Netflix: “Would Be Stupid of Us” to Ignore Android’s Continued Growth


We knew Netflix had plans to bring an app to our beloved platform since the start of the summer (after a job posting uncovered their plans to do just that), but we didn’t get a concrete window. We still don’t have a concrete window, but at least Netflix isn’t keeping quiet. One of the company’s employees stated on Reddit that they would be stupid to ignore the Android userbase considering how much it’s blown up in the first half of the year (More on that here, here, here, here, and here.)

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I just know we’re actively hiring Android devs. I wish I knew more about a timeframe for you. Good things come to those who wait. Netflix is essentially a tech company and with the way Android is blowing up it would be stupid of us to ignore that.

Good things come to those who wait, indeed. Android users have proven to be a patient bunch when it comes to the big players bringing their apps to our side of the pond, and as long as you deliver the goods, their excitement alone will pay you back in dividends.

[via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. one more reason why i’m fuming @ motorola for no 2.1.

  2. @1 Any phone worth putting 2.1 on has it (except milestone). Not sure what that has to do with this story though.

  3. Since Android is essentially Linux I hope this means that whatever codec they develop for Android works for Linux Desktops too.

  4. Of course they are stupid. That’s why the Droid X gets a crappy Block Buster installed APP while the crappy Iphone gets the Netflix app. but Netflix have to hire a specialist to get their APP for Android so disappointed in Netflix just because they couldn’t or wouldn’t put their APP in the Android market.

  5. Yes! Definately looking forward to an official app for netflix.

  6. LOL…I think I have received some inquiries from head hunters about this exact job. The description fits….guess I need to see where Netflix is based. Anyway its all starting to come to pass just as I figured. The favorable numbers for Android over the past 6 months ensures that it will start receiving first class attention from the big boys.

    Some of that attention though is unwanted. I went over to IGN to look at their coverage and not only did I find it hard to find Android specific stuff (don’t know if its just Android) but what I did find was an article blasting the market for copyright infringement. And their initial Android coverage article read like “We’re covering Android…but its no iPhone. There are games…not to be confused with iPhone. You wanted Android coverage (though we want to just cover iPhone) so here it is.” I mean you can really tell some organizations are literally in love with the iPhone and just tolerate Android because they have to due to the numbers.

    @Kennon…sadly I don’t quite think it will work out that way. They’ll continue to ignore the Linux desktop.

  7. if you have the movies app it is also on there.

  8. I wonder if those IGN people like to play games on Mac…or Windows?

  9. @Kennon Netflix already streams on Linux based devices, the Roku and my TV are Linux based and have Netflix. Why that don’t make it work on the Linux desktop I don’t know.

  10. Because linux on the desktop isn’t a standardized platform. Too many distros to deal with.

  11. @ari-free
    No i dont think its about the distros, I think its more about the fact that linux is not DRM friendly, let alone silverlight friendly.

  12. yup. Bingo. Android has a linux kernel but replaced all the GNU stuff on top so it doesn’t have to worry about GPL3.

  13. Can’t wait

  14. If i could have my android i would be thrilled. haha happy it will be out tho when i do get my little android buddy into my pocket. :)

  15. I had netflix working fine on my LG Ally till Verizon crippled my phone with the lg ver8 patch or update.
    I can log on to netflix just fine but if I try to watch anything I am redirected to a page. Telling me I need a pc to view.
    This kinda makes sense since the X has blockbuster pre-loaded.
    And I have been hearing on the news that Verizon, Att and our goverment have been in meetings for 5 weeks looking to regulate the internet for thier profits.

  16. yeah we love android but stop saying beloved platform please!…sounds somewhat childish

    other than that keep up the good writing buddy

  17. @Phil

    As a former Insider, all I can say is that you can’t spell ignorance without IGN.

  18. I refuse to believe it was an issue of simply timing, money, developers, etc. It takes less effort to develop for android, so my guess is that Netflix had some sort of exclusivity agreement in June with Apple that they won’t come out with an app for a set period of time on the android platform.

