Phandroid AppCast #2: PowerAmp, Dolphin HD 4.0, Blackmoon AttachSave


It’s Friday, and that means we’re itching to download some apps! Today, I take a quick look at three apps: one coming soon, one that was just updated, and one that should curb your Gmail frustrations if you ever found yourself needing to download those pesky attachments.

PowerAmp is destined to be one of the greatest – if not the greatest – music playing applications on Android with its well-rounded feature set and clean UI. Unfortunately, it’s only in beta, but the beta gives us a good look into what we can expect whenever Max – the developer – finally releases it into the Android market.

I also took a look at Dolphin HD’s 4.0 update. It wasn’t as eventful as I’d expected from a 4.0 upgrade, but it fixed a lot of major bugs that really ruined the browsing experience in 3.0 (which led to many people packing their bags and leaving.) It’s worth giving this one another shot if you’ve reverted back to the stock browser or went with an alternative option from the Android market.

And finally, Blackmoon AttachSave will become your best friend if you find yourself needing to download files from your Gmail inbox other than images and .apk files. Why Google has yet to support other filetypes? That’s well beyond me, but thankfully the Android ecosystem is chock full of developers ready to fill any voids. Grab a look at the video above, then head below for the QR codes.

PowerAmp (Links to XDA):


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  1. Nice Apps…

  2. Bro, What is Susan Boyle doin all up in your playlist?? haha

  3. PowerAmp is by far the best alternative media player for Android! Equalizer works great and once I configured the bass to my likings in my car, it took full advantage of my 10 inch Bose Sub and it sounded just as great as any dedicated MP3 player out there. iTouch gone, Android in.-HTC Droid Incredible 2.2 Froyo

  4. PowerAMP looks so cool. And it has a good EQ too. I’d delete my Winamp beta in an instant, if it would only have support…

  5. I’ll be damn. The new beta version actually has scrobbling. Goodbye Winamp.

  6. PowerAMP Trial Expiration. Sorry, but PowerAMP trial has expired.

  7. Nice PS3 folder. Jailbreak ftw.

  8. @ bunie haha, that’s actually just a folder with my saves backed up. I never tried the PS3 Jailbreak after hearing that it might not work for firmwares newer than what was out at that time.

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