Samsung Says “Hello: Our Phones Have Bars” in Latest Tongue-in-Cheek Ad


Samsung’s getting that Galaxy S advertisement campaign going – just as they’ve been doing for quite some time – but their latest print ad is sure to put a nice smirk (or a big smile if it really arouses you) on the face of any tech geek that sees it. In a section of the Metro newspaper, an ad is pictured which says “Hellllo” with the “L”s climbing in succession to what looks like reception bars on a cell phone.


There’s no secret who this is aimed at. It’s even more ironic that the Samsung Galaxy S pictured takes a lot of cues from the iPhone 4. Samsung’s pleading “hey, get a phone just as great – if not better than – the iPhone 4 AND you’ll also get the ability to actually use the ‘phone’ part of it.”

Brilliant. In other Galaxy S ad related news, Samsung’s drafted up a commercial of epic proportions for the Samsung Captivate that was set to air on television starting last night. The commercial starts off like a trailer for a blockbuster movie and the camera zooms out after some time to realize the Captivate. It doesn’t show much, but it does drill that “the Super AMOLED display is awesome and you definitely need to see it to believe it” message into your skull.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. Oh the irony


    I’m gonna LMAO every time I see this.

    The only better ad would be a TV spot of an Android phone with full reception being shoved in steve jobs’ ugly face.

    On the subject of which – In ya face messiah stevie wonder jobs!

  3. Why say “just as great if not better”? It’s just flat out better as most high end Android devices are. That’s one thing I’ve noticed about Android. The blogs don’t go all out in evangelizing the product. Now I know why and that’s because of the type of people that tend to use Android vs iOS. We are normally more objective. But it would make sense to push the products that pay your bills wouldn’t it? We know good and well the major so called neutral blogs always promote the iPhone over Android so why give the iPhone any credit on Android blogs? It’s not like its a lie. Android is blowing iOS out of the water.

  4. @Phil unfortunately, many would beg to differ. Putting too much of my bias for Android into the mix has not produced desirable results in the past. A nice balance must be achieved. And I really do think highly of the iPhone. That’s possible even if I’m not a fan of the phone, company, or OS at all.

  5. There’s an art to being subtle. But I do understand why on average Android users will stand less for bias than your average iOS user. We all know though that if you don’t show that you believe your product is better then no one else will.

  6. You know that add boasting signal bars on the Galaxy S is a bit annoying to me, a Samsung Vibrant user – my Vibrant (a Galaxy S phone) is loosing bars like crazy when I hold it (lightly mind you, no death grip necessary) like a regular phone. They better fix their own problems before pointing fingers at others. Not that I am a fan of Apple or anything but let’s not be hypocritical here Samsung.

  7. huaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa.. i can’t imagine like what mr.jobs face.. so deep ugly face maybe!!


  8. Frankly, I’m kinda tired of “mine is better, nah nah nah nah nah”. The iPhone and Android Phones both have their good and bad points, why not focus on those instead of this constant “my dad can beat your dad up” junk? I want you to go over to Modymyi.com or ilounge.com, how many Android bashing articles do you see? Next to nada, in fact, I see none today, doesn’t that tell you something? Oh, and I have an iPhone 4 and an HTC Incredible and love them both, I am a fanboy of none, and a lover of all.

  9. To add to my previous post, they also will go after Apple and their products when they see they are making mistakes or have faults. The only fanboyism I am getting is from this site lately.

  10. I love it.

    I just wish I could actually SEE steve jobs squirming, I mean, to see him come down a dozen pegs or so, to the space where the people he loves to patronise actually live… now that would be delicious…


  11. YES! Right next to the story about a pole dancer. LOL!

  12. This is a ‘Phan’ board right?

    ***** Android rokz and Apple sux

  13. Pretty clever add, it makes me think that …

    Wait, what’s that about the pole dancer?

  14. Unfortunately, My Vibrant is definitely under-performing in terms of bars and service. I live in an area where the signal is not so good.
    Below is my experience in the signal quality of handsets in my area:
    (Best) — G1 >> HTC HD2 >> BB Pearl >> Vibrant — (Worst)

  15. Not really for the constant back and forth but it is mildly entertaining at times. The Android commercials are usually nicely done and I like the “new kid on the block you don’t want to mess with” mindset. It should end there though. Not blog after a blog of which is better. It’s a preference, just like picking which Android device you want to own.

  16. The Android vs Apple war is incredibly entertaining, and I super enjoy reading articles on such annd have no problem admitting it. Both platforms have pros and cons, and its human nature to pick a side and defend it till the bitter death. Keep the articles coming Phandroid. I need to be entertained while I’m at work.

  17. Nice. I’m waiting for my new Captivate to arrive…
    bye bye Sprint. bye bye Winmo. no thanks Apple

  18. It is very subtle but Hello is probably a reference to the Mac

  19. I never liked iphone, too expensive for nothing, where as my android is sweet and cheap, which is perfect and is capable of performing many tasks that the iphone does.

  20. My vibrant is performing perfectly. Also the captivate Is kind off ugly. The vibrant is much better looking

  21. Now, if only Motorola would do soemthing similar, they may be able to raise their reputation from the gutter here in the UK!

  22. AWESOME!!!! eat yourself “apple”

  23. Hey, Apple has been asking for it. About time they got a little payback.

  24. haha awesome ad. Anyway, for anyone who haven’t tried the Galaxy S, well you’re missing a lot and give it a try, i have a Nexus One and i tried the Galaxy S and it definitely made me so jealous, its an awesome piece of hardware

  25. Unfortunately, as others have said, I am also experiencing reception issues with my Vibrant. As I type this on my phone I have zero bars. I only wish this ad was true. :(

  26. I wonder how long it will take for all 4 versions of the Galaxy S to come out. It seems like Sprint’s and VZW’s are going to be mid to late August at the earliest. VZW probably wants to get at least a month in with Moto’s Droid X before putting out another Android phone to compete against it. It should be interesting to see what happens with the EVO 4g vs the Epic 4g

  27. @Mike C, allow me to show you to the door…

  28. I got a Vibrant myself that I like. I laughed at how contradicting this is because I can just by picking up my phone and lightly holding it and I lose bars. This from what I have been testing on my own. It seems it has to do with areas that already have a weak signal. In strong 3g areas the bars seems to hold even when held by hand. In my house I get 2 bars and 3G on my G1. And with my Vibrant I get 0 bars and 3G. Ran the same trial at my work same result 2 bars lower. I think the bars that are being shown are 2 bars lower than the actual signal you’re getting. I always run the speed tests to actually see kbps and compared to my G1 and they’re about the same.

    In my studying of it I think the bars need to be adjusted because im not coming to the conclusion that im losing or losing much of a signal when my hands are on the phone. It just shows it that way in the bars. And when I use the phone it doesnt seem any slower than it would on the G1. Sometimes faster! Its only my opinion and I welcome all opinions. =)

  29. lol iPhone, with its price (unlocked one) i’d rather buy me a medium-speced laptop.

  30. -On topic: good job samsung about the ad.

    Also Galaxy S seems to be an awesome device especially looking at its competitive price compared to its specs.

  31. I have to agree with 20, the captivate looks like it fell out of an ugly tree…

  32. this is an awesome add, a good counter to Apple trying to drag all down with them. iphone is ok but it is the people who use them which i can not stand, all bunch of idiots.

  33. Samsung Epic 4G: ¿lanzamiento el 20 de agosto?…

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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