Scandinavia – The Android-Powered “Internet TV”


It’s no Google TV, but who cares? People of Lava – the guys we reported on back in April – are finally set to show off their Android-powered TV called the Scandinavia and I can’t say it disappoints. Set to come out in 42-inch, 47-inch, and 52-inch models in Europe, the Scandinavia enables powerful internet features through the use of a heavily customized Android experience.

It’s running Android 1.5, but the rep from Lava has stated that Flash 10.1 support would be added in the future, meaning we should see it get bumped to Android 2.2, at the least.  It’s also housing an 833MHz Cortex A8 processor and it seems to do just fine with the optimizations Lava made to Android. Unfortunately, apps will only come by way of developers willing to target the SDK that People of Lava will make available for the Scandinavia as the Android market will not be included, for the time being.

This is because Android currently doesn’t support the extremely-high resolution that a high definition TV requires for video playback. We expect they’ll be updating their offering once the first Google TV devices are finally ready to come out (though we can’t imagine you’d pick those over a Google TV device once they’re readily available).

[via Android & Me]

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  1. not bad, but i still like google tv’s integration, and UI

  2. Man, I’d hate to brick a $2K TV loading a custom ROM! Looks nice, but I’d be a little concerned about being limited to apps from the manufacturers marketplace. Android marketplace should be part of it. Looks like a very nice TV.

  3. Android apps required. And why rush? Let Google TV come out.

    But I have to say, it looks slick.

  4. I was at the IFA, and I must say this TV is also VERY nice, the white border was a special material, and really made it show out against the other 100.000.000 TV’s at IFA.. Unfortunately the TV’s are quite expensive, so I aint getting one, but boy, would I like to get one in about a years time when they have corrected the small things that are missing (Android in FullHD, with CIFS I would really like to see)

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