It’s Out of this World: Samsung Galaxy S Event is Today


After dropping just about every surprise we can think of in a series of press releases that went out over the past couple of days, it’s hard to imagine just what Samsung has in store for us tonight as we head into an event that is promising us the next generation of Android phones. The phone itself has seen a rather drawn out launch as it has spread across the globe, with its final big push coming tonight in New York City.


Since it first was announced, the Galaxy S — as impressive as it truly is — has lagged behind in the press as the HTC EVO 4G saw its launch, the Motorola Droid X got an announcement, and of course the iPhone 4 showed up as the big contender everyone knew it would be. Did the Galaxy S lose some steam in the process? Probably, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this is one to ignore.

Let’s start out with what we know: the Samsung Galaxy S, which was released in Europe and other parts of the world under that very name, is coming to all major US carriers, albeit with a few caveats. Each of the big four will be getting their own exclusive version of the Galaxy S complete with unique branding and some slightly altered specs among them. What do they all have in common? For starters, the 1GHz Hummingbird processor. The chip features enhanced graphics processing capabilities promising an excellent 3D gaming experience, and doesn’t lack for snappiness compared to a good old Snapdragon CPU when navigating through the TouchWiz interface present on Galaxy S devices. A 5MP camera capable of 720p HD video recording rounds out the handset. You’ll experience all of this through the lens of a 4.0-inch Super AMOLED display offering rich and crisp visuals.

Now which handset is coming to what carrier, and how do they all differ? Along with the standard Samsung Galaxy S that is headed to the regional carrier US Cellular, we will be seeing four named versions of the Galaxy S. The Vibrant will be headed to T-Mobile, the Captivate will makes its way to AT&T, the Fascinate will get its rounds on Verizon, and the Epic 4G will flaunt itself on Sprint.


The variant that strays the farthest from the path is the Epic 4G  — or what had been known previously only as the Samsung Galaxy S Pro. Along with the standard Galaxy S trappings it features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and (if the name didn’t give it away) WiMAX 4G capabilities on Sprint’s network. If you go with the Epic 4G you will also get the front-facing camera found on the Galaxy S the rest of the world is seeing. Oh yeah, about that…the Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T versions of the phone will only feature one camera on the rear of the phone, so don’t expect video chat. Aside from the casing, there won’t be much different about those three.


Pricing and release info on the devices has been scant so far (we expect that info to get filled in tonight), with only the Vibrant getting named at $199, available on July 21st (with a pre-order starting July 1st at Radio Shack). The other carriers should fall in line with this pricing, save for maybe the Epic 4G due to it’s added features.


Now, what might we see that we don’t know all that much about? For starters, there is a chance we could get our first hard look at the Galaxy Tablet that has shown up in recent weeks, and we may also see a bit of the supposed Galaxy S MID (the phone minus its cellular radio). Whatever they decide to throw at us, we’ll be bringing you coverage throughout the night. Things kick-off at 6:30 PM on the east coast. Is it going to be out of this world? Truly intergalactic? Or will we leave feeling like the phone(s) are just a bit too earthly? Be sure to check back later to find out.

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  1. ok so where exactly is this event? All I know is that it’s somewhere in NYC but it is a very big city!

  2. Man I hope they unveil, vail? anyway I hope they pull out the first/best Anroid tablet today and tell us when we can buy it

  3. i think the tmobile version looks the best.. but apparently the Sprint version has the best features… And i’m not even talking about the keyboard

  4. Did any of the Carriers other than Sprint keeping the Front Camera provide their reasoning for removing the Front Camera?

  5. Yeah, I’d like to see the rationale for removing the front camera as well. Also, doesn’t the Verizon version provide a LED flash? I’d like to know why the ATT and Tmo versions are lacking this too.

  6. It seems like if we take the best attributes of what each carrier did we would have a truly amazing phone. So… why didn’t Samsung do that? Or maybe they did and that is what tonight is about.

  7. The reasoning for the FFC is probably the same for all 3 carriers: the networks can’t handle it. iPhone can only video chat over WiFi, and it’s possible that Sprint’s network can’t handle it either, but they’re doing it anyways.

    Phandroid – What time is the Samsung event? Will you be live-blogging?

  8. that keyboard looks so freaking nice

  9. I think the US carriers are doing wrong by the consumers when they choose to rename and differentiate a device like this. It would be similar to an iPod mentality: accessory manufacturers would feel comfortable committing to this device b/c they know it’s going to be a widely purchased device. If the major carriers all had the same awesome smartphone with the exact same dimensions, features and connection ports it would be a no brainer and it would probably be very attractive to accessory manufacturers. Now that will not be the case. Also, if it was unchanged, there would be an enourmous cohesive support community. Now it will be fractured into a different community for each carrier (most likely).
    One more thing: removing the front camera…. really? REALLY? Good luck competing with the DX on Verizon after pulling that move.

