HTC, Motorola Rank Above Average in JD Power and Associates’ Satisfaction Survey


J.D. Power and Associates’ customer satisfaction surveys have always given us a quick and dirty (in a good way) look at how certain companies are doing in certain areas of the market. They’ve released Volume 2 of their 2010 US Wireless Smartphone Satisfaction Study, and two out of three of the major Android smartphone manufacturers sit above the “average” fold (the third manufacturer is the company which shall not be named, but starts with an A and ends with pple as they sit at the top of the totem pole.)

jd power and associates 2010 volume 2 smartphone satisfaction survey

Right beneath them sits Motorola who is only 9 points shy of tying their score, and in comes HTC 10 points lower with 781. Sitting below the industry average of 764 is Samsung – with 735 – but I can’t imagine they’ll be there come Volume 3 after more Galaxy S owners are polled and as the Galaxy Tab starts to filter into the market. Every other manufacturer above 700 don’t produce Android products (unless you’re counting HP’s Zeen tablet which has yet to be officially confirmed) as RIM, Palm, and Nokia make up the bottom portion of the non-Android 700s (in that order, and I mentioned HP due to their complete acquisition of Palm).

It’ll be quite interesting to revisit this survey after Quarter 3 2010 has passed on by as we expect Samsung will come a bit closer to that industry average (if not completely surpass it).

[via JD P&A]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Thats good.

    Not that far behind apple.

  2. HAHAHAHA…..Nokia way behind…..The same Nokia that does not want to venture in to Android because it is like peeing your pants to keep warm!


  3. Have people already forgotten Motorola’s horrible handling of it’s first four MotoBlur phones? The Cliq still hasn’t been updated 10 months after release. What a joke. MotoFAIL.

  4. @Aaron Jaeger

    Nope I haven’t forgotten. I agree with your comment.

  5. Notice how this is US consumer satisfaction, I get the feeling if it was worldwide Motorola would get a 3

  6. @Vinnie Exactly right buddy. Motorola makes sure their US products get all of the support. The rest of us get fuck all and fend for yourself.

  7. I agree, If it were a worldwide survey they would have been the pits as all of the european and asian android phones are on 2.1 or lower.
    The droid got bumped up to 2.2; however, the identical Milestone is still waiting and is expected only in Q1 2011.

    I’m pissed and certainly don’t plan to buy another Moto unless they take heed and do something fast. Beats the ideology of Android if you have to wait years for an update.

  8. Wow Motorola with 791. I wonder what it would be for Droid only products?

  9. this MUST be for the US only as the rest of the world get screwed by moto.
    DEXT u-turn is just one example of why owners are not happy, and are not buying moto again

  10. except for the fact that i’m stuck in 1.5 purgatory with my cliqXT.


    it works on network where only UMA phones worked before and until a rock solid UMA/ANDROID drops i’m hanging on.


  11. If the study is about customer satisfaction then I don’t see Samsung’s score improving in light of the GPS issues people are having with on the Galaxy S phones. I have an Epic and personally don’t have any issues, but it’s pretty well documented on the datawebz. But it’s good to see (almost) Android exclusive manufacturers so high on the list. Speaks highly of the platform I think.

  12. This survey tells that the wind is changing and Moto is repairing its damaged brand and the result is encouraging. I see less and less Moto haters out there. Some of you may become endangered species soon.

  13. I see way Samsung is below average; they are slow to OTA updates and break promises. :P

  14. Im surpised motorola scored that high with there updates taking forever, but hey they did get the DroidX 2.2 out the very last day of summer like promised it was late summer alright.

  15. I am guessing they didnt really ask many Cliq or Cliq XT owners!

  16. The question maybe was about quality in hardwares and many things like that, and speakin about quality Moto is top notch

  17. Samsung should go lower. Lying about GPS issues, coming out with an update that doesn’t work for some people, can’t be installed by others. Nothing has changed in a decade: they produce great hardware and have horrible OS/software programmers.

  18. Interesting that Apple is at exactly 800…Kinda makes me wonder about the validity of that number.

  19. who cares what does this matter. its just a number there is no mention of how many were question and what phones they have etc. They could of made up all the facts for all we know. To me who cares if you like your phone congrats if you don’t buy a new one tards. ohh Waite all you cant think for yourselves have to wait till a survey comes out. Ill tell you what moto has been awsome to me no problems at all if you dont like it or their support get a new phone No reason to bitch

  20. Motorola and the Cliq XT for the LOSS!

  21. Reallu Motorola cares only about the US. One of the important reasons evryone would have gone for a milestone is because of the widely publicised “Flash Ready” tag and now after they got their desired results they are still thinking whether or not to go for the 2.2 update for Milestone B**ls**t… And after a long time they come up with 2011 Q1?? I don’t even think i will still be using my milestone till then…

    Thanks MOTO for teaching us this lesson, we’ll definitely remember this…

  22. Gee, lookie that. I guess all the “Unless Moto opens up their platform to let us freely mod ROMs we’ll never buy from them ever again” crowd don’t really amount to much in the big picture. Unless they’re also saying that they’re satisfied…

  23. @Rom TSK…..that is funny!

  24. well done moto
    we love you

  25. Speaking as someone who travels to Europe if this was a International Survey NOKIA would be second! The Milestone is not all the rage in Europe that is a US thing!!!

  26. Apple win…..droid fail.

  27. @QuantumRand
    “Interesting that Apple is at exactly 800…Kinda makes me wonder about the validity of that number.”

    Its very interesting that Samsung hit at exactly 735 and oh my gosh Motorola hit at exactly 791. Very very strange, this makes me question the validity of this survey… Wait huh?

  28. Where is Sony Ericsson guys?

  29. For moto to even get on the board they must have surveyed droid only users, motobleugh is crap, moto customer service is crap and us moto haters are still here and far from being endangered we are growing and global. I really never thought I could despise any company as much as I do moto, pity Android came along and saved them, the day they go belly up I’ll raise a glass and toast their demise.

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