Jul 23rd, 2010

Samsung’s getting that Galaxy S advertisement campaign going – just as they’ve been doing for quite some time – but their latest print ad is sure to put a nice smirk (or a big smile if it really arouses you) on the face of any tech geek that sees it. In a section of the Metro newspaper, an ad is pictured which says “Hellllo” with the “L”s climbing in succession to what looks like reception bars on a cell phone.


There’s no secret who this is aimed at. It’s even more ironic that the Samsung Galaxy S pictured takes a lot of cues from the iPhone 4. Samsung’s pleading “hey, get a phone just as great – if not better than – the iPhone 4 AND you’ll also get the ability to actually use the ‘phone’ part of it.”

Brilliant. In other Galaxy S ad related news, Samsung’s drafted up a commercial of epic proportions for the Samsung Captivate that was set to air on television starting last night. The commercial starts off like a trailer for a blockbuster movie and the camera zooms out after some time to realize the Captivate. It doesn’t show much, but it does drill that “the Super AMOLED display is awesome and you definitely need to see it to believe it” message into your skull.

[via EuroDroid]

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