Droid 2 Accessories Inbound for Verizon


As Verizon gears up to launch the Motorola Droid 2 (which we expect will be August 12th, according to latest rumors), they’ve started stocking up on the accessories to go with the device. We’ve already seen Droid 2 accessories in the wild (Best Buy put some out ahead of schedule last week), but this is the first time we’ve seen a few of these products.


The extended battery, the multimedia dock, and the car dock are the main takeaways here with a few nice cases to round it off. Considering how similar the Droid 2 is compared to its predecessor, I wasn’t surprised to learn that most of these accessories would be backwards compatible.  The multimedia dock for the Droid 2 even has an insert specifically for fitting the original Droid in there. Pretty cool stuff, indeed.

Head on to Droid-Life for their full gallery of images.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The fact that the new accessories are backward compatible is nice, but what about the multimedia dock I bought for my Droid? Will the Droid 2 fit in it?

  2. Thanks for the wealth of Incredible accessories VZW. WTF is the story there?

  3. and yet the accessories for the droid incredible are paltry at best. while i LOVE my incredible i am disgusted by the lack of accessories

  4. Yes the lack of a dock for the incredible highly irritates me.

  5. The case with a kick stand is an interesting idea.

  6. @Phil Stratton

    The packaging says Droid 2/Droid, hopefully it will use the same battery as well. I just hope that the bootloader is unsigned, not likely though.

  7. Does anyone know if the original Droid car dock will work with the Droid 2? My wife has a Droid and I don’t want to have to switch docks every time we get in the car!!!

  8. htc makes so many models that they forget about the accessories

  9. Wow Motorola has the accessiories out before the phone is even out??? HTC can’t get a multimedia dock made for the Dinc after it’s been out 4 months???? What’s up with that HTC? Pitiful is what it is. The Dinc is the best phone out there yet we get the least love…tsk tsk….

  10. no Incredible love indeed…. a dock would be awesome! Maybe some day…

  11. so this should definitly work with the original droid

  12. I’m with everyone else. I love my Incredible but the fact that there are virtually NO accessories for it… makes me angry. I feel shortchanged to a high degree.

  13. Went to the local Verizon store today since I was tired of wait for my X to finally ship. I was told that the car mount and desktop charger for the original Droid will work on the Droid 2 (the 19yr old kid helping me didn’t inspire confidence, however, and I would wait for confirmation before relying on that). Picking up the D2 first thing tomorrow morning.

  14. Hubby and I just got the Droid 2’s. Also bought the car mount that is supposed to fit both droid and droid 2. KEY WORD SUPPOSED. It does not fit!!! If you get a droid 2, you will have to buy the new car mount as well!!! VERY ANNOYED.

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