Internal Best Buy Product Listing Reveals Nexus S Specs, Confirms T-Mobile as Carrier



A Nexus S day wouldn’t be complete without a leak detailing a few specs that we can expect when the next Google-branded handset launches in the coming the weeks. While this particular shot remains mum on goodies such as processor speed and internal storage size, we get a detailed look at the handsets radio bands, which, just as expected, are primed for T-Mobile’s network. EDGE/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 and HSUPA 900/1700/2100 bands are supported, the latter capable of up to 5.76mbps in uplink and 7.2 in downlink speeds. Still, no HSPA+ is present for the carrier now claiming it constitutes a 4G network.

The 5.0MP camera suggested by pics uploaded by GT-i9020 devices is confirmed on the spec sheet, and the phone will pack a 1500mAh battery. Still missing are all the juicy details that could make or break this phone in the minds of many, but we are digging deeper for more dirt.

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  1. First!! Loving itt

  2. no HSPA+ is a pretty bitter pill to swallow.

  3. does it have capabilities to be upgraded to hspa+? say.. through an update?

  4. Well, if it comes to sprint with 1.5ghz processor or dual 800mhz 1ghz ram 1ghz rom and a qwerty like the touch pro 2. I would trade in my epic. Oh front camera and please no logos on the front and with the ticker I like but one screen with a way you can turn it on or off.

  5. 5.56 mbs is very fast. My wireless with Comcast I get usually 8 to 10 mbs. I tested 3g at my work and I get around 1 Mbs. So its almost as fast as wireless. My question is what is 3G speed capable of.

  6. Will this work on AT&T with 3g? I see two sets of HSUPA bands

  7. @watdasheeky, it would need a radio to get hspa+. So I would say no.

  8. @Alex_hce

    Stop beeing so gay dude! LOL

  9. No HSDPA+ and only a 5 MP camera like the N1?

    The phone is starting to sound only a little better than the Nexus One, assuming it gets internal storage and a front-facing camera. But then when you consider the entire device is made by Samsung (and most of us remember why they got a bad rep to begin with) the whole thing sounds questionable.

    Aside from the storage issue, I am happy with my N1, but was looking to replace it with the Nexus S, simply for the internal storage alone.

    I hope that if an AT&T flavor is released that they at least include AT&T’s HSDPA+ signal (even though even AT&T doesn’t have a phone that can use it at this time).

    I know beggers can’t be choosers, and that is why if I replace my N1, it will be with the Nexus S, simply because I want my updates to be straight from Google so I can have it ASAP and not worry about things getting butchered by cell carriers.

    I didn’t expect outrageous specs, as the N1 did force carriers to offer phones 2.5x better than the original Moto Droid, but I did expect them to at least match the specs of some of the latest devices out..such as an 8MP camera and at least the potential support of HSDPA+ networks.

  10. I hope it is actually the N1, they so wasted that phone on that stupid experiment. Well the experiment wasn’t so stupid, but then dumping it because the experiment didn’t work was stupid.

  11. Most of the lines in that spec sheet would be unneeded if Best Buy trusted their sales force to know what Android is.
    “Graphics: Yes” is especially unhelpful, on the level of middle-schoolers writing “Yes please!” on forms next to “Sex.”

  12. First, 5MP is more than enough for a cell phone camera. Adding more megapixels behind a tiny lens means absolutely nothing.
    Second, don’t those bands imply both T-Mobile *and* AT&T 3G support out of the box?? I’m thinking yes.

  13. Graphics? Yes


    No HSPA? Deal-breaker.

  14. @Josh

    The N1 basically forced smartphone manufacturers to start including 1GHz processors on their flagship phones, so I’d say it accomplished what it set out to do…

  15. No, the 900 & 2100 bands are for Euro/Asia. No AT&T/Bell/Telus/Rogers 3G on this guy.

  16. Oh, so it WILL have graphics! I’ll buy one for sure.

  17. 5.76??? I thought all modern smart phones get at least 7.2? And some even more than that. Hell my vibrant gets 7.2 and its practically the same phone. That is a hard pill to swallow definitely

  18. @Charles
    Right. AT&T is 850/1900 for 3G. I misread the list.
    It’s odd they repeat the bands and speeds twice. Could be a typo. Maybe HSPA+ or something else should be in the second location.

  19. nevermind….it is 7.2 Still, The Nexus 2 or whatever it is should have 4g or 3g++ or whatever it is. I was so looking forward to this phone too.

  20. omg it has text messaging!!! in for 1.

  21. sounds like it will be sweet at the bar too. nice.

