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Because at this point even your mother is probably currently developing a tablet to cash in on the market reborn by Apple’s runaway hit the iPad, Best Buy’s Rocketfish brand is hard at work on their own. Well, to be fair, hard at work might be a bit of a stretch as it looks like the Rocketfish tablet might just be a rebranded HP Slate judging by striking similarities right down to the docking port. But with talks of the Best Buy tablet coming from an HP Design, so come speculation as to what the tablet will use as its OS. Windows 7? Linux? Or, a top choice among tablet producers as of late, Android?


Turns out we don’t have to dote on the answer to the question at all. Just as Best Buy CTO Ralph Stephens was quick to tweet photos of the tablet, so was web strategist Ben Hedrington to release info on the what OS we might find inside. In those regards he said, “be looking for a little green robot on that Best Buy tablet screen…”

Well that about solves it.

The tablet began as a tool to be sued internally by Best Buy only for communications between employees, but after the idea was tossed around a bit the company decided to create it both for use in-store by employees as well as for sale to consumers. Looks like the device will be geared to boost the launch of Best Buy Connect, the companies planned 4G data service.

Not much else is known spec-wise about the device, but it looks pretty darn nice, if I do say so myself. So here is another one for the list of unreleased tablets. Which one stands out the most?

[via Androinica, CrunchGear]

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  1. Yes go buy your Android tablet from the company known to have just such amazing customer support! Just make sure you don’t ask the employee who sells you it if it’s better then the iPad, he may get fired for choosing sides. Oh and remember to pay with a credit card because if you use $2 bills you may get arrested until the secret service and/or FBI clears you.

    No I think I’ll just stick with no buy their garbage.

  2. I think Best Buy might be using it internally as opposed to suing themselves!

  3. when will walmart sell their own android tablet or maybe even hsn he he

  4. $2 bills? You mean the ones they give out in the gift shop in Monticello?

  5. @mike D….ahhhh, i read that and i was scratching my head and said whatever

  6. it’s nice that all these companies are making tablets, but it should at least last 2 days without needing a charge

  7. @Inspiron41

    @mike D was referring to this line:
    “The tablet began as a tool to be sued internally by Best Buy only for communications between employees,”

  8. I’m holding out for ASUS to FINALLY release there tablets.

  9. @ari-free – Actually, I love using the $2 bills because it messes with the head of the cashiers. Sometimes when you use it, they don’t look closely at it, and you sometimes get change back on a twenty instead of a two.

  10. thats a nice cellphone there lol

  11. i’ve bought a few rocketfish products, they all had one thing in common. they sucked harder than a dyson hurricane vac. i’ll pass and i would prefer that androids good name not be sullied by this brand.

  12. ralph?


    who edited this article?

  13. @endless
    Nobody… it appears.

  14. id have to agree, rocketfish is about as garbage as the geek squad is useful. at least the k-mart unit got a nice custom rom.. ill bet the sales team at best buy tells the commonfolk that this thing gets android market.. but then again, its flattering that “Big Buy” took a dive and swang on some droid nuts.. im waiting for an android powered car stereo of “Big Buy” really wants to get innovative with a product.. theres something that dont need the marketplace

  15. Specs please. I am so tired of these resistive screen 300mhz cpu dogs. It should at least rival the hardware spec of a high end Android phone and offer Froyo to even consider.

  16. Anyone can put out a crappy tablet on the market just like anyone can put out a crappy PC. But phones have to be at a higher standard in order to be adopted by carriers.
    IllYo: imagine android tablets built into every fridge.

  17. We’ve got some some Android tablets that have gone through a bit of an evolution process of their own from when we first identified them (along with many other resellers), as a hit product:
    We’ve actually stuck around and worked directly with the factory to improve their initial product, and are also doing so to help them bring upgrades to this device to the market (for example, capacitive screens, Android 2.2, HDMI, etc.)

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