Nov 25th, 2010

Alright, I’m on the road watching my brother and sister helplessly try and bump apps which got me thinking… what app or capability am I most eager to share with my family today?

First I’d say the Phandroid/AndroidForums/AndroidApplications app which is well on its way to a public beta. Then I’d say a “secret project” codenamed CC that you’ll likely see a post about in the next couple weeks. But what about public apps that my folks could download themselves?

Here are a quick few I’ve been using a lot lately, and why I’ll share them:

  • This American Life – definitely family appropriate, this “App” version of the public radio program is stellar. College kids and younger should share this with their uncles, aunts and grandparents to impress them with their maturity level. And trust me, you’ll love it yourself
  • DropBox is a productivity app I think a lot of people would use/enjoy if the knew how easy it was to set up
  • City Jump has become my new favorite game to waste time
  • Groupick is the “app” version of City Jump for me – another fun time waster that isn’t game oriented but instead allows you to answer random questions or pose a question of your own. I’ll share this with cousins who will get a kick out of it.

Football Thanksgiving

Although my Droid Pro isn’t an app, I’ll DEFINITELY be showing my review unit to my two Uncle’s who are heavy BlackBerry users. They both need new phones but haven’t seen an Android phone they like based on form factor. They like their BlackBerries but are eager to try out this “Android” they’ve heard so much about. What I’ve shown them they love… but they’re waiting for a more familiar feel. The Droid Pro might be it.

I’ll also be showing them off some sports apps while watching today’s NFL Games. The Verizon NFL App, Sports Tap, Scoreboard by Google and some others. Although today’s games have clear “favorites”, let’s see how many people pick the underdog in these games. Who do you think will win each?

Alright… NOW… what apps are YOU going to share with family and friends today? Let us know in the comments!