Jun 28th, 2010

What would a phone announcement be without the subsequent round of smaller, more petite leaks regarding the device? After getting the initial list of accessories to be launched with the Motorola Droid X, the complete user guide for the phone has been uploaded for everyone’s enjoyment (only Android geeks like us can get excited about phone manuals).


The file is 4.4MB large and has over 60 pages of tips, tricks, explanations of how to do various things in Android, plus more. AlienBabelTech are the benefactors here, so be sure to strike up a nice round of applause for them.

For those of you still waiting for your original HTC Droid Incredible to ship (you know, the phone that’s not expected to be readily available until late July), AndroidGuys has it on good authority via their Verizon source that the carrier will be allowing Droid Incredible pre-orderers to switch their orders over to the Motorola Droid X.

We’ve not heard anything regarding how soon this could start happening, but it should be great for those who’ve been waiting for the Droid Incredible and couldn’t pre-order the phone within the first round. The fact that the Droid X is launching July 15th – nearly two weeks before the Droid Incredible is expected to begin shipping again – should please a lot of you who have been captivated by what Motorola’s offering in the latest and greatest that’s been cooked up for the DROID line.

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