Verizon: Stop Calling the Incredible an End-of-Life Device; You’re Hurting Its Feelings


A spokesperson for Verizon Wireless officially updated us on the rumors of the HTC Droid Incredible being an end-of-life product: it’s simply not true, they say. Rumors started festering about when the Droid Incredible appeared on the same phaseout list that the now-extinct HTC Droid Eris did.

The first thought that came to our minds was that Verizon’s inability to keep their supply and demand on an equilibrium forced their hand in suppressing the Incredible and making room for the two new heavy-hitting Motorola devices coming soon: the Motorola Droid X in July and the Motorola Droid 2 in August (unconfirmed).


That wasn’t the case, however, as reports started making their rounds regarding a new change in the Incredible’s box and pre-packaged accessories. Even with that, it appears that slight change wasn’t the only thing responsible for the change in SKUs: HTC started manufacturing the devices with Sony’s Super TFT LCD in place of the hard-to-find AMOLED. According to them, the two display technologies are nearly indistinguishable, and this will help them get back on track with Droid Incredible manufacturing to fulfill all of those backorders (the ones that haven’t switched their orders to the upcoming Droid X, anyway).

So there you have it. It’s not end-of-life, it’s not dead, it’s not anything. Now let’s move on before one of these Droid devices curl up on the defensive and send us to the guillotine.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Give me some accessories to go with it and I will feel more convinced.

  2. I never really checked this phone out but it sure seems to have a bunch of wasted space at the top and bottom..

  3. @cdandrews They are coming from the best case maker just add this link to your favorites :)


  4. agree cdandrews… i’ve been a whiner about this too. talk is cheap, verizon. show us you’re committed to the inc. we needed accessories for this thing 2 months ago. if HTC can’t get it done, find a 3rd party that can.

  5. The Incredible is an amazing device. Verizon would have to be crazy to phase it out so soon.

    @Rick James The photo makes it look much different than reality. The top and bottom of the phone are a perfect size. The photo is the issue here. Go to a Verizon or BestBuy and check this phone out! You won’t be dissapointed.


    “HTC started manufacturing the devices with Sony’s Super TFT LCD in place of the hard-to-find Super AMOLED”

    Did I miss something?

  7. Its a regular amoled no super amoled

  8. @Enlight It’s only amazing until the Droid X comes out. Then there is simply NO reason to spend your money on an HTC Incredible when you can get the vastly superior Droid X instead.

  9. They might as well begin shipping it with a larger battery too.

  10. Wait what? How can I tell if they scammed me and sent me a regular lcd instead? My phone looks amazing but still I want to be able to say its got an oled.

  11. @Jx2 But given that you can’t even get the Incredible until after the Droid X launches, there is absolutely no reason to order it now either.

  12. So hoe do I figure out if the Incredible that im getting tomorrow is AMOLED or Super TFT? what are the differences in SKU numbers?

  13. @Jx2… I really don’t understand everyone’s fetish with these massive screens. I left Sprint to buy the Incredible because the screen size was perfect (not to mention we don’t live in a 4G area). I suppose each to their own, but even when you compare the specs, there isn’t much of a difference. Pocketability wins for me every time.

  14. Exactly which accessories are you all looking for? Docks? There are a decent amount of cases out there.

    @jwg802 What do you mean if HTC can’t get it done? The case I have on my Incredible is made by HTC. It’s really sexy, fits like a glove.

  15. The X is impressive, but when you hold it it’s just massive. Plus the back is slanted, presumably bec of the cam. It’s like sitting a giant calculator down on your desk. The specs are great, it’s super fast and the screen is beautiful. But good luck geting it in your pocket and not breaking it.

  16. @Jx2: Some ppl don’t want a BIG phone with a BIG screen. It’s good to have options for Android lovers.

  17. I personally like the incredible over the droid x. The Incredible looks so much nicer than the X. On top of that Motorola put motoblur in…..again…..no thanks.

  18. Motoblur.. way to kill my interest until after root.

  19. motoblur/sense they both suck ass!!

    good luck rooting the droidx though..

    @Juice- you dont actually think they are going to distinguish between the screens do you? haha hell no!

  20. Give us a dock and I will be satisfied.

  21. give us a decent battery how about that ?

  22. How about the video out cable for the Incredible that I still can’t find. :-( It’s got the capability, can ANYBODY find where I can buy the cable?

  23. I have owned the motorola droid and devour I have also owned the htc eris and currently running the incredible. while the Motorolas had nice features the overall greatly disappointed me. it would take alot for me to own another Motorola. any ways how can you tell the difference in the screens. I love mine so I am just curious??

  24. The more compact size (3.7″ vs 4.3) and Sense UI are what set the Incredible apart from the X, previously that included the AMOLED screen. I have my doubts about the Sony “Super” TFT LCD being comparable to the Samsung AMOLED.

    Verizon will have the trifecta of devices:

    — a large screen gaming and media-centric device (Droid X)
    — a compact, social-oriented device with a beautiful UI (Droid Incredible)
    — a vanilla Google Experience device with physical keyboard (Droid 2)

  25. @Jared Yeah, this cable needs to come out of hiding…hell, they had a video before launch showing the TV out capability (I think they where showing “Finding Nemo”)

  26. I’ve seen someone with an EVO with a protective case and the thing is huge for a phone, and since Droid X has the same screen size as the EVO with a slightly longer (and probably not as thin) body, I can just imagine how big it can get with a protective case. I love the specs of the phone but the size turns me away.

    @Jared: Video out cable for DI:

  27. @Christ_oh_fur – cases aren’t an issue there are dozens to choose from. HTC has had “out of stock” on their site for the TV out cable and dock since the dinc launched… ontop of this, we still don’t have a functional car dock.

    anyone got a name or email for this “spokesperson”? :)

  28. @Anonymous
    Yeah, I’ve seen that one, I’ve actually bought it, but the problem is, it’s NOT actually for the incredible :-( it would work, but it’s not only mini USB which I could get an adapter for, but it’s ExtUSB which is a goofy looking USB plug. It will accept a normal mini USB into it, but as far as plugging it into the phone, any adapter to go from mini USB to micro will NOT work :-( because the ExtUSB mini plug will not go into a normal mini USB adapter socket. :-(

    If you look closely at the picture you can see what I mean, the usb socket has a goofy square edge on it so it wont fit. :-(

    Thanks for posting the link anyhow :-)
    If anybody else can find it… PLEASE let me know :-D

  29. Ya it like doesnt like talk about like the apps ya know? Like how like the iphone like has all of those like games and crap. Ya they should like definitely show that like the droid has like apps and crap.

  30. I can do without the AMOLED on the Incredible… as long as they drop the price to $150.

  31. Sense ui is ugly! Droid x doesn’t have moto blur! Moto dominates all other phone manufacturers! Good luck with froyo on a locked down htc phone :(

  32. I love my Incredible. Have had it since the launch day, but the lack of cases is disappointing. The reflective cases are awesome but no color choices. Also, where is the desktop dock!?

  33. My husband will be picking up the Droid X, though he thinks my phone is unbelievable. Myself, I think the X is too big.

  34. @Jx2 Some people simply don’t want to hold a tablet up to their face. The Droid X is literally bigger than my hand. That alone makes me not want it.

  35. The only I wish the Incredible had is a front-facing camera. But, in reality, front-facing cameras are not that common place just yet, so there aren’t that many chances to actually use one with another person, since so few have them.

    In two years, when my contract is up, the next phone I get will obviously have a front-facing camera, and many more people wll already have them, so there will be people to actually make face-to-face calls with.

  36. Should have been “The only THING I wish….”

    Oh, well.

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