Samsung: Don’t Like Your iPhone 4? Here, Have a Free Galaxy S (UK)


Samsung’s really flogging the living hell out of Apple’s misfortunes as of late. Now, they’re extending a hand to all of those inside the walled garden that aren’t satisfied with the fruits, vegetables, and flora inside. After “antennagate”, Samsung’s firing back at all coordinates and they won’t stop until the Apple flag has fallen. On twitter, Samsung’s official account for their UK division responded to several users who were just going on about their merry day tweeting about their iPhone 4 woes. Their suggestion? “Switch to a Galaxy S, we’ll even give it to you for free!”


Tiffany – the lady that Samsung graced with a brand new Galaxy S – told Wired:

“My iPhone and I have been inseparable for almost a month now, tomorrow being one month since the iPhone OS 4 launched. But the honeymoon period ended this week as repeated dropped calls, and a sudden unexplainable inability to make or receive calls or send texts left me disgruntled.

“So I did what anyone else would do: I vented my frustration on Twitter. Imagine my surprise, then, when this morning I am tweeted by Samsung offering me a free Galaxy S, their latest phone. Too good to be true? I decided to investigate.

“I called a friend at Samsung, and though she was initially sceptical (sic), it has now been confirmed: the campaign is legit. Samsung is so confident about the superiority of the Galaxy S that they’re sending free ones to existing iPhone customers so they can decide for themselves.”

That’s ridiculously generous. There are no immediate catches that can be found (carrier contract deals?) and I’m sure Samsung won’t send a free Galaxy S to anyone just claiming to have issues (let’s face it: everyone’s going to want to try it after this), but it’s still pretty awesome to see that they aren’t going to take Apple’s FUD-spreading without a fight.

[Wired via Samsung Hub]

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  1. I think it is a great idea, giving away 100 or so free phones never hurt anybody

  2. Good move. But can I get one free too :P

  3. Talk about an all out war with Apple. Do they have to turn in their iPhones to get the deal? Sounds to me like they are trying to capture what Apple did, return customers whenever a newer model comes out.

  4. Wow, that’s actually really awesome. Sounds like Samsung is trying to be what Apple used to be before they became “The Man.”
    Way to go Samsung!

  5. Brilliant. They send out 2 free phones and they look like heroes.

  6. Apple bought it upon themselves, instead of accepting their mistake and promising to correct it, they dragged in the whole phone industry and now the entire industry is responding in their own ways. Maybe Steve Jobs suffers from insecurity complex, you know his company has 40 billion dollars in cash and yet he is scared of android and possibly WP7 and WebOs and Blackberry OS as well. Another thing to note is symbian shipments is not going down, as everybody predicted, yes their profits went down, but their shipments went up. Maybe that is the reason of Steve Jobs insecurity complex

  7. I’ll have to lie about my non-existent iPhone so I can get a free Galaxy S! :D

  8. This just proves that Apple vs Android is the most interesting and creative platform war to date. This combined with the add they are running really show that Samsung is going on the attack and believe that the Galaxy S is a top of the range phone.

  9. Samsung is acting like a mean pitbull terrier. Lets see if its bite affects the big bad mean rotten apple lol, i love it. Platform wars has more drama than any hollywood blockbuster. Good entertainment for us folks

  10. Wow…they are really going for the jugular. I guess they were serious about wanting to dominate the smartphone market and they may just do it. Of course that only pushes Moto and HTC to work harder and we get the benefits. I wonder how many times they are going to do this.

  11. DANG!

    I fought like mad to get Orange to take back my iPhone 4, it took me weeks. Now I am ultra pleased with my Galaxy S… awesome phone, and yes, there is no loss of calls EVER by holding the phone like I had with my iPhone.


  12. This is going to make Apple look very bad. Everyone is going to get on Twitter and start bashing the iphone, hoping that Samsung will give them a free phone also. Twitter is going to be full of people talking about how much they hate their iphones. Haha!

  13. It’s amazing that they managed to randomly pick people working in the media in recruitment and marketing to help. Brilliant strategy!

  14. I HATE MY IPHONE 4 had 3gs and loved it the before i dropped it and cracked screen updated to iphone 4 and it sucks ass for dropping calls constantly….ugg i hate apple now

  15. I think everyone trying it to get a free phone themselves after this is half the point. Giving away a few phones is a small cost to create a huge wave of negative posts about the iPhone. Very smart.

  16. Doesn’t Samsung make the Apple A4 Processor? I saw somewhere that the A4 was actually a variant of the Hummingbird. I guess Apple is pissing off AT&T as well as their other partners.

  17. actually, the most interesting part of this are the complaints about dropped calls. ATT should take heart, it may not be all about them after all ;)

  18. I unfortunately don’t think giving away a few free phones will make a dent in Apples fanatical cult followers but its a start. Steve is only hurting his own credibility with rediculous comments like all smartphones have reception problems. Naming HTC and others. Obviously targeting Android with comments like that. I’ve been with Verizon for about three years and have never once had a dropped call. My Droid X and the Droid I had before that never suffered from reception issues. I can’t wait to see the number of iphone buyers next year. And weather or not this defective iphone will discourage as many i-diots from compulsively rushing out to purchase the next version on release day. But I doubt it…

  19. If I complain about my wife’s Samsung Mythic, do you think they’ll give her a Galaxy. It keeps shutting off, ignoring calls, and freezing up. Take care of your own too Sammy!

