Sep 7th, 2010

LG’s beating everyone to the punch in announcing plans to bring the first smartphones based on NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 dual-core, 2GHz CPU platform by the end of this year (Q4, broadly put). No phones have been named – so it’s not even known whether or not their Android lineup will be included – but they did single out the “Optimus” brand which we know to be housing Android these days.


The chip will not only bring about a beefier CPU than we’ve ever seen before, but a GeForce low-power GPU that should be able to handle any mobile game with ease (and even has the ability to produce console-like graphics, era pending). Let’s not forget 1080p HD video playback and everything else  that comes along with Tegra 2.

We’ve heard about other manufacturers pairing Android with Tegra 2, but never for a pocketable smartphone – only tabletss and netbooks, to date. The chipset war will only get more fierce from here as Qualcomm, Samsung, and other vendors come to market with their own offerings and as we start seeing manufacturers put them into their high-end devices. It could even make a 1GHz platform a standard for mid-ranged offerings if the devices yet-to-come explode in adoption. Read on for full press details.


LG First to Announce Smartphone with Dual-Core CPU based on NVIDIA Tegra, the World’s Most Advanced Mobile Processor

SEOUL, Sept. 7, 2010 ¬ – LG Electronics (LG) announced today that it will introduce a series of fast, powerful smartphones starting in the fourth quarter of 2010 utilizing the second generation NVIDIA? Tegra™ mobile processor, Tegra 2. Tegra 2 includes the world’s first dual-core CPU, which powers through complex tasks to achieve significant leaps in performance.

LG will integrate Tegra 2 into its smartphones, providing them with unprecedented power, speed and graphics capability. These smartphones will be part of LG’s Optimus Series, a new line of innovative mobile products.

LG selected NVIDIA Tegra because it enables a new mobile experience and content capabilities. Tegra 2 features a number of mobile “firsts”: the first mobile dual-core CPU, the only ultra low-power NVIDIA GeForce? GPU and the first 1080p HD mobile video processor. Taking full advantage of the two speedy 1 GHz processors sharing the workload in Tegra 2, consumers can experience up to 2x faster web browsing and up to 5x faster gaming performance over single core processors running at 1 GHz. NVIDIA’s leadership in graphics also delivers flawless 1080p HD video playback, console-quality gaming and amazing 3D capabilities.

“LG is committed to making its Optimus Series smart devices the de facto standard in speed and graphics performance,” said Chang Ma, Vice President of Marketing Strategy Team, LG Mobile Communications Company. “We selected NVIDIA because it is the visual computing leader and has a long history of creating amazing consumer experiences.”

“The ultimate smartphones will be powered by Tegra, the world’s most advanced mobile processor,” said Phil Carmack, senior vice president of NVIDIA’s mobile business. “LG is one of the most popular consumer brands, and their Optimus Series of devices with Tegra is further validation of the processor’s ability to deliver an unrivaled, turbocharged media experience.”

LG’s Optimus Series smartphones featuring the NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile processor will debut starting in the fourth quarter of the year

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