I Want the Dell Streak Simply For Its US Packaging


Well, this just made my “want” meter for the Dell Streak shoot through the roof. StreakSmart got their paws on the final packaging for the Dell Streak, and it’s a looker. Some of you “greenies” (or “Go Green!” guys) might not be impressed by this, but Dell’s really pushing this as a marquee device over here in the states as the unit itself is prominently featured inside of an acrylic box: similar to what you’d see on display at a retail store.


Would the design alone intrigue you as you waltz into a Dell store to find it staring you in the face? Expect the Dell Streak to launch sometime in July with AT&T-compatible 3G data bands.

[via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. What a waste of plastic.

  2. white house is probably a symbol of most of things that are going wrong in this country than a icon of American patriotism :)

  3. That is not the white house. I think the fact that this picture was mistaken for the white house is an appropriate example of what is going wrong in this country.

  4. Must resist already have Nexus One

  5. @observer FAIL

  6. Dell is waiting entirely to long to release this , this device will fail. I was looking forward to this phone but with the Droid X , EVO , SAMSUNG Galaxy S’s & Iphone , who wants to play the waiting game ?

    They remind me of Sony..ughhhhhh

  7. Jared for the win!

  8. Of course it’s not the White House…it’s the Washington Monument.

  9. Nice response Jared!!

  10. Love the box. Hate the acrylic. I can’t say I understand why they would house the device inside an acrylic box and then place that box inside another box. Seems like an awful waste of boxes.

    Also @observer, if you believe that the White House is a symbol of what is wrong in this country then You are what is wrong with this country. Now go back to Faux News.

  11. No you moron,

    I know the Lincoln Memorial when I see it.

    All things aside,
    I love the concept of this device, but from what I have seen of the price point of this, it’s going to be north of the iPad, which is ridiculous.

  12. On topic, I think the “hybrid smartphone/tablet” is a bad idea. It is too big to be a good phone and too small to be a good tablet. In addition, smartphones with better specifications are being released before this.

    I am looking forward to purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S. I hope to hear some good news about it today, though I fully expect to have to import one from Europe to get something that isn’t nerfed, locked down, and redesigned poorly.

  13. Im really under ALOT of fire over this iphone 4 deal ! ANYONE have any reasuring words for me ?

  14. @enlight , your a waste of life. Its the capital you moron. You have made observers point you tool …

  15. LOL @ people who are trying to turn this into a political debate. It’s not the White House or the Washington Monument, sheesh. It’s the U.S. Capitol Building where Congress meets.

  16. @jimmy what? You will need to be more specific if you actually want some feedback.

  17. Hey, I assumed Capitol and I’m from the UK. Do I win a Dell Streak?

  18. Also, I think the person who said “Washington Monument” may have been joking.

  19. I thought it looked like my local taco stand on the box!

  20. The person who said Washington Monument was definitely joking. That is one monument no one ever forgets because it looks like a giant penis and US Americans love innuendo.

  21. If you go read the article it, the Texas State Capitol, not the Washington Monument or White House

  22. Anything associated with this government on a box is an absolute deal breaker for me ! They couldnt have picked a worse photo !

  23. @DroidATX you’re comment beats all others.

  24. freaken dorks….

    confusing the white house with the statue of lib’ertay

  25. oh thanks…i thought it was the grand canyon

  26. You damn newbs, that’s the capitol building of Northern Mexico.

  27. It’s NOT any of those buildings…..it’s simply a place the money enters and never returns.

  28. @rick why are all the people who take the time to post obviously anti-Obama messages INCAPABLE of spelling things correctly? “your” is wrong. you should use “you’re”. “Its” is wrong. use “It’s”. observers is wrong. Use “observer’s”. And to think this “rick” person is probably allowed to vote and everything. He’ll go and vote for some tea-bagger who says the hateful anti-Obama stuff he wants to hear, and bring about armageddon. rick: I’m begging you PLEASE stop just listening to “pundits” who spout the over-simplified hateful rhetoric that makes you angry and happy all at the same time. Try to learn something about the issues and the real sinister motivations of these tea-baggers and right-wing TV pundits. They truly are evil, and you are being duped.