  20. If Apple won’t Fix Their F’ing Fone (FTFF), Samsung will!

  21. RELEASE THE WHORES! Everyones going to try to get in on this… lol.

  22. How about some love for those of us forced to buy the Captivate at AT&T? I’d love an unlocked Galaxy S!!

    My only advice to Samsung is to have one form-factor so that case manufacturers have a market for their cases…

  23. Folks

    The Samsung Galaxy (all versions) is also a lame product. The GPS is not reliable and the compass suffers from Alzheimer.

    Keep your iPhones.

  24. I have an iPhone 4 and my husband switched from his iPhone 3g to a Samsung Captivate and has been warring with Samsung ever since. It needs oodles of firmware fixes to fix crap from the GPS to the compas to the slow response and loading times. He has contacted them on every available channel to ask about potential fixes and they gave him some really excellent advice: try taking the battery out and putting it back in. It didn’t work. He loves the “potential” he sees in the os, don’t get me wrong, but as for me… well, I bought a case (which I would have done anyway) and have been happily using my phone problem-free for a month.

  25. yeah, it’s great that samsung is trying to fix things for apple’s customers and ignoring the mountain of problems the galaxy s owners are having. my self included.

  26. Interesting… maybe if I twitter all the problems I’ve been having the last week with my Craptivate they’ll send me a free iPhone.

  27. If anyone reads this that has any input, feel free to use my new marketing/advertising idea. “Who needs apps when we have Widgets?” Then show off how cool an operational and visible widget is compared to a silly little, ancient looking icon, I mean short-cut, I mean app.

  28. Samsung launched the most feature rich phone on the planet. Why shouldn’t they be confident? The simple reason is they want to also take back the #1 Electronics Tech Company Ranking in the World from Siemens. They were only dropped to #2 because of the Billions they’re investing in another AMOLED Fabrication Plant. Right now they are still the #1 selling phone maker on the planet #20 Corporation overall and when you look down the list to see Apple you have to turn many pages to get there!

    Galaxy S has the fastest SGX540 GPU w/90million Tri/per/sec in a phone designed for the future and affordable for everybody. The Radios from Broadcom are the latest top tier designs available. Samsung has the first Wifi Direct (device to device w/o router) w/both 2.4ghz & 5.0ghz (unlike iPwn’d4), 1st Phone w/Bluetooth 3.0 10x faster than iP4’s BT2.1, 3G VOIP baseband radio better than iP4’s incapable of running Facetime (Wifi Only)… haha… What a Joke iP4 is, with it’s infamous dropped call feature!

    iP4’s screen is technology from the last century with it’s response times an abysmal 25ms. Which is what IPS screens had 10yrs ago. Contrast ratio is only 800:1 do you all realize how bad that really is? Especially compared to latest exclusive Super Amoled’s 100,000:1 Contrast with a stunning 0.01 Response time. That means Action Games and Video are perfect and display lightning fast w/o ghosting or artifacts of any kind no matter what’s on the screen.

    With DLNA Support built in to the phone you never have to carry a HDMI cable to display your videos, play your music and games on a HDTV or other Galaxy phone even. They even smartly designed into the headphone jack a TV-Video Out feature. Coming soon is use of it’s FM Transceiver feature for transmitting music to your car or home stereo! ….let’s see how many years it takes Apple to get all these features! :D

  29. I am surprised one of the bigger stateside carriers has not jumped up to take advantage of the situation yet. All Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc would have to do is offer to pay off AT&Ts termination fee if they want to trade up to an Android phone.

  30. Is it really true? Can’t believe and imagine!
    Can Galaxy S overcome iphone’s problems? If possible, I’d like to try.

  31. Why I can’t see message I left? Sumsung is kidding?

  32. what are they thinking? i have an iphone 4 and a samsung galaxy S (both bough a the same time) and let me tell you: the galaxy S is too big and android is a clumsy, non-coherent os. had lots of gps problems, compass, dropped calls, etc. it sucks. it’s an iphone wannabe.

    tried to talk to samsung to fix them for me. they told me to shove it!

    this is the last drop, i gonna return it and buy ANOTHER iphone 4, for my girlfriend and advice against samsung and its shady marketing.

  33. Kron, u are a copy-past person with no brain. there are lots of IPS screens. and 10 years ago is not now. of course u never seen one in your life.

    go back to your hole. with your nokia.

  34. and another thing, Kron, DLNA SUCKS. i’ve tried to use it on several tv screens and all sorts of devices. it sucks. slow and bad quality. it’s looks good to write all those funny acronyms and having no idea what you are taking about. but when you DO try them its another story.

    and hey, the galaxy S, even sucking as it does, is, by far, the best android phone to date. i give them that.

  35. also, Galaxy S has THE SAME CPU as the iPhone 4. Samsung makes both and, as seen everywhere on the net, they are the same. u can notice it by their microscope-taken pictures

  36. “person” you are a troll. DLNA is convenience feature… It only sucks because of the bandwidth that it requires. PS3 with gigabit lan raid server works great… It is not a replacement for HDMI hence the phone offers both features…

  37. HSPA+ with TMO is faster than Wimax. I love it!

  38. I hate my Iphone. Tried to sell it and buy another phone like Samsungs great phone. No one will buy it from me. I should have bought a Samsung from the start. Stupid me….

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