Motorola Charm to be Named the T-Mobile Motorola Basil


We can’t tell if Basil is the codename or market name, but it appears that what we were introduced to as the Motorola Charm could end up getting a name change before hitting the market. TmoNews got their hands on what looks like a training document or user guide for the device showing it with the name T-Mobile Motorola Basil.


We’re throwing our chips at the prospect of its final name being the Basil due to the fact that we saw the device on one of T-Mobile’s leaked roadmaps earlier in June.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  2. Sure, after that will come the T-Mobile Paprika, Marjorjam, Cilantro, Nutmeg and then they’ll all be sold in a family plan known as the Allspice.

  3. It’s sister phone on AT&T shall be called the Oregano.

  4. Why do I suddenly imagine sheep with guns…

  5. “Basil” is most likely an internal code name. I doubt that they will take the device to market with that name.

  6. Austin Powers reference?- Basil is the gadget guy (like Q in Bond flicks).

  7. And no android 2.x anywhere for cliq or cliq xt !! And only 1 day left of Q2 .

  8. I can’t wait for all the headlines if it has a bunch of issues. “Basil Fawlty!”

  9. So when are we getting the Motorola Minestrone?

  10. @Pete: WIN!!!

  11. You’ll have to forgive this handset; it’s from Barcelona…

  12. Is its ringtone Brahm’s Third Racket?

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