Motorola Charm Leaked For T-Mobile, Motorola FLIPOUT Could Be Destined for AT&T


A pair of interesting stories have popped up this fine Sunday afternoon regarding one recent device and one up-until-now unheard of device from Motorola. Engadget’s come across a device called the Motorola Charm, which looks like it’s running a new version of MOTOBLUR.


The device has a form factor that might hit home with some Blackberry users. It has an exposed, portrait mode four-row QWERTY keyboard with capacitive control buttons sitting right above it. It features the new scalable widgets we’ve seen on other MOTOBLUR (or BLUR-like) devices as of late, as well as other new enhancements to the social networking integration you get with MOTOBLUR.

It’s running Android 2.1, and it’s interesting to note that the slide this was found on states the enhancements that come with this version of MOTOBLUR will be headed to the Motorola CLIQ and CLIQ XT as well – something I’m sure a lot of you Android 1.5 MOTOBLUR users on T-Mobile will be extremely pleased to hear.

For those of you with AT&T, you might be intrigued by another MOTOBLUR device that could be headed to the nation’s second largest carrier: the recently announced Motorola FLIPOUT.  The device would be running Android 2.1 (presumably with the same MOTOBLUR upgrades found on the Charm) and is currently going through its rounds of testing that’s required of AT&T devices.


All of this isn’t official, but I can’t imagine that any of this would turn out to be untrue. Take it with a grain of salt, as you always should.

[via Engadget, Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. i hope it is true there is only 3 days left for the end of q2 like motorola said

  2. Unfortunately it has no date

  3. Are these form factors actually appealing to anyone? Oh well, I guess more options are good. I’m just fidgety because more Moto phones are being leaked when the Droid 2 hasn’t even been announced.

  4. i see only four rows on the charm, not five

  5. Sure would be nice if AT&T would get those other 2 HTC Android phones they promised us.

  6. mmmm, looks like a blackberry

  7. the charm looks cheap to me

  8. looks like a phone for the “Kin” crowd. Massive social texting teens.

  9. Why are almost all the phones aimed at teenagers and 20 somethings ? :(

    Most people I know, even if they do Facebook (and the majority think the social media is a mindless waste of time), could care less about posting on there from a phone.

    Motoblur smchmotoblur most adults could care less about social media so stop crapping up the new phones with the junk programs MOTO and HTC !

    Theres plenty of stuff on the Android market for the teenagers to download and use.


  10. *couldn’t care less

  11. Oh HELL NO. I KNEW this was coming. I WILL NOT BE GETTING YET ANOTHER CRAPPY FLIP PHONE from Motorola on AT&T. Verizon keeps getting all the good phones while we here at AT&T gets all the crap phones.

  12. I’m with you all on this-whatever happened to just stock Android? It’s always worked-if I wanted fluff bloatware, id have an At&t crap phone. In that Sense, HTC & MOTO don’t get it; however, MOTO doesn’t put their Blur junk on their high end phones…

  13. What is it with motorola and their cooky designs for AT&T?
    The charm looks decent. I can see it appealing to blackberry users and the like but COME ON!!!
    First the funky backward keyboard having backflip and now this square Kin wannabe flipout?
    I think Moto flipped something alright…………

  14. Thats what Im saying JJNIGHT.
    Verizon gets 3. Not 1, not 2 but 3 Droids.
    AT&T gets a backflip and a flipout. WTF!!!!!!!!!!
    I blame Apple. The phones were probably proposed to AT&T but they turned them down because it would potentially harm iPhone sales…….

  15. At&t hasn’t seemed to really want to embrace android & I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple was working behind the scenes with At&t to suppress major phones from coming to At&t. Eventually, they will come to them tho.

  16. No dedicated row for numbers kinda sucks, but the Charm (awful name) looks kinda cool. This could be a push to getting Android into business users’ hands, although Motoblur counters that logic. Much smaller screen = much longer battery life which is why Blackberrys still own in that department. Would like to know what kind of processor & RAM come with.

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