Sep 24th, 2010

J.D. Power and Associates’ customer satisfaction surveys have always given us a quick and dirty (in a good way) look at how certain companies are doing in certain areas of the market. They’ve released Volume 2 of their 2010 US Wireless Smartphone Satisfaction Study, and two out of three of the major Android smartphone manufacturers sit above the “average” fold (the third manufacturer is the company which shall not be named, but starts with an A and ends with pple as they sit at the top of the totem pole.)

jd power and associates 2010 volume 2 smartphone satisfaction survey

Right beneath them sits Motorola who is only 9 points shy of tying their score, and in comes HTC 10 points lower with 781. Sitting below the industry average of 764 is Samsung – with 735 – but I can’t imagine they’ll be there come Volume 3 after more Galaxy S owners are polled and as the Galaxy Tab starts to filter into the market. Every other manufacturer above 700 don’t produce Android products (unless you’re counting HP’s Zeen tablet which has yet to be officially confirmed) as RIM, Palm, and Nokia make up the bottom portion of the non-Android 700s (in that order, and I mentioned HP due to their complete acquisition of Palm).

It’ll be quite interesting to revisit this survey after Quarter 3 2010 has passed on by as we expect Samsung will come a bit closer to that industry average (if not completely surpass it).

[via JD P&A]

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