  19. Yeah, Netflix is just paying the price for drinking too much Jobs’ Kool-aid. “Android will not take off, spend all your mobil dev capital with us. Oh and BTW if you think you are going to cross-platform develop we’ll pull your App”

    It is funny to see big sites/companies scramble now that 200k Android devices are being activated daily.

  20. Good news been dying for an official app!

  21. Netflix will not support linux and delays anything linux related for one simple fact, the owner of the company sits on the board of MS. That is why they use silverlight instead of flash which would work for everyone.

  22. @LaterSpammers Yes it has been hilarious to watch companies even have to back track on their statements about Android and support it. But I still get the feeling like I said about IGN that there are alot of companies and organizations that resent Android for some reason. I really do think folk fell hopelessly in love with the iPhone and can’t stand to see another platform demanding the spotlight. Its like they’d rather Android flop so they can just slobber over the iPhone. Maybe they have lost their feeling of eliteness from having the only device of its kind.

  23. wow i can’t wait! this is why i will love the bigger screens.

  24. @ 4

    please, do some research first. The iPhone version of Netflix is NOT out yet, so no, the crappy iPhone does not have netflix yet.

  25. Oh, and I hope that content can be displayed in HD for the higher end devices. I don’t want my Vibrant bogged down because everything needs to work exactly the same for the lower-end devices.

  26. When I saw that iPhone came with NetFlix I was like DAMNIT! Now we will probably never get it on Android since they prob have some sort of business arrangement.

    So if this news is true now I would love to have netflix on my phone, can’t be here soon enough – I use netflix all the time at home for streaming.

  27. Wasn’t there a Hulu app that was supposed to be on the Streak? I wonder how thats coming along.

  28. Phoneflix has a pretty good Android app for Netflix.

  29. “Netflix is essentially a tech company and with the way Android is blowing up it would be stupid of us to ignore that.”
    This will be our rallying cry: Don’t be stupid. Support Android!

  30. Glad to see Netflix working on Android. But their ondemand content selection is quite poor. Takes months/years for them to put new movies. If you want to watch great new content – legally – online , check out . It is flash based service, so it also works on Android

  31. Netflix would be stupid to avoid a medium that would expand it’s customer base…

    I for one “WILL” join Netflix should they bring it to Android! I’ve been waiting for it, will wait for it…

  32. Given that Netflix hasn’t updated any information about their streaming services in over two years why am I not surprised there isn’t much information about this app yet. I also saw the job posting but I’m not sure I’d want to commute to Los Gatos (about 60 miles away).

  33. @Andrew – Phonflix does not let you view the streaming movies.

    I cannot wait for Netflix to put out the Android app. Maybe it will show other mega-companies that Android is here to stay!!!!

  34. This is funny because this is a clear sign that android is finally on the map to get all the big apps now…always knew this day was coming…coolish

  35. Netflix don’t care bout ANDROID their getting more money from iPhone and now the crappy iPad. NETFLIX really don’t want a app on ANDROID market as long they get more subcribers from APPLE phones which makes me sick and they don’t need to hire a DEV for ANDROID sounds so damn stupid to me.

  36. I thought the job posting occurred long ago. I believe this is really old news. Realistically, there should be an Android/Netflix on the market now. Way too much Iphone/Ipad love.

  37. FWIIW, Netflix is a great place to work in the silicon valley, above market base pay, very good culture.

  38. I’m a couple days late to this discussion, but in reference to the earlier posts speculating that the Linux aspect was somehow an impediment — I’ve had access to Netflix movies on my Tivo for a couple years now…

  39. Linux can run Virtual Box.

    You can install 2.1 of Android OS on a linux box.

    That means you can run Android on a linux box.

    Not sure if that means you will be able to view NetFlix streaming video, but lets hope.

  40. Sure hope they will make all streaming video available on the internet. Like Hulu, YouTube, NetFlix, and others I have heard about.

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