  10. Yeah, even with the likely reasoning of network strain due to video chat, they shouldn’t have removed the front cameras. Even restricting the video chat to wifi would have been infinitely better than not having it on the device at all. Especially since 4g/LTE networks are being deployed, and would ideally be able to handle widepsread video chatting in the future. At the very least, they should have included an LED flash for the devices that are missing the camera. Missing one feature is bearable, but missing two makes it a harder sell for consumers, regardless of how neccessary/useful the features are.

  11. The sprint version is future proof since it has wimax radio and the other phones won’t be able to be upgraded to LTE, etc. If you want it all now then you have to go with sprint, that’s just the way it is.

  12. i really really really don’t get the appeal of the front facing camera. it’s not like people talk on the phone much anymore anyway. it’s just something that everybody wants because it’s new and it’s there

  13. They say the AT&T version has six-axis gaming (Gyroscope , Accelerometer & Compass) .. not sure though
    the AT&T version is actually the best looking one

  14. @phoenix The front facing camera appeals mostly to people with international family who like to chat over the internet on webcam. If you have it in your phone, you can use skype mobile or fring mobile to have video chat as easily as you can make a phone call. It makes a huge difference if you don’t need to take the time to power up a PC, get the right program open, make sure your camera/mic aren’t broken, etc.

  15. you might not be around a PC when you want to see your friend but if that’s the case then you need to be able to do it over 3G and not just wifi. And the other person also needs to be on sprint with an EVO or Epic

  16. The Verizon version apparently has an LED Flash. So if they did take out the front facing cam for it, they at least added a feature. Other than that, it has everything else. I don’t get why everyone is up in arms over that, i’d much rather have the LED Flash than the FFC, so for me on Verizon its a win. Hopefully the Fascinate looks more like the standard SGS than the Epic or Captivate…

  17. They need to provide more details on TouchWiz 3.0 before I’ll jump in feet first. It’s going to be either the Epic or the EVO. But right now, SenseUI is sitting in the prime position.

  18. Is the Front facing camera on the ATT version, dates please…

  19. My reason for FFC is because when I travel, I would like to be able to see my children as well as talk to them, preferably without having to bring up the computer, setup the tethering link, boot the OS and then start the app. It also allows me to be able to do this in most places. I also second Jared’s comment as my whole family is in Sweden and I am in the USA, so it helps to be able to talk to my swedish half of the family as well. I take FFC over Flash any time. However, I will get this one for now while I am waiting for the N2 to come out.

  20. @Tallbruva
    I too was very weary of Touchwiz 3.0 but I did some youtube research and I’m actually very impressed with it…To all the people that think it looks like an iphone app screen that is because it is set-up in rows so its easier to browse your applications….This is not the home screen but just the app launcher that moves vertically rather than the standard horizontal movement most of us have on our Android phones….You can even customize the app locations in categorized menus of your liking….Everyone should search youtube and do some research if you are on the fence for the SGS….I was and but now I can hardly wait to get my Epic 4G on day one! ! ! ….PLEASE give us a firm release date or pre-order info tonight Samsung! ! !

  21. No matter how good these devices may be, I’m never buying android phones made by samsung.
    Samsung just doesn’t have good track record for software upgrades.
    I can’t expect great longterm software support from samsung after Behold II shenanigan and Moment not getting 2.2.

  22. Thats true but the fact that a variant of the phone will be out for all carriers makes the chances of having community support even bigger.

    If this phone takes off like it very well should it will be hard for Samsung to ignore its users and even if it does again the community support should be strong.

    The phone has already been rooted so thats a plus. I am not sure if galaxy s root applies to galaxy s pro root.

  23. T-Mobile and Verizon is the only two carriers I see that have the S that looks the same. While on the other hand we AT&T subscribers gets a uglier crappier version of the S. Just pisses me off the way AT&T keeps fucking up the hardware. And didn’t Samsung puts a Flash on their phone? How do you expect people to take pictures when it’s dark outside? I will NOT GETTING THE CAPTIVATE CAUSE the hard ware is a POS.

  24. it’s still the best phone for AT&T

  25. You do realize that the hardware of the Captivate and international Galaxy S are virtually the same (sans FFC) right?

  26. LOL @ JJ for his outburst. Yeah the hardware is horrible. SAMOLED, HD, 1Ghz, 4″ screen… what a POS.

  27. No BASHINGING tmobile day #2
    @Jared…. that’s the same reason I wanted the ffc.most of my fam are in miami.The people that don’t get that concept never will.

