You Wanted to Buy Those Android Pride Shirts? Google’s Got You Covered


Back when Google debuted those Android Pride shirts for their marching section to wear throughout LGBT events throughout the country, everyone was wondering how they could get one. Google heard you and they’re offering up the goods: for $17.70, you can finally own one for yourself and be as prideful as you need to be. Go ahead and pull the trigger at their online store now if you’ve been looking for this.


[Thanks, Cynthia!]

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’m not really “feeling” carrying a rainbow colored flag around on my chest. No serious offense here, but it looks more like a Gay Android Pride than a Android Pride shirt. Why couldn’t the flag just say “ANDROID”..Homey don’t sport rainbows, ight?

  2. Duuuude. Those shirts are sweet. Now if only I could get some money together to get one…

  3. @rob: It is a gay pride android shirt..

  4. @Rob: They are gay pride shirts, just android themed.

  5. i would love an android boot stomping on a iphone shirt. Show the world that android isn’t there to be messed with.

  6. @Rob, agreed. Ditch the rainbow flag and andro(iod)genus hand-holding and I may consider it, otherwise I’ll pass.

  7. I wish they had it in XS. The small will be big on me. Oh well, still buying it!

  8. FYI, It’s a gay pride shirt made specifically for the gay community who are android users. I wouldn’t expect anyone who isn’t gay to wear one. Pretty cool that Google is selling them.

  9. Way to go, Google. I have a lot of respect for you.

  10. U can be gay or bi, you can hide it or advertise it. That’s your call, its all good. I choose not to be either. (good feelings disclaimer done.lol.) I would rather not display, “im gay! Btw I like android too!” Thats ME. Now if I could find one that dropped the colorful prpaganda and give me ANDROID PRIDE only id be golden! So hook me up with the skating android with a wall in the backgroind with the droid x eye painting on it ! Email me when the order is ready for pickup L8R

  11. HOLY ISHT!!! i see the FIRESTORM coming!! im normaly ignorant but i will sit this one out!! good luck

  12. This is obviously a gay pride shirt. Why all the confusion?

  13. @coolMANDINGO you really had to post something about how ignorant you are? You Republicans are trying dictate peoples’ lives with your Nazi ideals. Get out of my freedom loving country and move to Iraq.

  14. @twospirits

    I’m straight (but not narrow) and i will DEFINITELY be getting and wearing one. If anyone tries to hit on me, they will be disappointed I’m not gay, but we can still hang out and talk about our phones!

  15. Sweet! I’m getting one right away!

  16. Wow I love it! Nothing better to show off as being a geek who is gay.

  17. Where is Android (only) Pride?

  18. @Carlos said: This is obviously a gay pride shirt. Why all the confusion?

    Right? I don’t understand all the confusion here. There are other Android shirts on Google’s site too. It’s not like this is the only T-shirt that has our beloved Andy on it.

  19. All they have left is large and below. I’m actually upset. It says limited time only. I really hope they get more.

  20. awsome! christmas is coming early for my gay friends lol especialy for my gay friend that loves his iphone. i will be a jerk and buy him this shirt. im also straight and would rock this shirt. but i kinda also want another android themed shirt. any ideas for any or places someone knows to get them?

  21. so android like flag marchers are open ? – there is a line of iphone owners around the block laughing

  22. Oh. Rats. Was hoping for something that screamed Android Rocks and the rest of you are iDiots. But…don’t care to advertise for the gay Android parade thanks.

  23. Oh, there are others? Thanks for links. Will check those out.

  24. just curious as to what a straight android shirt would look like…

  25. actually, let me rephrase that, i wonder what symbol would represent a straight, well, anything. the gay community took the rainbow, so i was thinking what symbol represents the non-gay?

  26. Damn. They don’t ship to denmark…

  27. Wow, I had no idea these were actually Gay Pride shirts lol. Very well, carry on.

  28. YES! This has made my day.

  29. D’oh. They once again won’t ship to Canada.

  30. Or rather they will ship to Canada if I pay almost as much as the entire shirt to do so :P

  31. @Dick Wiggles

    Apparently the moderators missed your comment.

