Netflix Is Hiring! Android Video Expert Needed To Build Official Streaming App


It seems that Netflix has let the floodgates open recently on getting clients out to every major platform they can. Set top boxes, video game consoles, and Apple’s mobile round-up all have Netflix applications to facilitate their instant viewing service.

And now Android is getting its fair share of the pie!

Netflix seeks an engineer that has experience building multimedia applications on an embedded mobile platform, and the focus will be to bring a viable Android solution to our ‘droid hungry fingertips. You can check out the job posting here, and if you just so happen to have the experience required to take this beast on (seriously, they are looking for a hardcore coder), be sure to take a solid crack at applying.


How does this make you guys feel? I, for one, am in love with Netflix. It’s what I’m using to get me caught up on Lost before I watch the season finale, and it almost literally replaces my need to pay for cable television. After seeing the iPad support and hearing the announcement of the iPhone version soon after, I’m happy to see Android isn’t being left in the dust. Suddenly, a 3G-ready Android tablet doesn’t sound too bad.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. DOPE!!! been waiting. how hard can it be? really?

  2. Best news I’ve heard all day.

  3. Son of a Bee Sting! So lets see.
    Figure it takes one to three months to fill and then on-board this position.
    Then another 1-3 months to port the software from Apple to Android and test it.
    So I’ll have netflix on my phone by Christmas. Maaaaan

  4. Sweet!

  5. I think they should focus on getting this to regular Linux computers before taking it to portable devices.

  6. HTC Evo + Netflix + HD TV = Streaming HD via HDMI

    I have a Samsung Blu Ray player capable of streaming Netflix movies. More recently the Wii can also stream Netflix.

    The advantage of the Wii over the Samsung player is that it supports WiFi out of the box, but unfortunately it streams at 480p resolution only. The Samsung can stream 720p, but requires an $80 WiFi dongle or Ethernet cable.

    If Netflix makes their Android app HD capable the Evo will be the ultimate Netflix device! I may in fact be tempted to abandon T-Mobile for Sprint…

  7. YAY im looking foward to it

  8. oh hell yes!

  9. I wonder if they can get streaming over 3G, or if it will have to be WIFI. I would love to have netflix movies at the full 860×480 resolution of the Droid.

  10. Wow, I hope by the time I end up with a snapdragon Android phone (will be a few months), a Netflix streaming app is available.

  11. OMFG YES! This and Hulu is everything I want!

  12. @3rd Post

    This could always go the way of Flash being brought to all Android devices >8]

  13. What about a purchase and own movies app. like iTunes… Renting is ok, but why not own?

  14. This is excellent news.. the only bad news is that if they are looking for a developer now… that means we probably shouldn’t expect an actual application to surface for another 6 months or so.

  15. Great news, but I was hoping this was already built along side the iphone app. We will probably have to wait until fall or later to get it.

  16. @TOM (post13) You should be stoned to death for bring up itunes, jk. Steaming FTW tho. Get ur buddy to add you to his netflix account and watch everything for free. Thats the way. :-p

  17. EEEEE!!

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