPhone that despite the UI maybe not looking as pretty (according to Apple fanboys) it’s still a far better phone overall. If you know what you’re doing, Android capability far exceeds the iPhone’s and that’s why Android isn’t going anywhere even if the iPhone goes multi-carrier.

  52. The only reason I think others would switch to an iPhone is because there is way more apps and games.

  53. Cell phone jealousy is sad, on all levels.

    As long as Google continues to innovate and update with newer and better features, that’s all I care about.

  54. @Aeires- I totally agree. Although I like to make fun of the passion that jealousy creates, it the end, it is a poor, base emotion. I love the competition, because competition breeds innovation and better pricing. No one system should dominate. I hope Nokia gets their act together, because when the Galaxy 3 i5801 and Galaxy 5 i5503 come out next month, India is going to quickly become dominated by Android. Those phones are priced super-low to fit the Indian market, and if builds are quality, and there isn’t a strong contender from Nokia, no one will be able to stop them.

  55. @Jdub: because using a term like “virus infested-junk pc” is a stone cold fact… I’ve built all my pc’s with high end hardware and know how to keep it running well and virus free and I know plenty others who do the same. Before you go spewing the “I provided facts” statement, maybe you should back them up with proof from reputable sources, because from this end, it sounds like a lot of opinion and surveys can be easily skewed to make them out to be whatever.
    Typed on my HTC Incredible while sitting on the crapper.

  56. iPhone coming to Verizon will show that Android is superior and more in demand in a head to head fight; I can’t wait.

    I have been an iPhone user for 3 years and still have my 32gig 3Gs. But I only use my Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. I kept the iPhone as an extra iPod. I totally love my Galaxy, the iPhone ios 4.2.1 seems old and dated next to Android OS and I only have 2.1 on it.

    Steve Jobs tells me what I can put on my iPhone; on the Android I have whatever I want, including the SWM app that is totally cool, which was banned on iPhone by Steve Jobs.

    iPhone was cool, then it was not, I made a choice, and thanks to android I can keep making choices everyday without Steve Jobs interfering.

  57. Jdub is right. Apple brainwashing the American population through preemptive advertising and deep penetration of Holywood blockbusters has done it’s job. I DO belive iTrash going multicarrier in US will hurt Android, but only in a short term.
    All those who craved an iCrapper will still have to think hard weather to spend extra $ for the data plan, which will make 1/2 of those settle again for some free cheap non-smart phone or get an Android with a basic data plan :)
    DO WE REALLY CARE??? Android is already #1 worldwide coming to be #1 in 2011.
    With ‘Gingerbread’ coming any day now it’ll take away iPhone’s ‘interface experience’ argument. I’m 100% sure iCrap heat will make Googlers work harder on Android 3.0 :)

  58. Up here in the great white north (Canada) we’ve had the Iphone and Android and more people buy Android. Prices are identical. I picked Android for the better camera and video. Only thing better on Iphone are some apps but be honest how much do you really use them.

  59. Look, let’s be honest. 10 years ago we all had TREO and we loved our Plams. Apple will not be on top forever, they have fallen as a company before. (Remember Gates comming to their rescue a few years ago?).

    There is no brand loyalty, Windows 7, Android, Palm, Apple – let them all battle it our, we win in the end. The iPHONE 4 sucks – but remember it was rolled out ONLY to counter the Droid. So Apple needs the iPHONE5, and Droids and Windows still evolves. Competition is a good thing for the consumer.

  60. this is easy to solve. Hey Jdub, we are so scared lets make a little bet–I don’t know case of beer or 50 bucks or something. I’ll put a little webpage together to make it official. The bet being that andriod will still be on top in us and world phone sales just like it is now one year after the verizon launch. Want to take the bet?

