Android Army Invades Apple Store Again, Apple Tries to Forget About Antennagate


Yep, it’s one of those stories that you just love to see to start your week off. One very loyal Android fan (with a lot of time on his hands) waltzed right into an Apple store with their accomplice to load up all of the store’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch demo units with various Android-centric wallpapers. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Android flaunting its stuff in Apple stores (and I must admit it makes me feel a bit immature), but I still get a bit tingly every time I see it happen.

In somewhat related news, Apple’s trying to forget about (and make you forget about) its Antennagate tactics as they’ve pulled down all of the content directly attacking competitors. Their original Antennagate site (which served no real purpose other than pointing fingers at others) now links to their general antenna testing page attempting to create transparency on their antenna testing labs, while their YouTube account is now devoid of all videos attacking other phones.

We can’t say for sure what may have caused them to double back. Was it the fact that they realized nearly every phone manufacturer they attacked weren’t keen on taking their beating without fighting back? Perhaps they want to avoid defamation lawsuits with their already-staggering backlog of cases they need to take care of? No one knows at the end of the day, but perhaps we can finally say that Antennagate is officially over. Now let’s return to our regularly scheduled Android-loving programming!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. pathetic

  2. lol thats messed up.I love macbooks though lol.

  3. F Steve Jobs, F Apple, F Apple products, F Apple product users….

  4. I don’t know what Apple was thinking but the OEM’s won’t forget.

  5. Cool.

    Die Apple die :D

  6. Did anyone watched Dinner for Smucks this weekend? They were using two G1’s in the movie! (And sadly iProducts too)

  7. I couldn’t help pointing all the iPads in Best Buy to the getflash website while my girlfriend was looking at washing machines.

  8. Go Diego Go… Oopps, I mean, Go ANDROID Go… lol

  9. “I picked da pritty one :3”


    Pretty funny though!

  10. Vandalism, woo. Doesn’t really shed a good light on Android users now, does it?

  11. I did the same thing with an ipad at bestbuy right after they came out. gtfo apple

  12. @Bob

    In what way is it vandalism?

    *zomg they changed wallpapers!!! How will Apple ever fix this, best press charges!!*

  13. @pt21

    You need to schedule an appoint at the genius bar first to get all the wallpaper fixed. :P

  14. Now that’s the good ole Android bias we need to see around here lol. Android Forever!

  15. Made me smile. Harmess pranks like this are so great. Kinda like leaving a image of gay porn on your buddies moniter at work when he walks away for a few minutes. :)

    Yes i’m a child… no I don’t care what you think. It’s entertaining.

  16. And I was wondering why the Apple logo is a bitten apple…

  17. This story made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I used to do this with my blog as free advertising.

  18. The girl is a cutie! I’ve done this type of thing, like going to the Flash web site and other sites mentioning problems with Apple products.

  19. Those guys are badasses

  20. Steve finally wised up that the more fingers he pointed, the worse the situation got. Love to know how many iPhones were returned, but doubtul they will release that information.

  21. Should have loaded iPhoDroid on them.

  22. pretty funny love the macbooks…F everything else apple…the Revolution continues…….

  23. What is funny is that yesterday i was in an apple store and changed all of the apple home pages to droiddoes.com lol, then a was sitting there with my girlfriend as the salesman kept getting frustrated because droiddoes.com kept opening up and he “didnt know why”..

  24. Android user here. I don’t own a single Apple product. Two reasons: the products are overpriced and the annoying Apple fanbois.

    The fanboism seen in this video just made me root against Android and for Apple.

  25. Last time I was in an Apple store I went to chatroulette.com on 4 iMacs and ran for cover. This older couple went in and saw themselves in the cam and a guy with humongous hairy belly and a R 3 inch weenie at the other cam. The look on their faces was just classic and the Apple nerd didn’t know what to say to them. I’m going to hell.

  26. Monday morning is now a little easier. :D So funny, even if you are an apple fanboy you have to laugh at this because it is just so harmless. haha keep the laughs coming guys.

