Samsung: AMOLED Production to Ramp Up to 30 million Units Per Month in 2011


We’ve long known that Samsung was building a multi-billion dollar production plant for their hard-to-find AMOLED display, but they didn’t tell us just how much it’d help their issues with getting the technology to their partners. We still don’t have too clear of an idea, but the 30 million units per month figure is up from the 3 million per month that they’re currently pushing out. That’s simply ridiculous (in the good and unbelievable way).


The plant is expected to be done in 2011 as it’ll sit somewhere near their home turf in Seoul. It’s expected to cost them $2.1 billion to get everything up and running and it’s said it’ll only be used to produce displays for 3-inch phones (though isn’t wasn’t clear if this included the 3.7-inches on most of the phones we’ve seen debut with AMOLED in 2010). The short supply of the Samsung-produced AMOLED displays have been the cause of shortages across many of HTC’s smartphones, including the HTC Desire, Nexus One, and – most notoriously – the HTC Droid Incredible, among products from other manufacturers.

They’ve already ditched AMOLED for Super LCD to get back on track with smartphone shipments, but there’s no telling if HTC (and others) will be ready to re-embrace AMOLED once (or if) Samsung’s proven they can keep up.

[via WSJ]

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  1. I think that this is good as I think as I love AMOLED screens.

  2. I hope the G2 doesn’t have the same screen sensor issues as the Nexus One. I won’t upgrade to it if it does. Can’t wait to see some in depth reviews of the G2.

  3. I don’t think I can go back to LCD’s anymore. Sure, the current AMOLED displays have the pentile arrangement, but the contrast ratio makes colors pop out so nice! Hopefully they’ll develop true RGB pixel arrangement AMOLED displays in the near future.

  4. I don’t think this matters much, so many people are sitting here all over AMOLED screens but nvdvia is coming out with screens and many more will soon, sale are up for android so everyone making phones is looking for money in android, I mean just look at the different things you can get. Soon 2GHZ processers will own this.

    Good yes but these will not be the best screens or only good ones, have faith in android. Its taking over baby :)

  5. Nvidia huh….interesting. I gotta keep an eye out for that one.

  6. Nvidia is making screens? I thought they just had the processors coming out; I’m fuzzy on this, have they made displays before?

  7. Its funny I went to a Verizon store today and I asked that about the fascinate just to see if I could play with one before they came out. The lady told me with the specs that they released there is no point of even looking at this phone. I told her back I just wanted to see the phone and she responded by saying well you don’t buy a phone just for the screen do ya? I answered no it has to have all the goodies under the hood also. Then she went on to say that she didn’t understand why samsung would release a phone that is not up to par with the market today. she said stick with the X or Incredible- So take it for what it is but if verizons personal are even down playing this phone something wrong. Everyone is hyped for this phone but its old already and its not even out. Its sad to say that samsung is a little to late for this parade.

  8. Verizon are a bunch of idiots. It’s all marketing fluff and no substance. Sorry, I’m just not that naive Verizon.

  9. @ Brian

    Of course the Verizon person will down play it.

    Verizon is focused on its “Droid” branding where they’ve spent their money on.

    The Fascinate goes completely against their “Droid” marketing campaign.

  10. Uh? Galaxy is the fastest phone out there? What is that lady talking about?

  11. that’s the dumbest rep i’ve heard of lol. but yeah anyway Good job Sammy. We love amoleds! I love my Vibrants screen. Once you go amoled, you can’t go back. :)

  12. Yeah, the super amoled display is the best thing out there!
    Love my Vibrant, can’t stop playing with it. Just finished watching soon Flash videos. Supposedly this is Flash-lite, but kthe picture quality was awesome!

  13. By the way, Brian, you should look up the specs yourself then ask her for an apology!

  14. @brian I had the same thing happen to me they probably make more off selling the x or something the fascinate screen looked awsome

  15. don’t listen to the verizon reps. remember, verizon own’s the droid namebrand. that’s why we only see the droid name on verizon phones. the droid, droid incredible, droid x, droid 2… since verizon owns the droid name, and licenses it out to htc and motorola, they make a few more bucks for selling that phone over the fascinate. if i were you, i would go with the fascinate. the galaxy s phones i think are the best phones on the market right now. sure, something better will eventually hit the market, but for now, sammy has the best! and the super amoled display, is nothing short of amazing!

  16. Verizon does not own the Droid name. LucasFilms does and licenses it to Verizon. Verizon actually has to pay for every “Droid” phone they sell.

    The reality of what is up with the “Fascinate” is that Verizon couldn’t push over onto Samsung what they did with Motorola and HTC (remember, the “Droid Incredible” was originally just the “Incredible” until Verizon’s marketing got their hands on it). I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the “Droid Fascinate” before too long.

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