  22. “The N1 basically forced smartphone manufacturers to start including 1GHz processors on their flagship phones, so I’d say it accomplished what it set out to do…”

    No it didn’t. The LG Expo was launched a month before the N1 and it had a Snapdragon processor. The Incredible leaks were already alive and well by that point as well.

  23. I am a manager within Best Buy Mobile. I have been with Best Buy for over a decade. Unless we changed product information systems in the last 10 hours this is NOT an actual shot. I can’t find this information and on our actual screens the information is NOT laid out in that order. I am surprised no other Best Buy employees have jumped on this.

  24. Not enough specs… so far just appears to be a repackaged Galaxy S… no HSPA+ is disappointing…

  25. If it was HSPA+, I’d probably grab it… But 3G only is a dealbreaker these days as the real world download speeds are maybe 1/10 of the theoretical download speeds. Maybe if you live right next to a 3G tower you can get better speeds than I encounter, or maybe if HSPA+ isn’t in your city yet would I consider this phone.

    Debating between the G2 and MyTouch4G, nothing else compares until it runs HSPA too…

  26. And once again, no love for Big Red. :(

    …or, no love for Big Red’s customers due to Big Red being a bunch of dinglewhacks.

  27. Damn no HSPA+ is a hugh downer. It’s looking like I might be holding onto my Nexus One for a little while longer.

  28. Here’s hoping for an lte Verizon version!

  29. @Ed I agree, the G2 is back in contention for my next phone. HSPA+ and it doesnt look like some kinda of plastic brick. I really liked the finish on the Nexus One.

  30. i thought goog and tmo woulda set themselves up for success by putting nexus s with hspa+ … why are they doing this to themselves..? what would Freud say about this situation??

  31. This device does not deserve the name nexus >:( ill stick with my N1. and then to have tmobile as the brand HA uh no

  32. Most elaborate android phone hoax ever.

  33. Why would I want this ? Its not HSPA+ ? Its no faster than my Nexus One.


  34. The reason it’s not HSPA+ is because Samsung is the manufacturer. HTC is the only manufacturer building HSPA+ capable handsets at this point. Samsung doesn’t plan on releasing anything HSPA+ capable until 2011.

  35. Might still be the Nexus Two. Look at the korean in the pictures: http://briefmobile.com/google-nexus-s-pictures-specifications — they said it is “Nexus 2”

    Probably still Nexus S… like Best Buy had it.

  36. I’m glad to hear that the nexus s is real, but I need it on Sprint, not tmo. And it doesn’t even support tmo’s ‘4 g network’ what a fluke

  37. HSPA+ just came out and most people don’t even have access to it anyway. You fools need to chill out.

    I hope this is a vanilla device. The G2 is great and all, but the loose hinge is such a pain in the ass. Especially for someone who uses a belt holster or attaches it to a messenger bag strap across the chest (imagine leaning forward to grip the drops on a road bike with that thing flipping around)

  38. Why are they doing this you ask? ‘Cause it’s cheap. Not really a new phone, and enough people will buy it to justify the roll out. Other than the FFC, I don’t see how it’s better than an N1, and stuck on 3G makes it worse than the MyTouch 4G or G2.

    Again, the ONLY reason I could consider getting this is if the following three conditions were all met: A) if I lived in a city without HSPA+, B) I wanted stock android, and C) I don’t need the physical keyboard the G2 offers.

  39. I’m really interested in this phone. I think there should always be a Google experience phone on every carrier. Think about why Google has partnered with Samsung. They have deals with the 4 major carriers and over seas. There is ONE iPhone. There should be One Google experience phone to compete. Something easily controlled and easily updated for Google and developers. One Google experience phone that is offered for the public. I love stock android and I would prefer to not have an android saddled with Bing or carrier crap. I would prefer one device that can be offered that I know will have a life span as long as my two year contract. That is what I have gotten out of my Droid OG. Hopefully this new Nexus can inspire the manufacturers to go with a more stock android choice, and maybe just offer their overlays as widgets or download-ables in the market.

    What is going to hurt Google and android in the future against the iPhone and the Windows mobile phones is the fact that we can’t keep our devices up to date and we can’t offer a constant and fluid experience with Android. Lets face some facts. Android tends to slow down over time, and it can be a little buggy and choppy. I’m looking forward to a smoother Android experience from Gingerbread.

  40. @ person saying only 5pm camera. If you have ever used a galaxy phone you would know that samsung has much higher quality sensor and lens in the camera than HTC’s 8mp. Trust me, i have had an Incredible and my fascinate has a much better camera than the incredible ever thought about having and it has +3mp more than fascinate. thank you.

  41. they may have dropped the ball on this one

    5MP only, I don’t see a front facing camera, and not HSPA+??????