    On a side note. I have to say that some of those fanboys were unsure what our little andoid buddy stands for, they have there head way to far up steve jobs rear end to even know there is other companies out there. Yay for Android. :D

  27. lol at “vandalism”! Some of you Android users need to get out more…

  28. I don’t particularly like apple’s actions as of late, but I think this kind of behavior is pretty tasteless and doesn’t do much to promote android

  29. Wow Bob, you just showed how spoiled & privileged you are to call that “vandalism.”

  30. I remember Going into an Apple Store the Week the IPAD Came out and left internet sites for HTC up and runinng. Then sum Apple employees found out and quickly closed the Browsers.

  31. And I thought Android fans where mature. Your all as immature as Apple fans.

  32. They took the Antennagate videos down, because they were keeping a huge PR problem ALIVE by pointing fingers.

    I though Apple was supposed to be polished and what not? This left them with a black eye, that they continually punched to make it feel better. What idiots.

  33. Steve Jobs says that the handheld i-products don’t support flash because its not gonna be the tech of tomorrow, when they need to focus on what’s being used here and now. F apple and their products.

  34. I like the Android OS but I am a Mac user… these guys are pathetic losers who really need to get a life. I mean really? What does it accomplish? NOTHING. This is proof that idiot fanboys live on both sides of the fence.

  35. This display of immature vandalism is appalling.
    (That said, I’m still LOL. :-)

  36. Let me guess, people who thought this was funny/great/awesome/etc are the same people who think Apple users are mindless, Steve Jobs-following fanboys right? Whether you are blindly devoted to Apple or Android, doesn’t really matter. A sheep is a sheep.

  37. my hero!~

  38. Childish…..why would anyone do that?
    Android has better not be about hate for apple or even love for android. It should be about a better choice for mobile platform.

  39. Pretty funny, I don’t understand why people are angry. Clean fun, immature yes, but no harm.

    I have a Macbook Pro and love it! Best computer I have ever owned, also my first Mac. Can’t see going back to Windows.

    I have lived a life mostly between Google and my Mac for the last 4 years. My calender and address book synces every constantly, always used Gmail instead of Mail in my Mac.

    This just made my move to Android so simple.

    I guess my point is I use them both, wouldn’t want to do without either.

  40. OK…… so hypothetically speaking, a customer is in the Apple store and is checking out the iPad, and it has an Android wallpaper (we’re assuming they recognize what the Android logo is. “Hey”, they think to themselves, “Alright, Android – ok, maybe I should think about an Android tablet instead of an iPad”.

    My question is, what should they buy? What’s the comparable Android tablet with a wealth of tablet-specific apps like the iPad has? So far I’ve seen a couple of low-end Android tablets but I’m not sure how comparable they really are – and how much Android software is specifically designed for them.

    I think the prank is fun and all, but I think there has to be an endgame. It’s fine to say “Hey, don’t buy that iPad, buy an Android tablet instead” – but there’s got to be something on the market to be worth considering.

  41. Heh…. I actually own a MacBook Pro and an iPad (I’m waiting for time to pass to see if an Android tablet will get proper dev support) and I did this to a couple iPhone 4’s this weekend at an Apple store and put the Galaxy S website bookmark on the first panel. Oh, and i love my Vibrant and I used to own a MT3G.

  42. @ TomHandy

    100% agreed

  43. @ dee

    LOL! Funny stuff. I’d have given anything to see the look on that nerd’s face.

  44. Either way, here’s a bit that I’d like to add to this: http://www.pressdisplay.com/pressdisplay/showlink.aspx?bookmarkid=VS9GBXVUNN86&preview=article&linkid=cbf67f06-e655-4fd8-8f76-97994db8be04&pdaffid=ZVFwBG5jk4Kvl9OaBJc5%2bg%3d%3d

    It’s unpleasant when things aren’t as black and while, isn’t it?

  45. I hate the iPhone, and I hate the company apple has become, but I will never switch back to a PC From a mac. And I will never switch from an android to an iOS user.

  46. @Eddie Android – I think your point is being overlooked, I did watch Dinner for Schmucks Saturday night both Steve Carell and Paul Rudd’s characters had G1’s. I actually wrote about it in my column here—> http://www.examiner.com/x-61700-Hartford-Smartphones-Examiner~y2010m8d1-Dinner-for-Schmucks-shows-some-love-to-G1

  47. awsome

  48. Isn’t the new jailbreak through the browser? Jailbroken ipods in the apple store?

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