Aug 2nd, 2010

Financial reports from most major companies – including smartphone manufacturers – have been pouring in by the truckload. With that, research firm Canalys has done the dirty work to probe each company’s financial reports to determine how much the smartphone market has grown compared to the same quarter in 2009. Overall, shipments have increased by 64% year over year. That’s already impressive in and of itself. What about Android handsets, though?


From their vantage point, Android handset shipments increased by 886% in contrast to Q2 2009. The huge wave of high-end Android handsets supported by some compelling mid-ranged offerings since the end of 2009 and the start of 2010 have been key factors in pushing us right along. While quarter-t0-quarter growth doesn’t seem as massive, it takes time for anything to grow, and Android’s spurt is meeting (and probably surpassing) many expectations. A little over a year ago, that 900% growth rate prediction might’ve sounded crazy (even after Android got more than just one foot into the door after the now-retired T-Mobile G1), but it suddenly doesn’t surprise us. Go, Android, go!

[via IntoMobile]