Droid Eris Has Been Laid to Rest


No, I’m not talking about a partnership between Verizon and Epic to put one of Lamb of God’s greatest songs on their device. I’m talking about the fact that the Droid Eris has officially (and – by Verizon’s watch – “successfully”) been phased out of the equation. Taking a quick stroll through their phones site reveals that the only traces of the phone to be had are support documents and accessories for the device.


Its spot as HTC’s Sense-enabled device on “Big Red” has been prominently replaced by the far-superior HTC Droid Incredible. For those that don’t remember, the Droid Eris was put on the same phaseout list that the BlackBerry Tour was put on, which has been replaced by the latest Blackberry Bold on their site.

And if you need your memory jogged even more, the Droid Incredible was on that same list, but let’s not get too crazy: that may have just been a slight SKU change for the device’s new packaging and pre-packaged microSD card.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. took the wife to the Verizon Store to get a Droid Eris on Saturday. When we got there, the manager didn’t realize that they were out of the Eris. Wife ended up with an LG Ally, which she’s very happy with.

  2. Ooh this is some good news. That means I may be able to grab an Eris on the cheap off of Ebay for oldest son. Root it, OC it and throw on some Evil Eris while waiting for a 2.2 build off of the AOSP. Would make a nice toy to play with on the cheap that’s for sure.

  3. The Incredible that is on the same list is the package WITHOUT the preinstalled 2gb memory card. There is a new sku number for the Incredible WITH the memory card, and that is still listed as an active device.

  4. Love the LOG reference.

  5. R.I.P

  6. OK, this is expected, but seriously HTC, what’s next? Your lineup on the nation’s largest carrier currently consists of the Incredible (which you can’t even get right now), the Imagio, and the Ozone. Pathetic. This is the time of year when the rumor mill starts churning out leaks of the latest and greatest from HTC for 3rd/4th quarter, and….nothing.

  7. So…do you think if I did an insurance replacement now they would send me the Incredible instead??? That would be great!!

    @Darkseider -if you want, you can help me pay for the insurance replacement for the Eris & I will send you the new one!! I need to cancel my VZW account anyway!

  8. It’s about time this pos phone gets laid to rest. My girlfriend made the mistake of buying an Eris shortly after I bought my Moto Droid, and the Eris has been nothing but problems since the 2.1 update, and no one seems to be in a hurry to fix the problem. Her phone constantly is freezing up, making phantom phone calls and texts, etc… It was a good enough phone, I guess, before the 2.1 update, but I have a feeling she is going to throw her Eris through an open window and hit some poor, unsuspecting pedestrian in the head, Yuri Testekov-style.

  9. HTC is having problems with EVO and their HD2 didn’t turn out so great (yes, WinMo could be part of its problems but there’s a reason why Motorola gave up on it)
    Moto is really passionate about Android but to HTC it’s just another OS that they can put Sense on.

  10. Does it mean that Droid Incredible price will drop?

  11. @Kevin – there’s no way you’d get an Incredible as an insurance replacement for the Eris. First of all, they will have a stock of refurbished Erises for quite a while. Second, Incredibles are harder to find than an honest man in Congress… they aren’t going to send one as a replacement for a lesser phone.

  12. @ Kevin “Yuri Testekov-style” I could write a book on throwing things out an open window… If I do write a book about it I think I will call it “War what is it good for”

  13. I got the Eris and loved it; but the constant delays of getting 2.x on it plus the arrival of the Incredible caused me to jump to the Incredeible. BEST DECISION EVER.
    The only reason I can think of for the EOL of Eris was that it was a test model for the keyboardless Android phone by HTC. Just my opinion having experienced this.

  14. Had an Eris since November, and lost it two weeks ago with no insurance. Mine was one of the “good ones” and I never really had any problems with it so I thought about replacing it with another, until I found a deal on an Incredible… all I can say is WOW. Bye bye Eris, it was fun.

  15. This was inevitable, as the Incredible is basically just the new model of the Eris. The Incredible gives a slightly bigger screen, with a faster processor and twice the RAM while adding 3 megapixels to the camera and replacing the trackball with an optical touchpoint.

