Motorola FlipOut Arriving in Stores, On Sale this Sunday



AT&T officially announced the Motorola FlipOut last week and we got our very own hands-on with the device at CTIA, but specific details as to when it would hit shelves weren’t exactly known. But now it appears that the device is beginning to fill out the stock at AT&T and will almost assuredly go on sale this Sunday. Sounds like déjà vu, right? But this time we have faith the date won’t pass with no sign of the FlipOut or question as to its actual release.

The phone will retail for $79.99 on a new two-year contract. Oh, and looks like AT&T is taking advantage of the device’s packaging to promote safe driving practices. Not a bad use at all of that throwaway protective film.

[via AndroidGuys]

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  1. That’s one butt ugly phone right there! I’m sure someone will buy it though.

  2. YOU SUCK MOTOROLA!!android,please don’t put your OS into their phones anymore!!they are making gay ass phones and they are giving android a bad rep!!First with the backflip,then the charm,then the flipout!!motorola is supposed to come out with a non-touchscreen that runs on android!!WTF?!?!MOTOROLA,you suck!!!!

  3. @SAVV Incase you haven’t notices motorola actually has the best phones on the market as of right now. Even HTC has dumb looking phones as well. If Google thought it would be for the worse of the company then they wouldnt allow Motorola to be putting android on these phones. By making phones like this they are targeting the low end, young kid users, but still have the droid X and 2 to blow away even the savvy phone users. Motorola is doing Google great justice and does not need to quit making android phones.

  4. @KDroidX
    are you saying that the backflip,charm,flipout and first non-touchscreen are good phones??i am a kid,im 15,my step brother is 10 and he has a droid x,even kids know that phones like the charm,backflip,and flipout are shit!!i can bet money that they will discontinue this phone within 2 months!!android isn’t puting their Os into these phones becuase they think tht they are good,they are just puting their OS into anything that is offered because they are like that!!

  5. I take everything back. I’m sorry I was wrong. I was just a bit immature. I’m only 15 years old. I need to grow up. bTW Motorolla rocks!!! :)

  6. I take what i just said about taking everything back back. I was justified, those kid phones blow. Im 15 but but dick is probably bigger than allof yours. Motorola can be so stupid

  7. Too bad we can’t ban irrational users on here…stop cussing and go home (taken from iRobot).

  8. im actually gay and thats why i was soo mean!!i like to suck dick because it makes me feel good about how stupid motorola is:)i love8==Dim suck a gay ass!!

  9. im awesome!

  10. wth just happend???

  11. I’m a troll. I apologize for all my actions.

  12. uhhhh…huh huh huh

    you said “gay”

  13. yeah! yeah! yeah! GAY sucks…

  14. huh huh huh…uhhh….u said “gay”

  15. @Savv I stopped reading when u said u were 15. Motorola doesnt need you. So spend your parents money on something else aite? :P

  16. Wow…. so because a particular form factor or feature set of a phone doesn’t appeal to you so you have to go way off the deep end?

    It’s a phone. People will buy it. And more than likely the people that will buy it are in the teenage tweenage user set. People who don’t know jack about smartphones that will pick this up, enjoy the experience and perhaps move up the foodchain to something more advanced. Not all of us are privileged enough to have a DroidX at 15.

  17. Right… So uh can we get someone to delete his stuff? Please and thank you. Motorola is the best phone developer out there right beside HTC. No one can touch them when it comes to quality of the build of the hardware. Maybe they can quit messing with Google’s software a little but that will come soon.

  18. here’s the thing… these are smart phones no matter how you spin it: a smartphone with a small screen and a slow processor, yes.

    my wife has a quick messaging phone, the data is inexpensive because the software is highly limited. The user experience sucks thanks to the poorly designed java phone OS. still, it makes sense for her needs.

    What if Motorola released a charm with a custom (crippled) android OS. if they could prevent all 3rd party apps and install only a browser, a sms/IM client, and a POP email client, the charm would become a massively popular phone. They could even include an overpriced at&t app store.

  19. Gay? 15? Complaining about motorola? Sounds like iphone is calling him.

  20. i am 15 too??you guys are all faggots and you guys all suck!!android sucks too!!i am 15 too!!!why can’t i comment shit??!!!you guys are all stupid!!!you guys are just jealous because android sucks!!FUCK YOU ANDROID!!!apple is way better!!

  21. im not even 15!!

  22. got one. this is a great phone, if you want a modern android (2.1) in a small (fits in your handbag) shape. handcent, dolphin, google maps (navigate,places, streetview – why are these all seperate?) all work great. keyboard is usable. very cheap too (got mine free with 400 mins, unlimited texts, 80meg bandwidth per month for £20 per month on Orange in the UK). not everyone wants a large phone (desire, galaxy).

  23. @Dave

    who the fuck says “handbag”?you are a fucking dumbass!!you suck at life dude!!

  24. @KDroidX

    Stop using bad language!!you just need to get off of this and quit commenting!!you aren’t using this site correct!!!you are just coming off as ignorant!!!

  25. I think it should be plenty clear to anyone reading that ‘kdroidx’ and ‘saw’ are the same brainless person. Can we get that IP adress banned from posting?

    Anyway, the flip-out looks okay enough. I strongly doubt there will be many men who buy it; no offense to any male readers who are thinking of buying it–it just looks like the sort of cutesy/chic phones that girls are always getting. All of motorolas offerings since the D2 seem like they’re targeted at the on-the-go business woman type who wants something distinct from other phones. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Good on motorola for trying to sweep up the last little un-used corner of the smartphone market.

  26. No, i guess there is no way to prove this but i posted the first KDroidX post. That is my forum name. And now im posting this one. He just got mad because he knew i had a ligament point and he was mad. Anyways yes Motorola will make money off this phone. They arent dumb enough to produce a phone that will lose them money. Overall win, just not for us “super” android users

  27. @KDroidX

    WTF??are you saying that i started posting stuff under your name and i was mad??i wasn’t mad at all until you started posting stuff under my name!!you said that this is a phone that teens would like to have and i just simply said that me and all of my friends have droids,G2s, and Evos.thats my only comeback!!i didn’t insult anyone or anything!!you posted stuff under my name and you were saying absurd things!!you started this and i have the right to say my opinion without looking like a stupid person!!now everybody looks at me like a little thugish teen but im not and that is all your fault!!

  28. @♫♪SAVV♫♪
    I believe that you are telling the truth,you sound like a mature person,good job bro!!

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