Oct 15th, 2010


When T-Mobile first announced their HSPA+ network they would only go so far as to say that it offered “near 4G” speeds. Fast-forward a few months and the latest news is indicating the company indeed will start marketing their speedier network as 4G. So when the newest phone in the T-Mobile myTouch lineup was announced, it was interesting to note that the company did not give the name a suffix as expected. No, they didn’t call it the myTouch HD, but they didn’t say that it would be called the myTouch either. Rather, they simply announced a new myTouch phone.

Now reports are coming in suggesting that the new 4G branding of TMo’s HSPA+ network may find its way to the latest handset. Rumor has it that the new phone will launch as the T-Mobile myTouch 4G. Not a bad angle considering the popularity of the Sprint Epic 4G and EVO 4G and the immediate association those names have with high-end, high-quality Android devices. Still, T-Mobile is yet to confirm the name either way. Not bad if you ask me, but what do you all think?

[via TalkAndroid]

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