Holiday Food Hangover Got You Down? Burn the Turkey Lets You Watch the Calories Melt Away



Turkey, cranberry, stuffing, mashed potatoes, don’t forget the pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving is all about the food. What we would rather not have it be about is all the calories we take in during a typical Thanksgiving dinner. So after the leftovers have been tucked away and our bellies our stuffed to the point where moving seems impossible, it’s good to know that WorkSmart Labs, makers of CardioTrainer, have come up with a fun way to ease our minds (and out waistlines) with Burn the Turkey.


Burn the Turkey is a homescreen widget that links up to CardioTrainer and tracks as you shed the 3000 calories typical of a big Turkey Day feast. Watch the meat fall off the bones, and the calories tick off as you work towards your goal. It’s a fun little app with a good purpose, and with it staring at you every time you light up your phone it might just provide the motivation you need to burn off that turkey.

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  1. Is this an Android news website? Or is it a website to come to to be flooded ads? This is bullshit phandroid, absolute bullshit. I refuse to read any your “news” until you get your shit straight

  2. Yeah Phandroid what is your problem putting ads up on your website. How dare you try to fund your website through ad space. You should all ashamed of yourselves for not using your own hard earned cash to host this site. I refuse to use your page for my android news. I’ll be going to Keller Shmeller’s website the will have no ads at all.

  3. I love CardioTrainer, added the Burn the Turkey widget and will start burning today.

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