    All this means not worth it!

  42. so jealous with T MObile and Verizon, they have good phones, im with At&t :(

  43. The fact that everyone is putting this device down simply because it has a 5mp camera, made by Samsung, and “no new hardware” is silly. This device will last you all the way till ice cream, I do not know this for sure but if the Nexus one is getting 2.3, any device with a 1ghz processor should be able to get 2.3, and especially devices with 1ghz hummingbird.

  44. As a Nexus One owner, I won’t settle for a dainty cheap plastic build from Samsung. I know their displays and chips are great, but the build is what connects me to the device. It’s what I hold in my hand, and I want it to not just display well, I want it to feel like it’s worth my money. And no hspa+? Another wtf moment….courtesy of Sammy and TMO. I don’t think a build like this deserves the Nexus name.

  45. No HSPA+??

  46. stfu vegita you fucking faggot.. you’re name is faggoty as well. Ah Sammy, i love you.. Thank you for offering such awesome hardware and design.. HTC has much to learn from you.

    THEY ARE CHINA MAN MADE, HTC and THEY SUCK.. ANything Chinese is crappy we all know that.

  47. This is the biggest fail of a follow up phone in the history of mobile devices. LMAO @ no HSPA+ and no upgrade from the Nexus One’s 5MP camera. Not only that, but it’s a piece of shit plastic Samsung phone.

    Good stuff Google.

  48. Why isn’t this phone Penta-Band?… *Sigh*

  49. lol look at all these Nexus one owners crying.

    “cheap plastic build from Samsung”
    Bet half of these moaners haven’t even held a galaxy s in their hands yet.

    pathetic and getting tired of these noobs crying and moaning

  50. hahahhaha ill stuk with my mytouch 4G thank u

  51. in the manufacturer country of Samsung, Korea. Samsung is always the low end product even today. just like Kia Motor.

  52. People are forming opinions way to early on this, you don’t know the price or spec yet.

    It may well not be marketed as the flagship android device with killer specs, endgadget has already supposedly leaked the next flagship samsung android phone which I doubt they’d allow given how badly it would hurt sales of this if it was slated for a feb release as stated.

    With the growing appearance of bugs and security risks in android which will only be fixed by updating the OS having a phone which can easily install updates and fixes will become essential.

    Imagine the legal quango we’ll be in when people start installing apps from the official marketplace which subsequently run up bills through malicious means because the os wasn’t updated, who’ll be responsible, you/carrier/manufacturer/google?

    Google want android to sell with everyone and to do that they need to get manufacturers on board with the idea of using vanilla installs and shoppers on board by having those handsets at every price point.

    Maybe this won’t be that device and it will just be a big dissapointment to the 75% of all nexus 1 owners who seem to have posted on every news article about a samsung nexus phone?

    Equally maybe though google, since they don’t want to make money from the os itself, want to put pressure on the whole industry by getting someone who make all their own components and therefore can minimise production costs to create an affordable phone that stays up to date and offers a good balance of features and will be avaialble worldwide to force people in line.

    We’ll find out soon enough.

  53. @MintberryCrunch

    who’s the noob?

    plastic vs. machined aluminum with a scratch-resistant teflon coating? you mad?

  54. I’m happy with my G2, and this phone doesn’t really do much for me. That’s a personal preference though, and I am happy to see T-Mo start to get some great phones. #1 in customer satisfaction and now some cool hardware to go along with it.

  55. If this phone doesn’t have HSPA+, it’s already a loss.


  56. @aaron, Anyone who would make a blanket statement that Samsung = crap, just because they are a Korean based company, is full of crap, themselves.

    Have you ever been in a Samsung factory or R&D facility? You would be blown away. Yeah, 30 years ago, what you say might have been true. In the 21st century? You need to read more or something….

    That said, if these are the real specs and this is a real screencap, the phone is no big deal.

    Gizmodo appears to have a lot of solid info on it and it looks like something that will sell well to the people it’s marketed to. You, maybe no.

    I’d say that, given the marketing forces behind it, this one won’t end up being a Kin.

  57. Folks, it may have HSPA+ (aka 4G) capabilities after all: http://androidandme.com/2010/11/news/rumor-the-first-nexus-s-was-scrapped-new-dual-core-version-already-in-testing/

    According to AndroidandMe, these leaked Best Buy specs may be old.

    Either way, time will tell.

  58. Everyone thinks this device will be a Galaxy S, has anyone considered it might have a FFC? How about no lag because Samsung won’t be in charge of Software?

  59. Please NO dreadfull RFS file system (lag) and cheap GPS hardware samsung !!!!!!!! make this work perfectly ok… testing testing testing!!!!

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