Jun 22nd, 2010

No, I’m not talking about a partnership between Verizon and Epic to put one of Lamb of God’s greatest songs on their device. I’m talking about the fact that the Droid Eris has officially (and – by Verizon’s watch – “successfully”) been phased out of the equation. Taking a quick stroll through their phones site reveals that the only traces of the phone to be had are support documents and accessories for the device.


Its spot as HTC’s Sense-enabled device on “Big Red” has been prominently replaced by the far-superior HTC Droid Incredible. For those that don’t remember, the Droid Eris was put on the same phaseout list that the BlackBerry Tour was put on, which has been replaced by the latest Blackberry Bold on their site.

And if you need your memory jogged even more, the Droid Incredible was on that same list, but let’s not get too crazy: that may have just been a slight SKU change for the device’s new packaging and pre-packaged microSD card.

[via Droid-Life]

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