Android Expected to Pass iPhone By 2012, Says Analyst


More positive projections for Android! In the latest round of “iPhone is doomed” reports, iSuppli is predicting that Android will hold a fifth of the global smartphone market by the time 2012 comes to a close. The feat would be achieved by getting nearly 75-million Android handsets into the paws of smartphone users worldwide compared to 62 million iPhones (although it’s worthy to report that they worded it to say “iPhone’s software” meaning iPod Touch devices could be included in these predictions). Doesn’t sound too difficult a task considering Google’s Android is seeing 200,000 phone activations per day, no?


What’s more is that iSuppli doesn’t expect Android to remain stagnant. Their projections into 2014 sees Android accounting for 23% of the global share compared to 15% by the iPhone. Predictions like these should never be taken as fact, but we’ve seen Android meet the ambitious expectations of many analysts before. There’s no doubt in my mind that Android will be able to do the same this time around.

[via Bloomberg]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Android tablets should be included as well if Apple is going to consistently include the iPod Touch and iPad along with their phone stats. When Android tablets become common, the stats are going to be incredible for Google.
    Hurry up Asus with that tablet!

  2. “Android Expected to Pass iPhone By 2012”
    It wont even take that long

  3. i was just wandering what happens if apple start selling its product to all carrier on the us, will android still pass them on market share by 2012? i love android but the iPhone has sold extremity well with just one carrier on the us, i can only imagine how many more iPhone will be sold if Verizon, sprint and tmobile get added to the list.

  4. I think at this point Verizon really does not need the iPhone. Sure, it’s going to give them sales, but is it worth it to pay the subsidy when Android is free?

  5. moises, Android beat IPhone worldwide last quarter, and its non-US sales beat non-US Iphone sales as well. Also you got to remember that US is 23 percent of smartphone market in the world and it is going to get lesser and lesser going forward as emerging countries buy more and more smartphones.

  6. Moises, I think the exclusivity of the phone, and the inability to compare higher end android handsets against the iPhone in AT&T stores allows the iPhone a certain amount of mystique. I think when people can see them side by side, they’ll choose android. True multitasking, information available at a glance and flash based web experience will probably pull many people away from the iPhone.

  7. iPhone is nothing without the subsidy. If AT&T can get its iPhone customers to switch to android, they’d save a lot of money. Android and its oem’s just need to do their part.

  8. Bob, thanks for the info i did not know that,go android….

  9. now sprint hurry up with the Samsung epic will you…

  10. Justin wrote on August 6, 2010

    I think Justin put it perfectly.

    Also, remember: fads/marketing take several cycles to be thrown out to consumers; it’s like a wave.

  11. Justin, i think you you absolutely right on this one, that is the reason why at&t keeps on getting low end android so people on at&t network think that android can not compare to the iPhone, i also happen to think that it is a strategy of apple to put their full capacity iPhone against a crippled android next to each other and cloud peoples mind and make them think that the iPhone is far superior than the android.

  12. @Justin

    I was comparing the HTC Liberty (Aria) to the iPhone 4 side by side at the store. The Aria which is a “mid end” phone beat it in responsiveness and functionality hands down.

    All the hoopla about at&t blocking apps and preventing sideloading is just that, hoopla. You’re able to do it with the stock device, be it not as easy as others.

    I have rooted mine and am now running Froyo (cyanogenmod 6). Much better/faster than stock. And can do everything Droid phones on other networks can do.

  13. Captivate isn’t a low end Android. It is about time.

  14. I dont buy the single carrier issue. The iphone has been out long enough that if you really wanted one you could of by now.

  15. I think the Captivate is going to change many peoples minds on that carrier. Like it was said before they always compare the iPhone to a mid/low range Android phone to discourage the movement. Like when you see AT@T commercials they’ll use an Android phone in it but then advertise some other phone at the end. Now that the Captivate has had a lot of television circulation, it’s going to make those unsure of Android wonder what it can really offer them.

  16. About a year ago top Analysts (IDC and Gartner) predicted Anroid to take the #2 spot by 2012 and 2011 respectively.

    This is for real and the tsunami of new Android devices coming this year will continue to fuel the growth. I promise you that Android will become the platform Apps developers will consider first in the not too distant future.

  17. Apple is full of sh*t, they put the number of iPhone and ipod touch together. The touch is not a phone so those sales figures are a complete lie. if they were to show sales figures for just the iphone I bet Android already surpassed em

  18. In my opinion android already won. They still more than double what iphone sells every day ( <65000 vs 200000) and apple is the only manufacturer of the iphone. And android is just better than ios

  19. All thanks to Verizon’s moto Droid the #1 selling android phone

  20. @Christian Verizon started the trend, but they’re not the only ones in this big pool. Many other manufacturers and carriers have stepped up since then.

  21. How is this suprising at all? If android doesn’t pass up apple it would be an epic fail. Apple only has 3 devices, iphone, ipod touch and ipad on one carrier. Android is on like 20 different phones spread across all 4 carriers. HTC, Samsung, Sony, and Motorola are all producing multiple phones to take on 1 company and 1 phone. Am I the only one who sees this as a stupid comparison? Shouldn’t the combined sales of 20+ phones on 4 carriers be more than 1 phone on 1 carrier? Windows thrived for a bit because of the fact that you could choose from multiple phones on any carrier…..and that OS sucks! Not everyone loves apple or the look of the iphone. The fact is the majority of the country doesn’t want an iphone but wants to have options, whether it be phone or carrier. I am actually suprised they think it will take till 2012. With the amount of android phones coming out I would thiink it’s right around the corner. That being said, I love google and android, I’m just not going to pat them on the back for combining 20 phones to beat out one iphone.

  22. The single-carrier argument never held much water as Apple seems to consitently report they cannot keep the iProducts stocked on shelves due to high demand. If the demand is that great then Apple should have invested in the ability to increase supply. 1 carrier or 10 carriers does not matter as long as Apple’s production capacity is already maxed out. Even then, they are still one while the competition is many.
    The only way for Apple to truly compete with Android long term is if they licensed iOS to other manufacturers. That’s not going to happen any time soon. Not with Steve Jobs at the helm.
    “Resistance is futile.” (I couldn’t help myself.)

  23. If I recall correctly, the vast majority of iPhone4 are current iPhone users. So, it sounds like iPhone has become saturated (not many new customers). If you wanted an iPhone, you already have one. Android has turned a lot of feature phone users into smartphone users. With the variable princing (data caps) being introduced, I think that more people will be switching to Android.

  24. I had no idea Apple included ipad and touch sales. That’s misleading and cheesy in general. iPhone fans everywhere are in denial, I love it. Android rules you Apple.

  25. derrick All the phones use the same OS. If Android was just for geeks and techies, it would flounder just like winMo or mobile linux phones have.

  26. Rob: “The only way for Apple to truly compete with Android long term is if they licensed iOS to other manufacturers. That’s not going to happen any time soon.”
    Apple thinks the whole secret to success is their simplicity and control. Android’s success proves the opposite: no! Most people *do* want lots of choices.

  27. I agree it won’t take that long… Apple is already creating bad marketing moves and cheap shots… which is already a sign that they are “rocked” by Android…. which will eventually lead to their downfall…

    yeah! Android Rules!

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