A Look at Sharp’s Glasses-Free 3D Android Handset for Japan [Video]


The Sharp 003SH will be hitting Japan’s DoCoMo under the name LYNX 3D next month, and while it features one of the most unique feature sets for an Android phone we haven’t seen too much of it. A little video overview was put together by Diginfonews showing off some of said features, though as you can imagine the 3D is lost in translation. Still a very interesting device. heck out the video below for the full story.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. typo. check = heck.

  2. Jus wanted 2 b first

  3. looks like iphone cant make a 3d iphone or else they’ll gonna get sued by this company

  4. Wow. I am all for it. Now bring the same technology to my home TV.

  5. Yeah, it’s CRAP. I bet you it doesn’t even work right lol. And it’s ugly

  6. This looks to be using the same technology as the upcoming Nintendo 3DS, which, if I’m not mistaken makes use of two slightly offset images and binocular parallax to render a 3D image. This isn’t used in TVs because if you aren’t looking directly at the image stright-on, it will look like the images shown. Personally, I think the whole 3D thing is WAY overrated and a gimmick. I absolutely love tech, but, for me, at least, 3D is, and always will be, a novelty. Its neat to look at something in 3D for a little while, but I have no desire to own a 3DTV, and I sure as hell don’t want a 3D phone. I know there are people who wish every movie was 3D, but for me personally, its annoying. If the option is there to use or not use the 3D aspect it would reach a wider market. However, this thing is supposed to be upgraded to Android 2.2 in Spring 2011?!?! Brilliant; by then Android 2.3 will have been old news and Android 17.2 Zeppoli will be in development (okay, not really, but if google keeps on at their current rate, I would expect Honeycomb (or Huckleberry Pie, or whatever the ‘H’ is going to be) to be starting to show itself in Spring ’11. Some of the things they were showing were pretty cool indeed, its ashame its a 3D screen though. The next time I’m in Japan I’ll have to look around for one to play with.

  7. DJ, i agree with you 100% 3d is so stupid. I don’t understand the appeal.

  8. agreed with DJ, but i also think the FFC is a gimmick too

  9. Don’t worry, they’ll be coming out with glasses free 3d tv’s. They’re in the works as we speak.

  10. I could’ve sworn I saw a McDonalds widget as she was scrolling. Go to 1:26 to see….guess the Japanese love their MickeyD’s!

  11. They mentioned in the video that the 3d can be disabled with some option.

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