    …and GO DELL STREAK! Woo Hoo! The rotunda doesn’t look quite right for the US Capitol building in Washington DC… so I guess whomever suggested it was the Texas state capital building gets my vote.

  29. Actually it’s the Texas state Capitol building the guy who posted the picture originally says that in his article. Now if only they would announce the damn release date

  30. Hahahaha! People! Sheesh, it’s about the device. I enjoy reading these articles to avoid the civil-war style opposition and discontent. If u want a political debate go to a political forum. This is about tech. ENJOY

  31. @Puzz

    I thought that was California.

  32. Caracticus- shut the hell up! No one gives two shits about your political views! Go worship your god OBAMA. He’s a person not a god and HE DOES NOT MAKE AMERICA GO ROUND!! Go back to high school government class and learn what the presidents job actually is suppose to be. The views you are sharing are coming from a clueless uneducated American thinking you know it all. OH I’ll make it simple for you.. VETO power and DECELERATION of WAR! GEE that hard? Sorry if your brainwashed mind cant handle the fact that NO president makes every decision for our country America. It’s the facts so learn them next time you decide to put in your one sided view. Do I love everything about Obama or the choices he is making?.. No, but unlike you I understand that it’s the House, Senate and Congress that are making most of the decisions directly affecting all Americans so there is no reason to bash or praise Obama.

  33. Isn’t that the main entrance to the Pentagon?

  34. Why did they put the Alamo on the box?

  35. I think everyone here needs a little Common Sense…by Thomas Paine, of course!

  36. “Why did they put the Alamo on the box?”
    They were going to but I think they forgot.

  37. Well, it appears that people can’t always agree on politics… Who knew? Back to the phone…it looks too big? I wonder if it will melt my leg like my dell laptop does. It will probably work in my left hand which is saying something for an AT&T Smartphone….

  38. @Rick.. It’s obviously not the White House.. I decided that everyone above me had already made that point..

    @iheartandroid.. Your comment was one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  39. Most of you geeks know all there is to know about software, hardware, and all the other shit; but when it comes to knowing the slightest piece of information about your own country, you’re all freak’in tards. That is what is wrong with this country.

  40. Why’d they put Statue of Liberty on the box?

  41. @rick Adding onto what Caracticus said…
    It’s spelled Capitol with an “o” :)

  42. @People Why get into political arguments on Phandroid?

  43. I just want it to get FroYo and see if it fits well in my jeans, I need a real device on ATT.

  44. PS I think it’s the Texas State Capitol building as mentioned, makes sense since Dell is out of TX.

  45. The picture on the box is actually the current home for British Petroleums CEO…dorks!

  46. Thank you Dell. Now people can’t even look at a box, without getting into a political debate.

  47. I DON’T want a Dell Streak. it’s TOO DAMN big to be a phone. I’m passing on that the Aero and the Captivate

  48. lol @ iHEART-android for DECELERATION did you mean declaration? I’m sure you did, you’re just so smart that you used the wrong word just to mess with people.

    Enlight, awesome quote.

    I think I want this device, I just want to hold it in my hand for a few minutes and maybe make a 5 minute call on it before I really decide. My contract with Sprint has been up for awhile and I want to get away from them for my own reasons. Not only that, but my girlfriend and the vast majority of my friends have AT&T so I’m willing to give them a shot.

    The thing that I like the most about this phone is the size. I mostly use my phone for entertainment and the web. And I never wear tight pants.

  49. Oh and the box is bad-ass. I’m just wondering why there’s a picture of my old middle school on it…

  50. @iHEART-android…According to my grade school government class, and the US Constitution (Article 2, I believe), only CONGRESS has the power to declare war, not the president. But thanks for playing.

    @Everyone else…This is about a shiny new toy, not your political beliefs. And whether or not you like Obama, I think we can all agree…this new device is already outdated and it isn’t even released yet, though I would expect nothing more from Dell.

  51. HEY! This is Whitehouse. Don’t blame me for what Teleprompter says!

    Now to the reason for Phandroid forums…


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