Nov 15th, 2010


Forget about pictures of the Nexus S, now is all about pictures taken with the Nexus S. Some photos purportedly taken by the Nexus S have shown up on a Picasa account that seems to exist solely for the purpose of camera tests. Those looking for something stellar might be disappointed by a 5MP lens living inside the Nexus S (no surprise if you saw our leaked specs from last week). The pictures come from November 5th and 6th, meaning if Google and Samsung really did delay the handset to beef up its specs a bit the camera wasn’t included in the refinements.




The hope that the next Google-branded device will be an uberphone of epic proportions fades more and more each day as every tiny revelation points towards a painfully typical high-end handset that only pushes the envelope in the form of it’s Gingerbread OS. Kind of a shame, isn’t it?

[via TechCrunch]

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