  28. debating a Galaxy or Evo? Well the EVO is a superior phone. The Droid X is going to be it’s best competition. I was holding out a month ago for a Galaxy S on Tmo but then specs started sprinkling, until I decided if I am going to be tied to something like this for one to two years it better handle the two years.
    1. The camera is better on the Evo and it has a DUAL LED Flash-I hated not having a flash on the MT3G
    2. Sense UI is smooth and gorgeous AND can be disabled to run stock android! but, I like the pinch to see all desktops in one shot.
    3. 1Ghz=1Ghz I want to wait to see how the hummingbird does in the real world. How is it superior? Really? We’ll see.
    4. I’m sure Samsung will stand behind these phones, upgrade wise. Maybe? Probably? Hopefully…… Should
    Evo will have Froyo later this year.
    5. If I wanted and iphone clone, I’d just go buy an iphone.
    If you are in the market for an EVO go with for it. OH, Super AMOLED_nice but negligible.. anyways, if I would look at something other than the Evo it would be the Droid X. just my two sense

  29. The Epic is the one I care about because it has a kb and all the other stuff. It’s about time.

  30. and yes the epic also has a camera flash

  31. Have the specs even been listed for the Verizon version or is everyone just assuming it wont get a front face camera because the ATT and Tmobile version wont? I have yet to even see a Verizon branded picture of the phone. I dont wanna hear none of that bullshit its because its only 3g that video calls wont work because mine works just fine on my DROID thru Fring.

  32. @Brian,
    1Ghz1Ghz. Thought speed is the same, Hummingbird is constructed with 45nm Fabrication, which supposedly uses less energy.
    EVO is 65nm, i think.

  33. do ANYBODY know the link so we can watch the live conference also??????????

  34. I did read that Samsung said all of them will get 2.2 sometime this year they would really be stupid if they did not. The only part that I think looks like an iPhone is the menu, but you can change that with launcher pro or adw. So not a big deal. The missing ffc is also not a big deal for me, because no one that I know will have a phone that I could talk with so I don’t need it. Sure when all phones have it then I will need it. Is probably the networks that can’t handle it so there is no need for it until it can work for the exception of sprint. Even the iPhone 4g can’t do it until att can handle it so you would be using it on wifi anyway. I’m going for the vibrant on tmoble any way. I still have a year and a half on contract. My question is what is the price without a contract?

  35. Polish that turd all you want, it’s still a Samsung. It will be released and forgotten about until everyone crys foul; even then Samsung will pull another Behold II on people.

    Have fun.

    Yes, I’m pessimistic(sp?) when it comes to this company.

  36. Lovely. Putting the “same” phone on all carriers is a fantastic idea, but then they had to go and screw it up by making them all different anyway. Vertical monopolies are bad, period.

    Personally I want the Epic hardware (the keyboard, specifically; I don’t care about the FFC that much) on T-Mobile (who I’ve been with for years). *Why* must they make that difficult? Why?

  37. They removed the ffc on U.S. versions so that teens wouldn’t have to watch their friends head roll down the assphalt after the crash, or upload the video to youtube.

    Seriously though, I do wish that the Epic was the standard model for all the carriers. For some reason I just have problems with touchscreen KB’s.

  38. Samsung designed it similar to iphone and made the menu launcher similar to iphone so that it can win the people that love iphone to their new samsung phones and ultimately to Android, so it’s a great tactic.

    I have the Galaxy s, the European version, and trust me it’s incredibly fast, it does take 1-2 seconds sometimes to close an application (samsung’s fault) and it is being dealt with by Modaco: http://android.modaco.com/content/samsung-galaxy-s-s-modaco-com/312298/got-the-stalling-problem-rooted-try-this/

    the internet browser on the phone is almost as fast as my PC 5 mbps DSL connection. this is the fastest browser I’ve used on a phone ever. It opens full webpages with pictures in 3 seconds fully loaded. GSM arena front page takes maybe 2-3 seconds, same with amazon.com
    The phone is very very fluid and smooth thanks its GPU that is much better than HTC’s high end phones using snapdragon. I don’t play much but I tested FPS games on it (Nova – Sandstorm) and they’re 60fps constant (I’m guessing 60 hehe, that’s how smooth they are)

    Touchwiz is really nice in my opinion, uses a lot of black to save power since Samoled doesn’t use battery for black, the blacks are AMAZING on this phone (Super amoled, just like Plasma TV’s but perhaps even more black) I prefer touchwiz over my HTC Magic’s sense. It has a lot more functions such as swiping left and right the top notification bar to change brightness from 0% to 100% (gotta love that feature outside and at night), swiping left and right on a contact to call or message that person.
    and honestly the phone looks incredibly good in person, it shines, the back is not that blueish but in fact has a blackish-blueish look lol that is very classy. the front is simply elegant and beautiful, you have to see it I guess.. it’s quite solid, some creaking but my htc magic had creaking and nothing happened to it in a year. it’s still very very solid and very light.

  39. Only the sprint (Epic 4g) has a front facing cam and LED flash in the back, the rest of the carriers screwed their customers. Good thing I stayed with sprint, it looks like my patience has been rewarded.

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