  61. @jdub Stop trolling. I remember seeing an article stating that about 54% of iphone customers would switch to an Android device upon contract termination. So I think your point is very moot. Anroid has done well because customers can even get one on pay as you go. We know Apple would consider it to be blow its standards. The point is the openness of Android has changed public perception by giving customers what they want and that is choice. Choice will always out rule innovation at some point. Smartphones have reached its peak on the product cycle. Meaning that the technology itself is no longer innovative. The only thing to be had at this point is additional features and apps. With individual vendors giving customers choice it is fueling Android growth. I am just saying please make relevant postings. Apple will continue to sell because they have a very loyal customer base.
    The bigger issue for apple is what to concentrate on going forward. Ipod sales are declining, Itunes is taking a hit in sales, the Iphone has so much competition, and the Ipad is cannabilizing its computer sales. Android doesn’t really have the same problems, making it easier for google to adapt. The major issue I see going forward for Android is subscription content revenue within apps. However in Gingerbread it seems Google is going to take this issue serious to gain better traction and relationships with developers.
    Just my take on the market

  62. Choice is the reason the iPhone isnt gonna spell doom for Android. Some ppl actually want a physical keyboard….
    A good OS is the reason the iPhone isnt gonna spell doom for Android. I would worry more about WP7 than the iPhone…its gonna WP7 and the iPhone COMBINED that will really hurt Android.
    Good hardware for the high end phones is the reason the iPhone isnt gonna spell doom for Android.
    U listening Jdub?
    Apple chose 1 carrier and one design. Even with the one design, being on only one carrier is whats killing the iPhone as far as market share. Apple doesnt really care cuz they are making a killing as far as revenue.

  63. Let me reviuse my last post real quick…
    The iPhone and WP7 COMBINED MIGHT spell doom for Android..
    Some of yall might not remember, like Jdub, that the iPhone being on only one carrier snuck up and left Win Mo in their dust as far as marketshare….thats with Win Mo being on more carriers and phones.
    Since that didnt happen with Android, Android is a good OS compared to the old Win Mo. The hardware choices is better also. Win Mo/MS waited too long to go to capacitive screens IMO.
    With WP7, we will just have to wait n see what will happen, but it will be WP7 and the iPhone combined on different carriers that may cause real trouble for Android, not just the iPhone.

  64. jdub’s survey quote comes from a website that had only 540+ respoondents. Hardly representative.

  65. I wonder where that 34% comes from. I am a Droid user, but I would get an iPhone if VZ offered it. With one caveat: before Droid was on the horizon. Today I would not switch to iPhone even if it were free.
    When it came along in 2007 it was a device like no other. Had they gone multicarrier then, they could take market by storm like they did with iPod on music players. (Now think how iPod would do if iTunes was Mac-only?) Enough so to kill most of consumer interest in in Android, potentially. But they missed that chance.
    Sure, there will be some who will buy it over an Android but enough to make a measurable dent? Doubt so.

  66. Look at all the widdle Android fanboys crying foul!!! Must have struck a nerve!!! Ha ha!
    @ joe: I would be more than willing to take that bet! my email is [email protected] Let me know when u get that website running!
    @ mike: here is the article that backs up what I said (and no it was not limited to 540+ respondents) http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2373108,00.asp

    Read it for yourself…..

  67. jdub – I just have to ask – ..It has been a while since you got laid hasn’t it? ‘Cause no one with a life would put the work you do in to trolling.

  68. 60,000 new androud users a day, guven a 200 day working year that is 12,000,000 people who change to Android or start up with an Android every year. Apple charges $200 a phone, and they keep $150 of that monies. You can do the math, but Android has cost Apple far far more than we may realize.

  69. @Jdub
    Crying foul? Where have you been since 2008? In case you didnt notice Android and the phones its on have gotten better since then.
    Take a look at ppl that picked the Droid 1 and 2 just cuz they wanted a physical keyboard. Same for the Epic.
    The iPhone is nice, but I think some ppl put it on too high of a pedestal. U do know that on AT&T, with the iPhone the top dog there, the Captivate had decent sales.

  70. The iPhone got a lot of market share due to the fact it was the first to jump the gun. If Android and iPhone were released at the same time iPhone numbers would be much lower than what it is now. Will it hurt the Android market share released on multiple carries? Yes, a little initially but those numbers will not stick and if Apple can’t come up with anything more creative and intuitive its going to continue to loose market share until its just left with fanboys/fangirls and people who “want to try and be cool” cause their fanboy/fangirl friend has one.

