Europe Gets Samsung Captivate in Form of Giorgio Armani Galaxy S



What happens when you take a Samsung Captivate and slap Giorgio Armani branding on it? A European-exclusive Galaxy S device, that’s what. For the price of €700 you get the familiar looking device and — like all good special edition Android phones — exclusive multimedia bundled in. Definitely one for those who see their phone as a fashion accessory rather than a useful tool. See an unboxing video below.

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  1. Just wondering, what kind of exclusive multimedia are we talking about?

  2. Mr. Giorgio Armani will put his name on anything.
    I do admire the man that has given so much to fashion. But now he is taking it a bit too far. What is next? Armani toilet roll?

  3. Looks like a standard Captivate except for the USB drive.

  4. Does it have Froyo? Did they fix the DHCP netmask issue? Is the GPS working flawlessly now?

  5. These Asians need to learn about TRIPOD. I’m getting a headache watching them stick their camera lenses everywhere.

    What else sets this phone apart that he’s charging extra for? black box, his name a customer boot animation? :)

  6. those koreans are too busy eating dogs that they forgot about gingerbread for the galaxy s series

  7. They’re hardly getting FROYO out the door. I’d be surprised if Gingerbread makes it to the Galaxy S within a year. Not expecting Honeycomb at all.

  8. Yawn.

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