    If I were Bi or Gay, I’d buy one :-)

    For those looking for a different kind of Android T-Shirt, Zazzle has a good selection (plus you can customize items): http://www.zazzle.co.uk/android+tshirts

  32. Awesome! getting 2 of them.

  33. Haha these are cool! I want one!

  34. Phydeaux — you mean make an entirely different shirt with a different point? haha, ok.

  35. I’m waiting for a shirt with the green robot hurling a sledgehammer at a big screen with steve jobs. i respect what he’s done for computing and then mobile computing but now he’s the new autocrat.

  36. I think all the confusions is because this is an Android site, not a gay site. I also don’t think people expected the “look at me, look at me” begging for attention, gayness mentality to sprout up here (its like mongoloid downs kids waving their hands with a shit eating grin because they got a nickel or some nonsense). Quite frankly, if someone is gay I generally do not want to hear about it or see it on a shirt. If it’s so acceptable to force your personal information on society then I too will tell random strangers that my sexual preference: I like having sex with fit and intriguing asian women. See, it’s not something people really want to hear, need to know or really give a damn about. People begging for attention with the shock value of claiming to be gay are played out and very 80’s. Most interestingly however, is that homosexuality was defined as a psychosexual disorder in DSM until several years ago, at which point the number of people with that particular psychosexual disorder grew exponentially to the point it was no longer fiscally responsible to continue labeling it as a disorder and thus became politically incorrect. The beneficial factor is that an individual without an understanding of the basic concept of human reproduction comes ones elimination from our gene pool, thus removing from humanity a weak specimen that could not even grasp the primal basics. I still don’t understand why they go around waving flags in celebration of the end of their own lineage.

  37. I wanted one of these ever since I saw one at Chicago pride so I’m really happy to see they’re available. Especially considering how gay guys are so iPhone centric (re: Grindr), hopefully this will help me attract other Android users. :)

  38. So is an android who isn’t openly gay “in the toolbox”?

  39. IN!!

  40. @ hetero droid: To each his own. Some like to advertise their sexuality, their choice of beer or their favorite sports team. If you don’t like it, then don’t look at it. I believe a person can not help the way they feel…gay or straight. I personally think the shirt is pretty cool. I hope you see people in your town sportin them! :)

  41. @jasonv, actually, that’s pretty funny; getting one for a gay iPhone fan… Bet Apple doesn’t have anything like it! @hetero-droid, it’s not about advertising the personal information. For example, you don’t get discriminated against for liking fit and intriguing Asian women. And I’ll leave it at that.

  42. Buying one asap!

  43. Right on!!! See if my husband wants one…

  44. So, does this mean Google endorses the gay lifestyle? I hope not, though I wouldn’t be surprised, it seems to be the “in” thing to do nowdays.

  45. I see Google themselves are selling it, sad.

  46. Andy isn’t gay. I think.

  47. @Mike C:

    Yep. Google also publicly joined the campaign against Proposition 8 in California (along with Apple). Its founders donated $140,000 to the cause.

    Why is this a problem?

  48. @Mike C
    Yeah, Mike, why is this a problem? You got a problem with gays? gay rights? equality in general?

    If you spurt out some “keep it in the bedroom” stuff, honestly, ill laugh

  49. By the way: Thanks for posting this, Phandroid. I’m a gay teen and an android fan and seeing support (especially as cute as that, just look at those two little Andys) always makes me hopeful for the future.

    So thanks ;)

  50. @ Hetro-droid. You cite that homosexuality is a ‘psychosexual’ disorder, then you equate it to a genetic disorder without any link between the two points:

    ‘The beneficial factor is that an individual without an understanding of the basic concept of human reproduction comes ones elimination from our gene pool,’

    but what you’ve actually done there is claim that knowledge is somehow genetic…

    This makes no sense on any level, other than possibly a hypothosis that if the ENTIRE population forgot how to reproduce, then the population would eventually die out…

    The pseudo-intellectualisation of your view turns out to be just plain illogical..