  71. Android is on tv’s, planes, cars, psp phone, tablets, notebooks, watches, mp3 / blu players, do I need to go on? Nothing is stopping it now, and it’s not like HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc would take it seating down either…
    As for customer satisfaction, Motorola was 9 points behind it, and HTC following in the 2nd Q. Hopefully they’ll announce 3rd quarter soon, and see if the infamous “you’re holding the phone wrong, stupid!” issue affected it.
    Before ios4 came out, macrumors forum had a wish list, and the items listed were android features lol. Now since they still didn’t get them, they have an ios5 wish list, and they’re android again with a 4.3″ screen, flash, hdmi, etc…too bad Stevie is too conservative hehe.
    Overall, by Dec.31, I wouldn’t be surprised if android grew by 1,600-2,000% vs. last year. Apple better catch up quickly on features & carriers, during this whole year people got the taste of android, and its pretty yummy with the free, $.01, BOGO, 50% off deals :-D
    I want the one with the wifies! It prints f ing money! I don’t care! I’m going to walgreens…
    Apple fans, enjoy your same looking phones with a small screen, no battery removal, boring looking retina screenies – We’ll see you in the darkside, when you see the light :-).

  72. Now your in for some real competition, all these other phone manufacturers are losing big time to Apple’s first attempts into the phone manufacturing world. Netflix publicly complained about the fragmentation, Microsoft mobile got their app before you guys. This so called ‘developer friendly’ free and open android society was built on lies. Android is mature now, and you still can’t get netflix on there? I search for games on the marketplace and there is nothing. All type of apps, have six times the selection on the iphone. I want to make a pdf with my phone camera and android has one pay choice, iphone has 3 free ones and 5 paid ones. They all have a lot of ratings (because all ios user can use the apps, not just some like in android where 1/3 of the users can use all the features), so you can get better ratings statistics. Android really sucks and every last pro android argument is laden with lies or just plain engineering stupidity.

    PS The low end iphone from last year is $99 and a refurb costs even less, sure it’s not the best hardware but it’s the same thing in the android world. Just that the refurb iphone can play All the apps available, and they get to use 99% of the features available, where as on android only 1/3 of the users can use all the apps. Keep waiting in the dark for updates you androiders, maybe next month you can use all those feature touted in the commercials. And even if you do get your froyo update on your phone, we still have 200,000 more things we can do on our phones.

  73. Talk about being Apple brainwashed. He’s talking about apps, we’re talking about phone functionality, features and custumization that far outweighs anything that Apple has ever put out. The best thing on iphone 4 is retina display. Other than that its just like its previous models.

  74. Will any of those 200,000 things give you a physical keyboard or the choice of a bigger or smaller screen than the iphone?

  75. Will the fragmentation of Android devices ever result in a consistent end user experience with apps? (no, just ask angry birds developer Rovio)

    Will developers continue to develop apps for a platform from which they cannot make money bcuz cheap android users don’t like to pay for apps? (no, that why apple has 3X the amt of apps as android)

  76. 1. I have a droid 1- and i love android, but i never bought my phone in hopes that it would do what an iphone did- i for one am not a customer that just settled because i couldn’t get an iphone.
    2. While the Iphone is a cool phone- some of my best friends are iphone fanatics, i still wouldn’t get one cause it isn’t all that great compared with higher end android phones. It’s a cool phone yes- but when i have used my friends phones, I wasn’t impressed- why? Because anything they could do, so could I
    3. Why do all you iphone fans seem to say that androids are “phony”? Honestly the android phones are pretty real, and work great. The term “phony” or “copycat” shows me you iphone users are having are just talking out of you butts- so stop being such annoying little opinionated pests

  77. I have to say that an iPhone can be just as open as Android if you Jailbreak it.Yes, I am an Apple fan. I love how it’s integrated, and I would love to work at an Apple Store. I know some Apple Fans are crazy, I don’t associate myself with those wackos. I agree that Android is a great OS, I love it, I convinced my cousin it’s great. I don’t have an iPhone yet, and I’m torn when it comes to if I want an iPhone or the up coming Nexus S. Can someone help me with that problem?

  78. @ CSoul781:

    copycat- a person or thing that copies, imitates, mimics, or follows the lead of another.

    1. iPhone’s user interface copied by Android
    2. iPhone’s use of multitouch pinch and zoom copied by Android
    3. iPhone’s use of an accelerometer copied by Android
    4. iPhone’s use of on device app store copied by Android
    5. iPhone’s business model for app developers (70-30 split) copied by Android
    6. iPhone’s use of visual voicemail copied by Android

    Get the picture??

  79. If anything all this will do has been said before. You will see a lot of AT&T customers who were only with AT&T JUST for the iPhone jump ship to Verizon.

