Jul 18th, 2010

In an attempt to contravene any negative image Apple may have bestowed upon their brand after the almighty “Antennagate” press conference Apple held this past Friday, HTC’s brought out their handy book of numbers. Apple claims that – of the three million+ iPhone 4s they’ve sold – just over half of one percent called to complain about reception issues.


Speaking to Pocket-Lint, HTC’s Eric Lin decided to throw out some of their own numbers regarding one of the phones that Apple directly (and very prominently) attacked at the press conference: the HTC Droid Eris. According to him, only .016% of Droid Eris users have ever called customer care to complain about any reception issues with the device.

We’re not sure if this counterattack can be considered valid given the different variables in play (how many Droid Eris units sold vs iPhone 4? How long has each been out? What about the return percentage?) but we’ll always entertain a little PR war between two sides.

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