  51. Looks like they are sold out until 8/31, although they are taking orders for later shipment. I think it is great that Google is aupporting diversity by selling them.
    Not all Android users are like @heterodroid. That comment about “weak specimen” smacks of a superior attitude, not unlike the idea of a “master race”.

  52. i just want to commend u quentyn, for sticking up for those who often can’t stick up for themselves and giving visility to those we have been forced to hide.

  53. @Heterodroid: After centuries of being forced to hide “in the closet” due to bigots like you and Mike C it’s nice that gays and lesbians can celebrate who they are without fear. If you were oppressed and persecuted for so long you would do the same.

    As previously mentioned the shirts are all sold out due to overwhelming demand. Google does support equality for all and even released a statement against Prop 8. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s great for business. I mean the shirts sold out in what… an hour and a half? It just goes to show you that people like you are disappearing more and more every day.

  54. Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho! HOMOPHOBIA HAS TO GO!!!!!

  55. Can someone just mod hetero-droid’s comment? What a dumbass, ignorant (in the true definition of the word), hater.

  56. @Rob,@Hetero-Droid,@MikeC: I dont get why anyone who is not interested in this shirt is commenting on it. It’s for gay/gay friendly people…period. Go buy some printable iron ons and make what you want if you dont like this shirt. So many insecure morons have to post comments on anything gay related so they can let the world know they arent gay (or rather dont want anyone to know because mommy their families make them feel so ashamed). You insecure, immature little “boys” should probably stick with what you know best, things like rock and stick or dirt…you know, something you cant screw up. Besides, hetero people are more in your face about their sexuality that anyone. Youre just being ignorant if you believe otherwise. I have more straight peoples bullshit shoved at me than I can stand. Straight guys do nothing but talk publicly about how much tail they got or getting each other to smell their fingers (nastiest thing ever to watch that), talking about what hot chick they saw last night at the bar or look at those tits. It’s overwhelming how much you inconsiderate douches push on us gay people. But we want to wear a shirt and that makes us “in your face”. How hypocrtical of you. Anyway, now that my rant at the stupid and intellectually challenged has come to a close, I love the shirt and it’s cute as hell!

  57. I like foreign movies AND droid os, am I gay?

  58. Because it is a gay pride shirt. Google is very supportive of LGBT rights as many of it’s employees are LGBT. Yay google.

  59. Well, it doesn’t seem to be there any more. Hmmm…

  60. is it gone? =(

  61. @Andrew – Where are all the straight symbols? Look around you. They are everywhere else.

    And seriously, are these people trolls or are they REALLY that dense.

    I saw this shirt on Google’s “It Gets Better” video…I love it and would buy one if they were available. <3

  62. There are other places to look for Tees too, for example on http://www.t-doodles.com there’s Golden Andee T-Shirt (lady fit) which could well suit a gay android fan!

  63. Man I love it!… Getting my self one… Thanks for the link :)

  64. @punkboi I love you.
    @the douchebags who are mad google happens to support LGBT openly…you are douchebags.
    @hetero-droid you probably don’t understand why I get more fit and intriguing asian women than you. u jelly?

  65. I so want one! But while the T-shirt is only $17.70 there is a min shipping cost of $9.21. That with tax makes a $17.00 t-shirt cost almost $30.00 :-(

  66. I so want one! But while the T-shirt is only $17.70 there is a min shipping cost of $9.21. That with tax makes a $17.00 t-shirt cost almost $30.00 :-(

  67. I so want one! But while the T-shirt is only $17.70 there is a min shipping cost of $9.21. That with tax makes a $17.00 t-shirt cost almost $30.00 :-(

  68. I so want one! But while the T-shirt is only $17.70 there is a min shipping cost of $9.21. That with tax makes a $17.00 t-shirt cost almost $30.00 :-(

  69. I so want one! But while the T-shirt is only $17.70 there is a min shipping cost of $9.21. That with tax makes a $17.00 t-shirt cost almost $30.00 :-(

  70. I so want one! But while the T-shirt is only $17.70 there is a min shipping cost of $9.21. That with tax makes a $17.00 t-shirt cost almost $30.00 :-(

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