    I actually know plenty of people who never even went to AT&T and the iPhone just because of the crappy network, and yet once they got an Android phone, they don’t look back.
    Sure you will see lots of people getting an iPhone on Verizon, only because its newer (and let’s face it, Verizon’s marketing campaigns ARE quite compelling!).

    The only way the iPhone will even remain competitive is whether Apple makes a 4G model. Verizon has been up-selling its 4G network, and the ONLY way iPhone will outshine DROID is if the version of the iPhone that gets first promoted to Verizon actually is the 4G model, otherwise it just helps round out Verizon’s Smartphone Lineup.

    You don’t see the iPad outshining everything in the Verizon store, do you? The Galaxy Tab is right next to it, happy as can be. Granted the DROID lineup no longer has its own center billing (Tablets kinda took that over), but they are still the premier Smartphones in the store.

  80. @ CSoul781:

    copycat- a person or thing that copies, imitates, mimics, or follows the lead of another.

    1. iPhone’s user interface copied by Android
    —–Lmao, Sure, Android copied its open-nature desktop with WIDGETS from iOS……you’re funny dude.
    2. iPhone’s use of multitouch pinch and zoom copied by Android
    —–While this may be true, its not just copied by Android. I don’t see you bitching about Microsoft Surface.
    3. iPhone’s use of an accelerometer copied by Android
    —–HTC Windows Mobile devices had one before iPhone. (HTC Touch Diamond)
    4. iPhone’s use of on device app store copied by Android
    —–App stores have been around long before the iPhone came out (Windows Mobile/Blackberry anyone?)
    5. iPhone’s business model for app developers (70-30 split) copied by Android
    —–It’s called competition dude, the business model itself doesn’t mean shit. If Android went 80-20, Apple would have followed suit.
    6. iPhone’s use of visual voicemail copied by Android
    —–iPhone wasn’t the first, Blackberry already had services that one-upped voicemail, actually (SimulScribe and Simvox in Feb 2007)

    Get the picture??

    Oh iPhone must’ve been the first device to have copy and paste, multitasking, a touchscreen at all …..right? (tongue in cheek)

  81. My mistake, the Nokia N95 actually had an accelerometer before HTC or iPhone.

  82. @Henry…
    Nice post. Beautiful…simply beautiful…

  83. @Henry- You tell ’em. His statements are just as stupid as saying Android invented camera flashes, desktop folders, wallpapers, and voice-to-text, simply because Android came out with all of it before the iPhone. – Although “live wallpaper” might have been an Android original, I’m not sure.

  84. I have Verizon and used to want the IPhone really bad. In my area Richmond Va at&t bought out Suncom which sucked and At&t is still hit and miss depending on who you ask. I eventually waited til touch phones got better and ended up with a Droid Incredible. My desire for an iPhone is down to just curiosity. But with the way the tiered plans are looking for lte I may stay with what I have. That said Apple will always have an niche market that will keep them viable in the business and Android will get better and better. If anything multiple carriers will breed more competition which is good for is the consumer.

  85. I still wonder why jdub and other Apple cult members just can’t sit back and enjoy the competition. If he’s an Apple employee, then I get it. But if he’s a consumer, then he should be cheering Android on because a better Android means improvements in his bronze calf iPhone to catch up. I love it when Apple comes out with a new device, or expands to a new market. It gives the Android Army another benchmark to destroy.

  86. @ Henry:
    As in the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend!”

    1. If you don’t think that Android had tried to imitate the iPhone’s UI with it’s swipe gestures, tapping, pinching and zooming then u are absolutely fooling yourself. Even the most respected tech reviewers have stated that Android’s UI attempts to mimic the look and feel of the iPhone.

    2. We agree that Android, along with Palm, Microsoft, and now Blackberry,has copied Apple’s use of multitouch….no argument here.

    3. The Htc Touch Diamond was released in May of 2008, nearly a full year AFTER the iPhone came to market in 2007. http://www.gsmarena.com/htc_touch_diamond-2368.php

    4. While there may have been third party apps stores and web sites where users could download apps, It wasn’t until Apple realeased the app store that you had devices with the app store integrated into them. The sdk was released to developers and the business model of 70% for developers and 30% for Apple was implemented. Shortly thereafter, you had the release of the Android Mkt, Windows Marketplace for Mobile, the Palm App Catalog, the Ovi Store, and the Blackberry App World, all of which DIRECTLY copied Apple’s App Store.