    However, anyone seriously thinking about an Incredible would be foolish to not wait a month and get the Droid X instead.

  16. I loved my Eris…until 2.1.
    It was the perfect size and weight, and it was a smooth mover on 1.5. But since the much anticipated update, I’m looking for another phone.

  17. UMM The eris is not even close to the incredible in anyway what so ever ??? for that matter you can just say the same of the Evo or any other phone ?? My wifes Eris was basically useless after the 2.1 update , it ruined the phone, the phone was better and faster before that update that destroyed the phone, had to dump it and get her the Motorola Droid , she loves it and the new Droid X will replace my Incredible , cant wait

  18. For all the hate the eris got ,it is a vary capable phone and at a bargain price. The eris is my first android device and it has served me well,I have had no issues after the 2.1 upgrade .I will be buying a new htc phone when my contracts re-ups .

  19. I assume there will be no 2.2 update on the Eris.. I guess it’s time to upgrade my phone.

  20. Rest in Peace, Droid Eris. For honorable service in the Android Revolution, Droid Eris… I salute you.

  21. Purchased my Eris in the beginning of December, well not really purchased as it was free with the new every two program. It was my first “smartphone”, I loved it before 2.1 and after. I think it is a pretty good phone. On a side note I can’t wait to see what will be available in December 2011 when my existing contract is up and I replace my Eris.

  22. What does this mean to an owner of an Eris? What will be different? I’m new to the smartphone world. The Eris is my first and only smartphone so I don’t know what being retired entails. Can someone enlighten me?

  23. Looks like 2.1 destroyed the Eris, While it brought new life to the Hero. Read my Lips will buy the first phone that comes out of the box with 2.2

  24. John M my wife went from a BB Tour to the Ally and actually uses it for most of it’s features. That is a first. She loves it. I have the Incredible and the Moto Droid and the more I see of the X, I think I might replace my Moto Droid which I am very happy with but really like the X. In my experience both the Moto and the Incredible have been great phones. Things I like about both and small things I dislike about both. Absolutely love Android much better than Blackberry.

  25. @ Jx2 Incredible and Droid X are definitely going to appeal to different groups. The Droid X is bigger than the EVO, and huge compared to the Incredible. One reason it will be skipped over by some with their eyes on the Incredible.

  26. Lamb Of God reference FTW.

    Sad though, as I think this might mean no possible chance of a 2.2 update. Oh well. Still love the phone.

  27. 2.1 destroyed the Eris??!! I couldn’t wait for 2.1 to hit the airwaves, and I wasn’t disappointed. The Eris with 2.1 is a great phone (just a little lacking in the speed and screen size department). I’ve had it since its November release, and I have really enjoyed it. My wife has an Incredible that is the hare to my turtle, but I’ll be trading up in July to the Droid X. Can’t wait.

  28. so does that mean they are done with keyboard-less 3.2in android phones on the big V? the small smart phone market is there, they need a new phone to fill it.

  29. Well now incredibles may become just a tad bit easier to keep in stock once the X drops.

  30. Zak…don’t trip. the phone will still be supported by VZW and they will continue to take your money. It just means they won’t be selling it any longer through official VZW channels.

    The Eris was my first smartphone as well, and though underpowered to handle 2.1 was still a well-made, solid phone. Adios, Eris…

  31. And the Eris goes down as one of the few devices no Dev could crack. Amazing that HTC made this thing so difficult. I have an Eris, and still love it. All these behemoths that keep getting released don’t really pique my interest. Hoping for a phone with the form of an Eris, the ease of updating (meaning vanilla Android) as the N1, and as powerful as the EVO.

  32. I can confirm that there are two different UPCs between the original packaging to the current one. The original packaging was light colored and branded “HTC Incredible” and the current one is darker, and labeled “DROID Incredible”.

    Two different packaging, two different UPCs, same phone.

