EVO 4G’s OTA Pulled From the Datawebs


Firstly, it’s official: the new name for the “internet” is “datawebs”. Anywho, that update that was giving so many HTC EVO 4G owners problems yesterday has now been pulled. Users started reporting bricked devices when they accidentally applied the update twice (the phone would notify them of the same OTA update after they’d finished applying it and rebooting).


While the vast majority of consumers successfully downloaded and installed the most recent HTC EVO 4G software update, we have received a handful of reports from customers having some issues with the update. In light of this, HTC and Sprint have decided to temporarily halt distribution of this software release until we can investigate further. We expect to be able to resume software updates shortly.

After applying the update a second time, phones have essentially become very nice paperweights. We’ll be keeping our eye on the situation to know when HTC and Sprint’s cleared everything up, but I can’t imagine a good amount of you are sitting too well with this (especially considering how hard it is to get your EVO 4G replaced at this point in time).

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. Yeah I would be furious, however this could be an opportunity for a sizable bill credit lol. Gotta take the bad with the good.

  2. This is why I love root. No carrier update f***ups.

  3. Exactly about root. The bad thing is there are so many noobs who don’t follow instructions. They always asked during their rooting process, when an update comes, should they install. THEY ARE ALWAYS TOLD NO, yet as soon as it came they did it anyway. And who installs an update twice???

  4. It also asked me to update twice and it did. Good thing my phone came out working fine. I wonder if there should be any future concerns with the people who got a good update.

  5. I’m guessing a lot of the folks with problems didn’t let the first update finish properly. It did cycle a few times and stay on the same screen so perhaps people didn’t realize it was still being updated.

  6. I think the issue here is impatience. This on the part of the End-User, Sprint, and HTC to rush out a fix for the quick complaints. Still GREAT Device for the next 4 – 6 months.

  7. I updated yesterday and all is fine. The EVO along with WiFi is faster. Others have said that they did not allow the update process to go through the several reboots and this might be the cause of the troubles.

  8. @grkone Agreed.

  9. I updated my phone yesterday and it went through fine, when i got home that night the update came up again so i updated it….bad idea. I got a nice paper weight and i’ll be out a phone for a couple of days, if not weeks…better get the old faithful out and reactivate it. although sprint did offer me a $25 credit for “my inconvenience”. If it was the excact same update, then the software should have picked that up and told me it was already installed, i cancel, end of story. oh well huh, i guess thats what i get for being one of the firsts to purchase this phone. guinea pigs.

  10. Mine is similar to speedypablo’s. I updated without issue yesterday, saw no more updates available. This morning I get a popup that there’s a new update, and the version number was different than yesterdays. Hit Google, see all the news articles and blogs about Sprint pulling the update yesterday until it’s fixed. So I do some math, realize that today is greater than yesterday and that I have another OTA Update with a different version than yesterday and assumed that Sprint fixed it, and enabled it. NOPE. Brick. The store I bought it from, I spent an hour and half in there, and walked out with a lovely early 2000’s Samsung flip phone to use until they can ship me a new Evo.

    You bet your ass I’m going to make Sprint give me an “inconvenience” credit, as well as prorate a credit for my $9.99 wicked processor “enhanced data” charge.

  11. My phone came out fine after the update. However, some of my contacts have been deleted. Anyone else experiencing that problem?

  12. Sorry for those that got bricked, that really sucks.

    My EVO is okay…well kind of. My Wifi doesn’t work at all, all my contact are entered twice, no Android wallpaper and some widgets are fubared.

    Has anyone else LOST their Wifi?

  13. Updated 2 phones here mine and my wifes mine went through fine about 4 hours after hers she got another update luckily I had already read about the problems so I told her not to update it wifi seems improved on minne but not on hers and the update is gone now

  14. I updated yesterdayday and my phone was good, I got another update request this morning but it seemed totally different, like as it was downloading the screen was black with a picture of a phone and green progress bar. My phone still works fine, actually little better than before. I’m currently posting this comment via my ego

  15. i just got a message right now saying that there’s an update for my evo i think they fixed it…hell yeah,,mine is rooted i hope nothing happens

  16. Ran the OTA yesterday. During the process the screen showed a chip with a red triagle indicating a hardware issue. Phone then rebooted and worked fine with one exception…….I lost wifi and 4g. Took it to a sprint store and they had no idea of what was going on. After explaining the issue I ended up going to Best Buy and swapping mine out with a new one. My phone was still stock and not rooted. Needless to say, I am holding off all OTA updates until they release a proper build. Side note is that I updated the device over wifi and not 3G.

  17. Update is back up. Just downloaded it and installing on my EVO now. Crossing my fingers…

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