    5. Blah blah blah. Android could have easily adopted the 80-20 business model. U know why they didn’t??? Bcuz they’re COPYCATS!!

    6. Uh, Simulscribe and Simvox are technologies that allow you to READ your voicemail by transcribing it. Visual voicemail allows you to LISTEN to your voicemail in any order you want, rather than having to be forced to listen to it in the order received. This was first implemented by Apple and then subdequently copied by the imitators: http://macapper.com/2007/05/27/callwave-get-iphone-like-visual-voicemail-with-any-phone/

    Nice try…..

  87. @Jdub:
    As far as app stores….Verizon had Get It now before the iPhone even came out….
    I see u missed where he corrected the accelerometer comment right under that big post he made……the Nokia N95. Came out in March 2007. iPhone came out in June 2007.
    And since you wanna mention companies and copying, what about the LG Prada:
    First Announced in Dec 2006, months before the iPhone came out. The LG Prada should be considered the first capacitive touch screen cell phone, not the iPhone. But lots of ppl dont know about the LG Prada. If not the first, LG did it before Apple…

  88. So lets try to leave the who did what first, who copied who debates alone and just appreciate what competition brings to us consumers…
    I’m glad that the iPhone is such a huge success, it helped everyone try to up their game in the mobile market. And I’m glad to FINALLY have a decent alternative to the iPhone. I hated the old Win Mo and I used to want an iPhone…after getting the Droid that changed.

  89. @ jroc:

    Look, that’s fine. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind. If u like Android, that’s entirely up to u. But for people to try and pretend that Android is not a derivative, iPhone-influenced OS is disingenuous at the very least.

  90. @ jroc:

    Apple actually began working on the iPhone in 2005.


  91. I had an Iphone before, but I am so glad I choose getting an Android. I get now a lot of customization that I didn’t have before; also it feels a lot better. You can do everything the iphone does on an Android plus a lot more. I love to have choices, something you will never get on the iphone. Also, the iphone 4 quality is really bad.
    I don’t think the iPhone can match Android, but is always good to have an alternative to the Android. This looks like the battle between Windows and Macs, where Android have become the new standard (like windows is).

  92. Wanted iPhone for years & was ready to break my Verizon contract to get it. At the last minute I checked out the incredible at my VZW store & that was it. At the time I got my incredible, it was the best Android phone on VZW, and it was the first time I got anything other than what was offered for free with contract. The best phone I’d had before that was the LG nv2. I still love my incredible & have no desire for any iPhone. I will not be someone who leaves Android for iphone, that’s for sure.

  93. @ kellie:

    That’s fine. Listen, there will always be a market for imitators. People are always gonna buy fake jewelry, wear fake gucci’s, wear fake Luis Vutton’s, wear fake fur coats, and, as in the case of Android, use fake iPhones.

  94. Android is not a copy of the iPhone, just the next step in the evolution of smartphones. Sorry for the “i diots” phone fans, It’s time to face the reality.

  95. And now Apple is imitating Android by allowing it’s users to limitedly customize their phones and by incorporating the use of fake multitasking. Let’s not forget the notification bar that is non-existent with Apple phones, which some have tried to duplicate, but only on Jailbroken devices: http://bit.ly/8mcTA
    Let’s not forget the use of folders which has been available on Android for a long time now and now Apple “allows” you to use as well. Full screen browser? I heard you’ll be able to do that soon too, if not already, but we’ve been able to do that for a long time now. Copy and paste? IMO WinMo did it best, but Android has had it and Apple just recently incorporated it. Oh… did we forget to mention widgets? You can’t have those…. Not until SJ says you can. Animated or live wallpapers? Eh… you can do animated, but you need to Jailbreak. Global voice search and commands… nuff said. Built in WiFi tethering that lets you connect to MORE than just laptops. A company that treats you like a child and only lets you do the things they deem “appropriate” with the device you paid money for? Oh, my bad, you win that one. And one of the biggest/best features Android has is that it doesn’t require you to use that crappy bloatware known throughout as iTunes!

