Galaxy Tab Passes the FCC Again, this Time as Wi-Fi Only



We’ve already seen the Samsung Galaxy Tab get its FCC filing, but that was when it featured both Wi-Fi and a 3G radio. This time gone is any cellular connection, giving a final confirmation that the Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab exists and is soon to see a release. We saw a Best Buy document that pegged the Wi-Fi version at $499, a slightly easier deal to swallow than carrier pricing.

This version of the Tab is pegged as the GT-P1010 and we imagine it should be hitting shelves at the same time as or shortly following the carrier releases.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. This or a Nook Colorfor half the price (once rooted for access to the app store)?

  2. Way koo—ell.

  3. Ppl are obviously tired of hearing and talking about the Galaxy tab…no one cares anymore…Lets Not Talk about it til it is released, or someone is selling it off contract for 249!

  4. Well, at least now it doesn’t cost “more” than an iPad.

  5. Played with the tab last night at a Sprint tech reception, loved it. It had some HD video content on it and the display looked awesome, not all fuzzy like a iPad. The size fits well in the hand, it felt like I was using my Dinc but just a larger screen. If a WiFi model comes out at $500, I’m buying.

  6. What I need to consider before buying another Samsung product is will Samsung support it or screw the owners like they’ve done to Behold II and Galaxy S owners. There is absolutely zero reason why Galaxy S owners haven’t been on Froyo for at least a month already.

    We’re waiting on you Samsung…

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