Droid 2 Gets Benchmarked in the Wild, Just as Fast as All the Others


The Motorola Droid 2 isn’t expected to launch until sometime later this month, but enough geeks have gotten their hands on the device that we’re already starting to see Quadrant benchmarks for it pop-up. The Droid 2 tested here definitely seems to be FroYo-based as it nearly surpasses an Android 2.2-enabled Nexus One. We expected as much considering the bump in speed it’s gotten over its predecessor (1GHz processor compared to 550MHz).


Even with Motorola’s custom skin apparently not going anywhere, it doesn’t look like it’s doing anything to bog it down with the JIT-injected FroYo doing its job. [via IntoMobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I can barely make out that picture. I’m assuming the Droid 2 is the yellow bar and the one above it is the Nexus One with 2.2. If that’s the case then the difference between the Droid and Droid 2 is quite substantial, even though I love my Droid. Oh and I can’t tell what the one below the Droid 2 is, anyone able to figure that one out?

  2. How do you know it’s running 2.2 Froyo? The OMAP processor running at 1GHz should beat the Snapdragon processor by a fair margin. Now whether or not it would beat the 2.1 N1 by that much I’m not so sure, but I would think that if it had 2.2, it would at least peek ahead of the N1 running 2.2.

    These scores (which are nearly identical to the Droid X scores) make it seem like it’s definitely running 2.1, not 2.2.

  3. can’t see anything! I’m blind!

  4. @Quantum, IntoMobile’s source – who is the one actually handling the device – confirms Android 2.2

  5. @ Rand0m,
    device below droid 2 is Moto Shadow (X) with 2.1

  6. People with stock Droid X’s are getting 1200+ scores in Quadrant. Even the Moto Shadow score of ~1100 isn’t that far below what looks like a 1299 of this “Droid 2”.

    Going from 2.1 to 2.2, the N1 increased by about 160%. Considering that the Droid X runs very similar hardware to the Droid 2, you’d expect more than just a 10% increase in performance.

  7. BTW, I’m not saying you guys are wrong. I’m just pointing out that it’s highly suspect and we should be careful not to let rumors and miscommunication snowball into confirmed facts.

  8. I find this strange as well. My 2.1 stock (albeit rooted) Droid X scores nearly ~1250 average normally. That’s not that big of an increase on benchmarks sadly.

  9. especially since droid 2 didn’t even launch yet!

  10. Why so much time for this to reach europe???it bogs my mind…

  11. Bha, my milestone (droid 1) running froyo score 1450 in quadrant, are you telling me that the droid 2 is worse?
    It’s clearly running 2.1

  12. The Droid 2 isn’t supposed to be an upgrade from the Droid X, though, is it? It’s basically a Droid X with a physical keyboard.

  13. Just run the test on Desire with 2.2 got 1134.

  14. For those who can’t see follow the link:


    For those who still can’t see… God help you.

  15. lol. i get 1700 with my galaxy s and the lagg-fix ;)

  16. “The Droid 2 tested here definitely seems to be FroYo-based as it nearly surpasses an Android 2.2-enabled Nexus One.”

    That is an interesting conclusion. If the Droid 2 has the same CPU at the same speed as the Droid X it should easily beat the Nexus One if both were running 2.2.

  17. Jo,

    Is there an easy step by step fix for the lag in the galaxy s??

  18. Huh? The Droid 2 doesn’t actually SURPASS the discontinued Nexus? and people are celebrating?

  19. Yeah the Nexus is an older phone so it shouldn’t beat the new Droids I don’t get it

  20. Not bad, expected more. My Vibrant with the I/O fix is getting 1900 in quadrant on 2.1 without JIT

  21. @Justin – What Fix is that? And how do I get my hands on it? or perform it if that is the type of fix?

  22. My rooted and overclocked droid scores 1175 on Quadrant and I’m not even overclocking it that hard.

  23. sorry to tell yall this.. but when my vibrant get 2.2 it going to make alot of these phone seem outdated.. invest well my friend!!

  24. Yeah, I’m with you guys. If the Droid2 has the same processor as the DroidX, the Droid2 should be running in the neighborhood of 1250 on Quadrant on Android 2.1, just like the DroidX does….right? If nothing else, these OMAP processors on Froyo, should be hitting 2000 at worst on Quadrant…right? Or, am I missing something?

  25. My rooted Droid 1 beats out both the nexus 1 with froyo and the Droid 2! I still wouldnt mind having a droid 2 though :)

  26. @js
    Just google ext4 lag fix for vibrant and you should find a link to the xda developers forum, which has the instructions for the fix.

  27. Just got 1287 on Droid X 2.1

  28. My N-gage got choo’ aalll beat!

  29. samsung facinate rooted and lag fix. 2200 avg. beat that

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