Photos Taken with the Nexus S Show Up on Picasa



Forget about pictures of the Nexus S, now is all about pictures taken with the Nexus S. Some photos purportedly taken by the Nexus S have shown up on a Picasa account that seems to exist solely for the purpose of camera tests. Those looking for something stellar might be disappointed by a 5MP lens living inside the Nexus S (no surprise if you saw our leaked specs from last week). The pictures come from November 5th and 6th, meaning if Google and Samsung really did delay the handset to beef up its specs a bit the camera wasn’t included in the refinements.




The hope that the next Google-branded device will be an uberphone of epic proportions fades more and more each day as every tiny revelation points towards a painfully typical high-end handset that only pushes the envelope in the form of it’s Gingerbread OS. Kind of a shame, isn’t it?

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. ya. disappointed…but not surprised.

  2. Its samsung what do you expect, I wanted a 8 megapixel minimum, hopefully better than the Nexus 1 camera..

  3. a big shame…

  4. Megapixels ain’t everything folks. There ate other factors to picture quality as well. And they can’t make a killer phone without pissin off the other OEM’s anyway. So we may only see one when things att stagnant. And looking at the Davy that they had to scrap because it was behind on specs things aren’t stagnant.

  5. why not make it a 8MP?!

  6. I think it is sensible, google does not want to anger its OEMs/Carriers, so this is just a plain phone.

  7. @4.Phil

    People seem to forget that or lack that knowledge.


    Samsung has the best camera phones out there quit hating. Motorola has only made few devices whose camera with features and so on compete with theirs.

    In regards to OP the original Nexus S was scrapped so these pictures may be irrelevent. Before you all judge remember that Nexus S was remodeled and this is likely had been pictured originally.

  8. when are Google going to announce gingerbread? Are they trying to pull a Sony Ericsson with this hype?

  9. Yeah, they should’ve made it 8MP, so dumb people would buy it, thinking it’s any better than a 5MP camera.

  10. Sony ericcson make the best camera phones, Samsung have the best screens but laking default hardware, on the galaxy s there was no flash!!! WHY, but should be on this phone, BUY samsung INSIST on haveing NO led notification light, & there is no justification for this.

  11. I am looking forward to this phone, & this might be my next phone, but will wait for the CES & MWC, before deciding.

  12. Do they have ANY idea of when this might come out?? Will it at least come out during thanksgiving or the 1st week of dec.?

  13. Do they have ANY idea of when this might come out?? Will it at least come out during thanksgiving or the 1st week of dec.?

  14. sorry for the double comment

  15. You know what’s frustrating and flustering? That we’ve been through this megapixel predicament already and people seem to have forgotten how utterly useless megapixel count is. Megapixel counts _quantity_ not _quality_. You can have a 100000000 trillion megapixel camera and still suck royally. These pictures look crappy in every sense. Noise, colors washed out, the test color cards show aberration and the ever present vertical ghost lines. I want quality, not quantity. I want pictures that are worth printing (even if a small 4×6). I would like pictures where noise doesn’t completely undermine the picture. I’d like for the phone cameras to have a full manual mode with aperture, shutter speed and all that. I’m not asking for a DSLR-grade stuff, but at the very least they should match the quality of a compact point-and-shoot. Both HTC Eric and Incredible I own take horrible pictures (even though Fanboys would say otherwise). My colleague’s Droid X takes horrible pictures. My Bud’s Galaxy S takes horrible pictures. And it’s not like I’m being an unreasonable photo snob. No. Anyone looking at these pictures @ 100% size would be able to see what a dismal mess those pictures are.

    /rant off

  16. I took this pic with a HTC Diamond which uses a 3.2 Megapixel camera. I think besides the iPhone 4’s camera this is the best one I have had on a phone, and I have had many of them.


  17. I don’t think these are from Nexus S. Metadata can be easily manipulated. Also, there are pics in picasa account of a google director with I9020 as model (this was the model number for nexus one) which are pretty good. You can easily find them searching in google. There are atleast 8-10 pics from the camera. http://picasaweb.google.com/bsaitz/DaBus#5537288708588635138

    Ben saitz according to linkden is a google director

  18. So… I can’t help but notice that there’s no location meta-data… I hope that Samsung has sorted out their GPS issues in tge Galaxy series before releasing this phone, the N1 has the best gps I’ve seen, if this one performs like my Captivate there will be a of disappointed buyers…

  19. Mega pixels are useless if the lens is crappy or the processor is sub-par. Look at the Epic 4g and Evo 4g. The Epic’s 5mps crushes the Evo’s 8mps. Samsung is usually late to the party when it comes to updates, support,and quality build, but they make great cameras.

  20. Also, does anyone know what network is going to carry this phone or will it be like the Galaxy S line (every network gets 1 with a slight different twist)?

  21. A buddy of mine is president of engineering of a mobile app company and he sported the nokia N8 the other day with 12MP. That phone was ridiculous. Beautiful phone and outstanding quality on the camera. We took a picture while out in a low light environment and it looked so clear and crisp (To bad Symbian is AWFUL). I would love to load android on that thing.

  22. @SSA
    Nokia has great hardware. . . now if they could just get on Android or really get MeeGo going. . .
    Personally I think they should do both. If they jump on Android now I think they would have a massive shift in smartphone sales, especially high-end ones. Then if they can develop MeeGo as a competitive open-source alternative over time we might get two great open-source operating systems. . . but not jumping on Android at this point seems like suicide.

  23. Give me at least 1800 mAH battery and 1GB RAM:) Of course, at least 8GB internal memory with no proprietary filesystem from Samsung!

  24. Everybody could attach the “Nexus S” info. I can create images with “Model: Nexus 1000 HyperSuperMegaUltra” if you want.

  25. dumbass first two repliers. gave me a good laugh. I’m so excited for the Nexus S. All cameras suck on a phone period.

  26. The biggest difference between 5MP and 8MP would be file size. You could make it 12MP and it wouldn’t really matter. From a photographic standpoint, your image quality is going to be MUCH MUCH MUCH more affected by the quality/size of the lens, and the quality/size of the image sensor. It’s hard to make those things bigger/better while keeping a device super thin (which is what is in, for smartphones). Forget about megapixels, and start asking for a bigger/better lens/sensor.

  27. Poor colour, bit blurred, that looks like an Android camera to me lol. Love my Desire but I do miss my Nokia camera.

  28. What is a “5MP lens”?

  29. i still wont believe its the N1 succesor until google say so

  30. Okay we don’t need bigger lens I mean jesus man this isn’t a professional camera we are making this is a phone we should just want the best possible without going ridiculous and being an actual camera with a phone feature.


    T-Mobile is One confirmed seller or at least it works with tmo 3G.

  31. Imagine a phone with a 200 megapixel sensor! WOW that would be AMAZING. You could have utterly huge file sizes. You could also zoom right in to see the massive blur and imperfections caused by the cheap plastic 3mm lens. You could zoom right in on a face and see nothing much apart from a blur. Whereas on a crappy 5 megapixel camera you wouldn’t be able to make out the blur so much as it would be pixelated LAME!!1!

    I understand the general public falling for the megapixel myth as it’s all the marketing people seem to talk about when it comes to cameras, but journalists on a technology blog should really know better.
    Phone cameras don’t really need anything more than about 3 megapixels max.

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