Sprint Giving New Samsung Epic Buyers $50 Media Hub Credit



Is the Samsung Epic 4G in your future? If it is, Sprint wants to give you a $50 credit to use to rent movies and media from Samsung’s Media Hub service. Starting this Sunday, October 31st (Halloween) and running through January 8th, 2011, when you pick up the Epic 4G you won’t just be getting a pretty sweet Galaxy S phone, but also a promo code sent via text to your handset. Enter the code in Media Hub, and voila!

Once redeemed you have 60 days to redeem your credit, or up until March 31st if you hold off until later. Word on the street is the same offer will be coming with the Galaxy Tab. You ready to watch some movies?

[via Androinica]

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  1. Why not drop the price for the holidays people aren’t really THAT interested in watching movies on a phone just the ability to

  2. I guess media hub might be going under, I for one will never use it and have deleted the software.

  3. Why no love for EVO 4G owners?

  4. What about the people that you know…got theirs on day 1

  5. @Osho – No love for EVO owners because it is the “Samsung Media Hub Service” This isn’t something being given out by Sprint for 4G phones. Complain to HTC if you want free movie downloads.

  6. Why only new users after the 31st? What about users who already have Epics..?

  7. Seriously? I bought my epic a month ago! Why shouldn’t I get the gift card? I actually like Media Hub, too… :(

  8. Crap. I bought my Epic last week! Terrible timing.

  9. I bought mine last night on the Website at 11:01pm PST… But since the Sprint Website is on EST I see this morning that I get the $50 credit… Sweet. :-)

  10. i just bought mine last night but i havent gotten any message..

  11. I bought myepic a few days ago andhave yet to receive my code. Is there something I am supposed to do?

  12. Yes I brought my epic 2 weeks before this deal came out. This really sucks! I feel like returning my epic then buying it again so I can get my credit !!!

  13. I bought mine 10 days ago. How do I get the code sent to me?

  14. I called Custormer Care after I bought mine Epic and they gave me a code for it. My dad also called and they game him one also. Just call *2

  15. Awesome!! Could it be too good 2be true….

  16. I’ll like the code

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