  33. Hmm, can’t wait to upgrade from my Eris to the Incredible in September (yay for 1-year contracts). However, now I’m not so sure I don’t want the Droid X. The choice between Droid and Eris was clear, because I wanted Sense UI, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Now, performance-wise, there probably isn’t much different between the Incredible and Droid X, but with that hugs screen and awesome camera, hmm… I’ll probably have to actually test-drive both in the store first, to convince myself that Sense UI is still worth it. Actually, the screen size mught very well be the deciding factor, as I don’t want a giant phone hanging on my belt all day.

  34. I totally agree with those who say they have been having nothing but trouble after the upgrade. My phone is only 4 months old and it constantly keeps freezing, foreclosing the simplest applications such as text messaging, extremely slow to respond…I have never wanted to throw a piece of technology against the wall so much in my life. No wonder the scrapped it from the market, no one would buy it once word got out on how crappy it was. It was a complete waste of my upgrade. I’m get a brand new one with my insurance plan and try and sell it on ebay. If Verizon won’t give me my money back I’ll find some poor fool who will.

  35. I agree with all who’ve had problems with the Eris since the 2.1 update! I’d like to throw my phone out a window too. Constantly freezes, won’t text, force closes and so on… nothing but problems. POOR battery life. What a disapointment. Is the only fix to get a different phone???

  36. im wanting the eris but not so sure now that i read all the junk on the eris. now i hate to admit it but now im wantin the droid incredible. i have the samsung flight and im gettin bored of it, it cost $2 every time u get on the internet or $15 extra of unlimited. but see my friend sent me a txt and her sig is so long that u get another txt to finish her sig and i read it and deleted it but every time i get a txt it says 2 txt unread but wen i go to read it after i read the 1st 1 the message saying new txt disappears.UGGGGGG!!!!!!

  37. i mean it says some dont have problems and some do so what should i do should i get the incredible or the eris i dont want the driod x

  38. Yeah i got my droid eris on January this year for full price since i couldn’t upgrade for another 4 months(my contract ended in 8 months though). I go to the site and it says i can upgrade even though i just got the phone around 6 months ago. Is it possible i can upgrade my eris to a droid x(200$) on the website without paying full price(500-600$)? I swear if that was a verizon wireless website error imma go into deep depression and cry until my 2 year contract ends on 2012.

  39. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the Eris since it was updated to 2.1. I am one of the lucky one I guess. I haven’t had any problems at all.

  40. I have had no problems before or after the update! My eris is fast and I love it!

    It freezes EVERY day.
    Its sooooooooo slow.
    My texting apps forcloses every single time i use it..which is 24/7.
    It never syncs my contacts.
    I cant delete message threads that are over 100 ..without it forclosing.
    Basically the Droid Eris is a piece of crap….

  42. Heaven forbid if it were an emergency it would be useless to call for help of any kind with the Eris. It freezes up sooooo bad.

  43. my daughters droid eris is slow and freezing up since she got it. Called Verizon and they said it is a great phone, no known issues” and is easy as pie to fix. Tht was tech support. Customer service said there were indeed known issues” and the recommended replacement for the eris under warranty is the drois 2. Tech support said not true, nothing wrong with the eris. What is the truth?

  44. My Eris has been nothing but a thorn in my side since the upgrade! I hate this phone. I suffered for months before finding time to make the lengthy support call, did a hard reset, and it worked better for a few weeks, but now it’s back to being as slow as ever.
    Like other people, I’ve found myself with high blood pressure wanting to launch this thing off balconies, into rivers, out car windows… it’s slow, it crashes, it opens un-selected text screens, it takes so long to send texts that my screen fades out and message strings get confused with the delay on my end only.
    It makes phantom calls, has a black screen during incoming calls so I can’t see who’s calling me… instead of making life easier, it’s added stress.

  45. I have had my eris since Jan. 2010 and it has been a great phone.I have never had one bit of trouble with it. I guess I was lucky. But know I am curious about the incredible and the X. I have a couple more months before I can up-grade.

  46. a couple of months you better wait for the droid bionic dual core processor hdmi out the next set of phones in the first quarter of this year do not compare to the phones out there now.

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