Sprint CEO Dan Hesse: EVO 4G “More Popular than We Could Foresee”



Sprint CEO Dan Hesse was speaking out about the HTC EVO 4G and its success on his company’s network today at a Forrester Customer Experience conference. After his keynote presentation, Hesse spoke with Reuters about their first 4G phone, which has been selling better than Sprint or HTC expected. He confirmed that they are seeing spot shortages in certain areas of high-demand, and that sales are still going strong despite the launch of the iPhone 4 last week. When questioned whether or not the shortages had anything to do with a lacking supply of components, Hesse only confirmed that demand has been higher than anticipated, and HTC could provide a more clear answer about device production.

[via Reuters]

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  1. my handset has a few warranty issues, but it is working fine so far. I refuse to turn it in and get a poor quality screen (thanks samsung). So, I’ll wait for a few months then see if the production quality has picked up. But, I do love this phone. I am wondering, when I upgrade in a year or so, how do I get all the stuff off of it, like, footprints? and how do I get my apps without having to start over ie. droid fit, imobsters, and world war etc.? Guess I will find out after reading a few articles.

  2. translation

    “Yeah we rushed the product out and the build quality kinda sucks so hopefully we can get all that straightened out and have phones available soon”

  3. Has Sprint FINALLY learned, “It’s the phone stupid” A nice fat dumb pipe is just gravy.

  4. Now if Sprint would only improve there crap network maybe I would consider going back , but I have no desire for the Evo , nor do I have any desire for any other HTC product !!

  5. @Brian – you can spend $10 on an application called “my backup” that can actually save your life…LOL..
    from emails, SMS,contacts pictures to applications….you can even schedule automatic backups…Save to SD or on their servers. Hope this helps!

  6. Hey Rick James,

    Nothing a few more suicides in Chinese factories could not cure eh? Think about it and maybe act like a responsible consumer!

  7. Wow!!!
    I guess the CEO of Sprint didn’t know that if you put a product out there that people actually like… High demand is the out come.
    Now lets get the white Evo out here because my wife is waiting for that one..

  8. Hey Fred,

    What the f@ck are you talking about dude? What does a responsibile consumer have to do with poor build quality?

  9. @Brian

    No need to spen $10 Froyo will save all this for you once you ( we ) get the update. That’s the beauty of Android.

  10. And to think, T-Mobile’s CEO passed on this phone… Way to go Bob Dotson!!

  11. NO DAN! Dont mention the Name Forsee!

  12. speaking of shortages, i spoke to my sprint rep today and she maintains her possition that the EVO does in fact contain a samsung AMOLED display and the contributes to the shortages!

  13. Derrrrrruuuhh, Hesse. You actually offer a phone that’s competitive and people want to buy it?!?!?!?! That blows my freaking mind. Is it really that difficult to understand? Sprint has lost millions of customers over the last few years….why? Well their network is good so it’s probably not that…their plans are more affordable so it’s probably not that….hmmmmmm…..iPhone, Droid, and a million other sick phones ring a bell??? I know I’m not the only current/future Sprint customer that’s happy that Sprint is finally getting the picture. If you have good products, people want to buy them.

    I would also love to see a white one – NOT one with a white back. WTF?

  14. not only did they ‘get’ it with the phone but it also has a FFC before everyone else (Verizon, t-mobile, etc) realizes that everyone will want one

  15. I love my EVO!!! But my production is waaaay down with all the ROM flashing and board reading that this thing makes me do.

    I am also gaining a lot more respect for Apple and AT&T along the way(..but never EVER enough to get one) due to the fact that they learned the lessons that Verizon and Sprint with the Incredible and EVO are just now learning when it comes to putting out a product that a lot of people want.

    Just think. Apple and AT&T have activated 1.7 million new iPhones in 3 days with nary a server crash. I can appreciate that.

    All I can say at this point is that when HTC/Sprint start looking and listening to the customers that already have the EVO in terms of what we do and don’t want, and they unlock the phone so it can do EVERYTHING that it is capable of, any EVO owner will will just laugh when Apple fanboy slides up beside him at the coffee stand.

  16. HDMI porn ! Yahoo! However phone does not yet meet my standards too Hero like. Will wait for something different or something less evo like.

  17. You mean like the Samsung Epic, Caveman? It is nice to see sprint finally putting good phones on the shelves.

  18. @ brian – use a back up app like sprite to back up your info to your storage card. the storage card can be interchanged between devices

  19. Iphone 4 vs. HTC Evo

  20. If they “couldn’t foresee” the EVO’s popularity, they need new management. They clearly are out of touch with the people who are likely to be their best customers — if someone else doesn’t get them first.

  21. 3 Phones Jugglin: Good one!!! I read the headline and I thought of Gary and our past Sprint Life! Later Peeps.

  22. @ Brian, download an app called AppBrain Market.
    It will sync your apps list in “the cloud” and keep track by your google login.
    I rooted my phone, reinstalled Appbrain, and there were all my apps, ready to re-download

  23. dang folks this phone is awesome!! enjoy it!
    sooooooooooooooo awesome!

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