  96. If that’s the lie u want to convince yourself with, then go right ahead. But deep down inside, you know good and well that Android would not exist in it’s current form if it didn’t have the iPhone to serve as a template for it…

  97. @Jdub
    Whats makes you think LG wanst working on the LG Prada way back when too? Products like that dont get made over night….
    Looking at the LG Prada….I wouldnt be suprised if thats not early Android…looks like the same clock on the screen of the Prada thats in the Alarm settings in Android…then who would be copying who…

  98. lol…
    I been reading some forum posts from a few years ago when the LG Prada first came out. Oh….how the Apple iFans didnt take too kindly to the iPhone being called a copy cat..
    What was one comment “similar and copy are 2 different things…” ppl actually agreed it looked similar but didnt wanna admit it was a copy of the LG Prada..
    Hey, I guess we gonna have to use that when ppl say Android is a copy of the iPhone…

  99. @ jroc:

    Prove it…..I offered u proof that Apple began working on the iPhone 2 years before it came to market. If u can find proof that the Prada was being worked on prior to that, then I’ll shut my mouth…..

  100. Yes, I need to lie to myself to make me feel better… I know exactly what I want and it’s not Apple products. I scoffed at a friend once when he asked me if I was gonna get an Apple Phone, his response? “WHY NOT!?” Because I don’t want some dumbed down/locked down, limited piece of crap.
    What would happen if Android didn’t have all the features that iOS doesn’t? Would apple EVENTUALLY come out with them or would they continue to shaft their users with limited features just so the next apple product can contain all of those features which COULD have been available from the get go but weren’t? A future release of their product would contain them and then once again the Jobs would tell all his sheep that they now need that and it’s “magical and revolutionary”. Remember how the first Apple phone didn’t even do MMS, have a camera flash or took video? Stuff that even the most basic of “dumb” phones could do at the time? I’ve seen stuff talking about the iPad 2 and how NOW it’s going to have a camera etc. stuff that could have been in the first version but wasn’t so that all the followers would have to buy the new one to get those features. The blinds are tightly wrapped around the faces of those who use apple products and they’re all told to “think different” while all acting the same and being told what they can’t/can do; “We’re gonna stick this probe up your butt because revolutionary and magical and it’s the cool thing to do, K?”
    I’ve used my friends phone and I couldn’t help but feel extremely restricted with it, even though it was jailbroken and he’s customized it, not to mention that the UI is so boring looking. Sorry, I’ll stay out here in Android land with the rest of the smart people where I’m not gonna be tied down with chains.

  101. Hey Android fanboys, here’s a little taste of what u can expect when the iPhone goes multi-carrier here in the U.S.:

    Apple iPhone Use Appears to Be Growing Even Faster in Europe

    R.I.P. Android…..

  102. ” But among those who currently own a feature phone and want to upgrade to a smartphone, 25 percent are eyeing an iPhone and 28 percent will likely opt for an Android device.”

    a little quote from Cnets report on the Nilson pole

  103. @Jdub:
    Only proof I seen so far is the LG Prada won some international award in 2006 or 2007, still months before the iPhone came out. A product has to be out for a lil while at least to win an award…..

  104. @Jdub:
    This is all I could dig up so far. The LG Prada patent will be my lil proje for the next few weeks…
    As far as the iPhone destroying Android…
    “Keep Hope Alive”…lol Its enough pie for everyone. No one needs to be killed or destroyed. Proof of that is ppl still buying Palm phones…

  105. @ jroc:

    We both know that the Prada was announced before the iPhone (prada Dec 2006, iPhone Jan 2007). That part can’t be debated. The article I shared with you showed when Apple actually started building the iPhone (2005). That’s the info I was looking for from the Prada….

  106. @ jroc:

    Fair enough my friend! If u find something and this blog is closed, email it to me
    [email protected]

  107. Will do..I just moved and right the the interwebz is last on my list of priorities right now.
    That and the next wave of Android phones has all my attention right now too…lol.
    Thats another reason why Android will survive the iPhone on more carriers. I expect all the mobile OS companies to have updates to their OS’s, be on more advanced handsets, etc..
    Its a good time to be in the market for a smartphone

  108. Yes it is! Gonna be an exciting new year…let the best OS win!

  109. oh the iPhone has already taken down Android/Verizon sales… that is why there will be a deal.

    ATT has captured a large amount of share, because Verizon was too stupid to see what iPhone would become when Apple offered it to them before ATT…


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