Android’s Takeover Visualized [Infographic]


Hardly a week goes by that we don’t report on a new study or survey that cements Android’s rise in the smartphone marketplace. Highest percentage of new smartphone purchases, market share increasing exponentially in the space of a few months, and thousands of new apps every month. After a while the sheer influx of data can sort of desensitize the brain to the real magnitude of Android’s growth. Thankfully the folks at GigaOM have thrown together a nice infographic to give us the visual on exactly what all of those figures mean. Check it out below (click for a bigger look):


[via GigaOM]

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  1. Strange that they predict that Symbian will still be the marketleader in 2014. And oh, the HTC Magic and HTC Hero icons are swapped :P

  2. Goof on the Symbian info??

  3. I doubt it’s an error (the Symbian stats). It isn’t big in the smartphone market, but especially in mid and entry level phones and outside of the States Nokia is huge.

  4. Watch the iOS marketshare explode when it comes to Verizon.

    RIP android when that happens.

  5. Tad,
    iOS coming to Verizon, might stall the growth of Android in the US for a few months, but ultimately it will probably pull more loyal iOSers from AT&T than crush Android.

    The biggest demographics that it will affect (aside from Verizon iPhone users) are probably Verizon customers that have yet to adopt a smartphone OS and AT&T Android users. Hopefully, the departure of the iPhone exclusivity to AT&T in the U.S. will allow AT&T to more fully adopt the Android OS than it has now, as anyone with an AT&T Android can tell you, concessions have clearly been made to appease Apple.

  6. I think it’s great that Android phones have become so popular. Please though…lets not turn this post into yet another Iphone/Android war. Fanboys of both sides, we all know how you feel, no need to start the bashing all over again.

  7. Well said Toast, AndroidFTW! The longer iphone takes to get on other carriers, the more taste people are getting out of Android.
    Take longer Stevie so people can tell the differences between the two OS’s, and make sure to make a phone that you can hold any certain way – It prints money & has the wi-fies lol!

  8. I work in IT for a large government office. We help users when they get new phones, connect them to receive emails. We did have a huge amount switching over to iOS when the 3gS came out, however, most of our iPhone users have started switching to Android. Blackberry usage has gone so far down, we are going to be decommissioning our Blackberry server we have on site. The Android phones have started to barely have a higher usage than iPhones in our organization. Several current iPhone users are saying when their contract ends, they will move to Android. I predict by next year, our organization will be 30% iPhone, 55% Android, 12% RIM and 3% Windows.

  9. @comment 8 sounds dandy…looks like Apple waited to long and so people are flocking to Android like crazy…too crazy to be stopped

  10. But wait minute guys isn’t the iPhone that’s going to Verizon gonna be running Android just like the iPad huh? So it really won’t make a difference cuz the iPhone that’s headed to Verizon will join Android

  11. But wait a minute guys isn’t the iPhone that’s going to Verizon gonna be running Android just like the iPad huh? So it really won’t make a difference cuz the iPhone that’s headed to Verizon will join Android

  12. I like tators…. Mmmmmmm

  13. @Oh Lawd

    Where did you hear that? I highly doubt Apple with put a competitors os on their phone.

  14. An iphone at verizon running gingerbread? Lol. Nope!

  15. I like my iphone, but I definitely want to have a look at android when I’m up for re-newal. If I dont think the Android suits I wont change – simple. There are plenty of other things to worry about outside of your mobile phone kids!

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